Leaked iPad mini pricing indicates 8GB version could be priced as low as $249

The iPad mini announcement is all but assured for October 23rd, and a leaked German price listing indicates that the cheapest version could start at 249 euros. Also in the listing is confirmation that the iPad mini will come in WiFi-only and cellular versions.

Apple often prices American and European products at dollar/euro equivalent, or very close, which leads us to believe that the iPad mini could debut at $249USD, going all the way up to $649 for the 64GB cellular version. While there’s no confirmation of LTE support, we’d imagine that Apple would make this a priority in the North American market.

It makes sense for Apple to release the iPad mini in both white and black, at 8GB minimum sizes, since that would cut down costs to a bare minimum. And though it would be priced above the competing Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, being priced higher than the competition hasn’t affected traditional iPad sales to date.

We’ve also heard that the iPad mini will come with a 4490mAh battery rated for 16.7Whr, or roughly three times the size of the iPhone 5. By comparison, the new iPad is rated for 42Whr. Apple has reportedly begun production of the iPad mini and has ordered 10 million devices for an initial rollout.

What do you think of the price point? If the iPad mini was priced at $249 in Canada when it comes to market, would you buy it?

Source: MobileGeeks
Via: CultofMac