Video: Here’s Microsoft’s first Surface tablet ad


  • Anton

    I’ve m*********d.

    • 2Xpensive

      $1B?? Serioulsy?
      This drives me crazy! in this day and age, they should make a $1 million direct to youtube ad
      $1 million to pay hipstars to evangelize about it
      $1 millionfor the same in Face book and …..

      Release the product $100 less (if they wee thinking$300 make it $199 etc!!)
      The same goes to Nokia, and RIMML those guys are still spending (wasting)$$ in dbertising when all they should do is reduce the 9900 from $600 (LOL) to $300-350 and sell a few by the end of the yr!

  • js

    or you could have just highlighted a few awesome features…

  • I’veSeenBetter

    mehblahmeh still prefer my iPad or Transformer to that piece of garbage

  • TKG26

    WOW i think i like it!!! Question? IS this Windows 8 on those? So my next laptop need not be a lap top but this surface pad? I totally hate my 600$ laptop screen viewing angle is crap!

    • skinnypig

      Yes it runs Windows 8, but most likely it’s the Surface RT being advertised, since the Surface Pro (with full Intel compatibility) won’t be available until 3 months later. So if you want to replace your laptop you’ll have to wait a little longer.

  • zzZZzz

    A bit too cheesy and only showed one feature of the surface which is the magnetic coupling between the keyboard and tablet.

    The coupling feature in an ad targeting young population is a mistake IMO.

    Hope it sells though. We need the competition! 2013 should turn out a great year for tech.

  • Captain Falcon

    So they’ve taken to the advertising strategy of Apple, circa 8 years ago, and fast food chains: show people looking happy dancing with your product rather than discuss the product at all.

    Not a knock on the Surface though – I might get one myself – you just have to question if this is the best advertising campaign you could buy for 1 billion dollars.

  • boojay

    I want one not because of this commercial, but because of the potential low price point and what MS has designed is the only way a tablet could ever be useful to me. And because this makes the iPad look like $h|t, which it is.

    • Ryan

      This will not have a low price point. At least not the Microsoft Surface. Well over a thousand for the bigger hd Surfaces.

    • lol

      you’re s**t…

  • mehmeh

    What the hell did he tap at the end? Nothing?

  • nuwen

    I’ve yet to see them demo it portrait wise.

  • Chris S

    I’ve got an ASUS Transformer Prime, and I’d say I thought the commercial showed some cool ideas, like the *built-in* kickstand, and magnetic keyboard (if I understood from the commercial correctly). Can’t see myself ever getting one, but I hope those features come to other tablets.

    And while I have a keyboard for my prime already, it looked like the keyboard for the Surface was thin, light, and that makes me a little jealous, to be honest.

    Looks like MS might have done a good job here.. but it’ll be tough to compete with the Android tablets, let alone the iPad.

  • Vince

    Do many people use a tablet on a table?

    Seems the keyboard and back stand would be of no use using it in your lap?

  • Joe

    it seems really loud, i mean i couldn’t walk in late to a work meeting or into a lecture and just snap that on… bad advertising. What a shame

  • ruaman

    I’m quite exited about the Microsoft’s Surface.
    Now the price will tell whether I’m going to get it or not.

  • Omega

    Pretty sure the guy at 55s is not a real person. Just quickly shot to be hideously ambiguous.

    Way too saturated with marketing bullshittering.

  • TKG26

    Love it! I know storage will be low, but this sure looks like a viable Windows laptop/netbook replacement. I have a 8month old HP laptop $600 range… And i just hate the screen!!

  • Just Another Guy

    First impression from picture: “Should I be scared?”

  • jonny

    I am very offended by that commercial. Its a pedophiles wet dream! Really young girls, half of which are wearing skirks way too short and dancing in a sexy way and the girl in the center her skirt is lifted up and it looks like you would probably see her underwear if you slow the video down. Really not cool. They didnt have to have the girls spreading their legs and stomping up and down to make their skirts fly up.

    • JBR

      “…it looks like you would see her underwear if you slowed the video down?” Looks like we’ve found our pedophile….

    • spanky

      Only a twisted mind would…

    • jonny

      I am a chick.

  • jonny

    I want:

    5.5″ phone that has no borders so its a decent size
    that can also be my FULL COMPUTER and can attach to a bigger monitor and keyboard.

    i think having a bunch of different devices is silly.
    why cant i have it all in one?

    i bet we are only a couple years away from that

    foldable screens are coming
    make a phone that can fold out and the screen be twice as big as the size needed to put in your pocket.

    • Kostas Kritsilas

      That sort of idea was already tried with the Motorola Webtop and the Atrix. Recently discontinued by Motorola, I would assume due to lack of sales.

      I don’t know about any >5″ devices with regards as to what they bring to users. They are, in my opinion, too large and unwieldy to use as cell phones, and too small to offer the same experience as a 7″ tablet. They are sort of 6 of one or half a dozen of the other; jack of all trades, but masker of none. I havent’ seen any of the new .5″ devices, but did use a Galaxy Note (the original), and while I liked the screen zise due to my poor eyesight, It really was unusable as a phone. Too big to fit my may front pants pocket, impossible to use one handed, and the sheer size of it moved the microphone too far away from my mouth, so outgoing call volume was low, and it tended to pick up more ambient noise.

      Webtop idea I thought had merit, but market forces seem to disagree.


  • John Marshall

    That’s nice, so when does Windows Phone 8’s major marketing push kick in? Anyone?

  • John Lee

    I was scratching my head after the video is finished.

    The ad does not tell me a single thing that the Surface do other than a magnetic snap keyboard cover.

  • Nelcam

    that was all LXD. the craziest dance crew ever

  • Dalex

    Obviously targeting the glee crazed youth audience… If they want to succeed though, this product needs to be competitively priced. The Asus Vivo Tab RT tab leaked a price of 599$. If this surface is priced anything higher than 500$, its going to fail miserably.

  • haxor99

    That’s a good commercial

  • Cg33

    I think they tried too hard in this ad.

  • jlm

    They should do a Im a useful tablet comercial that bashes how shitty the Ipad is for creating content

  • Edward Szklar

    Too cheesy. Yeah I understand the magnetic connector but I want to see more what this Surface can do. Frankly, the RT version does nothing for me, waiting for the Pro myself. In the meantime, I’ll be getting the Galaxy Note 2 while waiting for the Pro.

  • TP, why should I buy this? over the tablet king iPad or the price king Nexus 7?
    They’ve got keyboard cases too..

  • Rafael

    It didn’t freeze?

  • Francis Thibault

    It’s a teaser people calm! They are pushing a 1 billion $ campaign. We will see more features as time goes. I think it does a good job at highlighting one feature people can’t understand 100 features in an ad maybe us ”geeks” but not the average Joe.

  • Paul

    This looks interesting but without Intel compatibility this one wouldn’t replace anything for me. Anyone know where I can look at the list of software compatible with this version.

  • Jason from Montreal

    And you wonder why the iPad sells more..This has to be THE worst Ad for a tablet I’ve ever seen..

    It’s probably a better product than the iPad but to say this marketing effort is pathetic would be an understatement.

    Get your sh*t together Microsoft! Show us what it can it do..don’t show us 100 random people doing acrobatic tricks with it..

  • Ward

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