Microsoft to sell Surface tablet in four pop-up stores across Canada on October 26th


  • swizzlerz

    I think I may get this one to start. I can’t wait!!!

    • l forgot my meds

      Everyone keeps copying Apple.
      sum dung tries to copy the iPhone and iPad.
      lil softee tries to copy the Apple Store.
      Get a brain. Get a original idea.
      Get a real phone. Get a iPhone.

  • Hub

    Right where the Apple stores are. Coincidence?

    • Scott

      I had to laugh when I visited the Apple store at University Village in Seattle last year – a brand new Microsoft store opened right across the parking lot. It almost looked like they were GLOWERING at each other!

    • migo

      There’s also an Apple store in Pacific Centre. It’s less coincidence and more Apple has stores everywhere.

    • EvanKr


      It’s the same at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. The Apple store is literally directly across the hall from the MS store.

  • Matt

    Pro version or bust!

  • Falooda Tablet

    2013 looks exciting year ahead lot of choices pb with bb10 mini ipad nexux 7 tab under 100 bucks windows 8….

  • James

    does the surface have a digitizer? I can’t remember, either way, I think I’m in line on the 26th!

    • Matt

      You mean an active digitizer like on Wacom? Only the Pro version!

  • aviking

    Not exactly we have a apple store in Winnipeg and the closest MS store is going to be 1500 km away.

    • Hub

      I didn’t say “where ALL the stores are”. Just that each mall they’ll pop-up there is an Apple Store. Otherwise there are missing quite a few with the 26 stores in Canada. Even London, ON has one.

  • Felix Turpin


    • Sebastien

      Yeah where the hell is Montréal?? Just the second biggest city in Canada…!?!? We also have a Microsoft office downtown. I want my MS Store now !! ­:(

    • Keith

      The logistics of complying with the assine language laws in PQ would be too great for a popup store.

  • artstate

    There is no 16GB version. It’s 32 GB and 64 GB for Surface RT

  • HTCKing

    K photoshop boys. I wanna see you load up photoshop and do EXACTLY the same work that you do, on your full desktop PC, with the Surface.

    Put your money where your mouth is. Because this is what you guys seem to endlessly claim that you will be able to do.

    let’s see you do movie edits from the Surface, GO

    • Matt

      I will take that challenge with the Pro. The same work as I do with my laptop will be done on this tablet.

      Desktop is not a fair contest though, since not even my laptop has a shot at that.

    • Sebastien

      Hey friend, I use Photoshop alot and I will repleace my current laptop with a Surface RT on October 26. You know why? Because I know Adobe will publish a RT version of Photoshop. Same for uTorrent, there will be an app for that.

    • KM

      I’m not sure about uTorrent. Windows Store (Metro) apps work more like iPad apps than they do Win32 apps. They’re not able to run in the background for a sustained amount of time.

      A Photoshop Metro app is certainly a possibility, but I’m guessing it’ll be a touch-optimized version with a small subset of features. The hardcore features will still only be accessible on the desktop version, so whether it’s adequate depends on what you do with Photoshop.

  • Darth Paton

    Why would they bring a store to Edmonton and not Calgary? Higher population in Calgary.

    • James

      because Edmonton is awesomer….

    • Sebastien

      Same for Montréal, why no MTL Microsoft Store? Is it because of the Canadiens? We will win the Stanley cup Microsoft, I promise!

    • VitaminB

      West Ed mall gets far more attention then anything chinook mall can do (I say chinook as it has an apple store like west ed has one). Foot traffic, tourism, space, location… who cares about overall population. Besides Calgary is very busniness heavy already, meaning any Microsoft product has a better chance of suceeding without immediate marketing then in Edmonton with its large quantity of hipster apple zombies

    • EvanKr

      West Edmonton Mall. ‘Nuff said.

    • Hilman

      Same reason a lot of stores start in Alberta at West Edmonton Mall, its a people magnet and is Alberta’s most visited tourist attraction. It gets over 23 million visitors a year which equals lots of money being spent, comes down to simple economics.

  • Sebastien

    Hum…. Montréal????

    • Wesley

      probably have to thank the language laws… we’re always the last to get anything, cause we’re special

    • Slappy

      There’s Apple stores in Montreal, they seem to have no problem, c’mon Microsoft.

  • WMPuser666

    Disapointed if its going to be at the 400$ mark. I was really hoping on the 200$ and would have accepted 300$. At this price I would just get a laptop. Don’t see the point, specialy with a Arm cpu.

    • c

      It’s going to cost way more than that.

      They don’t want your money anyway

  • James

    Pro release date?

  • PewZ


  • Ron

    Why Edmonton? They should really have a few more pop up stores yeah?

    • Vincent W

      You must not ever have been to West Edmonton Mall. If you’d been there you’d understand.

  • jaxxy

    Omg that’s only 24 days away

  • HTCKing

    My point is, let’s see it actually happen. Using full-blown Photoshop-type and professional movie-editing from the Surface. And we’re not talking about just editing small picture files. I’d like to see you edit an entire day of wedding shoots from the Surface. Do all your movie editing of Dark Knight Rises from the Surface.

    Until I see it happen, it’s not a replacement for the full-blown desktop PC like some people are insisting that it is. It has its place.

    • Chris

      The Surface Pro was compared to an ultra-book. Not an editing suite. No one at Microsoft has sad as much, and neither have the fans perceived it that way. The Surface isn’t being advertised as an editing suite, so stop this nonsense.

  • jt

    Edmonton has a worldwide tourist attraction in WEM. Calgary has the stampede… Which do you think is a better location for sales?


    For some reason a “popup store” makes me think that you’ll just turn around someday, then BAM, store.

  • VitaminB

    I really hope this is a success for Microsoft and with can put a dent in apples consumer market share. I looks great, original, intuative and very capable(wich can’t be said for other devices in the same category). However 400 bucks for an ARM processor is not very exciting, intriguing device, but not exciting. The intel version on the other hand, gimme gimme gimme, why isnt the new year here yet!

    • chris c.

      You’re willing to spent more than $400 for ipad with even less functionality so why can’t you spend $400 for the Surface?

  • migo

    $800 for a Core i5 Ivy Bridge? Well then, all the OEMs releasing Atom based systems at that price are gonna get a hurting real bad.

  • CD

    Awesome, Vancouver gets 2 Microsoft stores hahah! Must be because of the high cost of living here means most people here are rich, or at least there are more rich people than other cities. Oakridge and Metrotown are like 30 minutes apart lol.

    • KM

      I’m guessing it’s more because of our proximity to Redmond. There are a lot of Vancouverites working at Microsoft.

      Anyone know where in these malls the stores will be?

  • Dan

    Why no love for the 4th biggest area in Canada Ottawa… WHY with all the government people, WHYYYY?

    • Phil R

      Same here in Québec city? Why no love for us, our city is booming! And we have a Microsoft desk in Ste-Foy.

      … Is it because we are the tenth biggest market in Canada? Probably.. but we have an Apple store, though! (I don’t really give a damn about apple, but if we’re big enough for greedy Apple, maybe we are big enough for MS?

      Ps,I was considering getting a Nexus 7, but should I wait for the win8 tablets? Guys?

  • eshizzi

    There just might be more demand for this product than you think! For those questioning pricing, it always drops in the long run ~ early adopters tend to pay more.

  • EvanKr

    Hopefully within the next few years MS will have most of the major metro areas covered (Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Québec City, and Winnipeg).

    • Vincent W

      Exactly. Just because those other markets aren’t in the first wave doesn’t mean they won’t get a store eventually. Every city can’t be in the first wave. It was the same with Apple. Now everybody’s got an Apple store.

  • Mathieu

    +1 here for Montreal. I hope that someone at Microsoft will have the idea to open something downtown.

    There is a lot of people looking to buy the tablet.

  • Carter Loose

    I am excited for the surface but i won’t be picking one up on launch day. This seems to be the ultimate solution for me to replace my laptop but i’m not crazy about the price even though at least the rumored price is pretty reasonable i could get an android tablet or an iPad for cheaper and get a lot of the same features

  • CD


    Is there a reason why there’s a lot of Vancouverites that work at Redmonds? I’m curious because I would love to work at Microsoft after I graduate from university!

  • Omega

    Winnipeg? It’s a long way from Edmonton to Torontario. I like surface as a device, but I’m not so sure anymore if Microsoft can do this.

  • Chimera13

    What about our nation’s Capital? Why no Ottawa?

  • Marc

    Damn… not even in Montreal. Gotta take a drive down the 401 (Hope I don’t die)

  • Collin


  • Not a bear

    Don’t really need a tablet at the moment, but the products actually looks appealing. I hope it does well and will enlighten some…sheep.

  • Vincent W

    As far as tablets go this one would be my first choice. That is if I understood the benefit of a tablet over a laptop. It’s cool, but less powerful and less useful than my laptop. Think I’ll stick with my laptop.

  • Dillion

    Wait I think I may be confused?

    I will be able to get the Surface at a non-Microsoft store, right? My home is very far from any of these locations!

    • Swizzlerz

      rummor has it only at for sale at microsoft stores or possibly also on there online store at microsoft. c o m

  • Georges

    I once saw an XBOX 360 promotion which I believe now to have a been some type of pop up store (but was there a public entrance?)in shopping mall on Ste Catherine. It was 2 people people playing with Kinect in the windows.

    Anyway, come on Microsoft. I have been telling everyone about this I just might have to fly to Toronto to get one.