Leaked iPad mini pricing indicates 8GB version could be priced as low as $249


  • shoo

    wow. That’s actually a reasonable price. Surprising coming from Apple.

    • 2Xpensive

      This will kill the $99 Playbook! expect it to drop to $89 by Xmas!

    • AndrewC

      Seriously? 8 gigs for the same price as a 16gig iPad 2? Yeah right. That’s not gonna get my upgrading dollars…

  • superfly

    No. Never. Who cares. Btw….what is an iPad anyway?

    • Monkey Face

      Funny you should mention grammar. I guess you must have fell asleep regarding the lesson about capitalizing the first word at the beginning of a new sentence. Try again, Chodeboy.

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Oh you mean 50$ LESS than the cheapest new iPod touch… Apple being logic again

  • Kid.Canada

    Another overpriced iPod touch just with a slightly bigger screen. Man Apple is milking these sheeps like crazy and I appload them for taking advantage of their zombie like brains.

    • Monkey Face

      I think you meant “applaud”. Did your Android device not come with a spell check?

    • Monkey Face

      Typed from my OG iPad.

    • apple chodeboy

      apparently, your’s didn’t come with grammar check, little chodeboy

    • Brad F

      By that logic the Nexus 7 is just a Galaxy Nexus with a slightly bigger screen. Nothing to see here.

  • ActivesiN

    yawn….ill stick with nexus 7

  • Mr Spock

    That wouldn’t make any sense… hello brand new iPod Touch starting at $299

  • Apple Sales Guy

    ruh roh!
    bye bye android tablet marketshare. it was fun while it lasted boys!


  • mohsin

    This is fake according to imore.com and Rene Ritchie, I will take his word for it…

  • Thomas

    thank god 🙂 now android tablets will be even cheaper 😀

  • Sc

    Lol it will not be under 350,it’s Apple we are talking about here

  • Jay

    I’m more concerned about a competitive price drop on the Nexus 7

  • jihnjacibs

    Just like the iPhone 5, only more ons are going to buy it. Which will be 400000 the first week that’s it. This time next year Apple will be irrelevant and shares will be $4.83. Guaranteed.

    No real man would by this. Unless it matches their high heel collection like most iPhone using men. 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    @MonkeyFace – Yes but it isn’t as bad as the one found on iOS. I’ve had the iPhone 4S before my current S3 and the autocorrect on that thing isn’t something to brag about at all. Honestly…

    • Monkey Face

      When you have to really on autocorrect is the day you are an official sheep. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Android, Apple, Rim, or etc. user. That’s just plain sad.

    • abc123


      “When you have to really on autocorrect is the day you are an official sheep”


  • mobileuser

    This price is a bit expensive for a 8GB device. The Nexus 7 has 16GB of memory at the same price point and the 32GB Nexus 7 is rumoured to be coming up soon. At this price point, it may be difficult to compete with Nexus or even Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch tablet.If Apple can make 16GB mini ipad at this price, then it will be a winner.

  • William

    Definitely not! I’ll take Google Nexus 7 if it has HDMI or VGA output!

  • primetime

    $250 for 8GB is too much considering there are tablets out there with a 7 inch form factor which are better deals if you’re talking about storage.

    – 16 GB Nexus 7 (No removable storage) $259
    – 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Has a micro sd card slot) $249

    Unfortunately, there are people out there that are going to buy this just because it’s Apple. I already have friends who have expressed interest in a 7 inch Apple Tab just because it has the Apple logo on it.

    If it keeps the same interface as the iPad and the iPhone. Hooray for innovation. /s

  • zzZZzz

    Apple will not undercut their products, ever! Meaning that no way the iPad mini will go lower than the iPod touch for same memory capacity. Expect it at 350 and over.
    350 – 8gb wifi
    450 – 16gb wifi/8gb 3g
    550 – 32gb wifi/16gb 3g
    and so forth.

    The reasoning behind the price will be that quality is similar to regular iPad, that it only adds more portability and no reason why it should be considerably cheaper.

    Many have said that they are pricing the iPad mini to kill Android in the 7″ market. Sure, they are bringing it to capture some of that market, but it will happen with their own premium prices. Need proof? Look at how the iPhone 5 is more expensive on contract and outright than any other phone, including the S3 (phablet Note notwithstanding). Apple knows people will buy even if the prices are not “fair” compared to the competition.

  • Nope Chuck Testa!

    If no one has noticed yet, apple has stopped selling any products that have 8 gb of storage. (except for the free iphone 4, but thats not even there to make any money and is two generations old)

  • skullan

    If I can’t get a 16Gig for 275 or less, it won’t be bought.

  • Sam

    Haha haha haha this is a joke why you don’t buy the nexus 7 for $209+tax

  • Vince

    The german apple store sells the ipad 3 for 479 euros, suggesting the ipad mini would be 279us and 299cdn.

    1024×768 not interested here but Im sure others will be.

  • Keith

    I think that’s 249 Euros. That’d be about $316 CDN, not $249.

    • COB

      As it says in the article they match euro pricing with USD pricing, hence it would be 249 euros and 249 USD.

  • Tomatoes

    They won’t price it at 249 in Canada even if it was 249 US. Apple is the greediest company ever remember. The iphone 5 is $699.99 for the 16gb in Canada while it keeps the $649.99 price elsewhere. Talk about being douches with 100 billion in the bank. Just that fact alone should make all Canadians boycott Apple based on principle.

    The logistics in Canada is more pricey yes, but that didn’t stop them from pricing their phones at $649.99 before and even then they had HUGE profit margins. What a bunch of leeches.

    • John

      It’s about the exchange rate rather than logistic cost.
      Before Canadian dollars were strong across the globe but it has dropped a bit since then and Apple like other companies need to adjust their price to compensate with the flucuating exchange rate.

    • Tomatoes


      Are you seriously arguing that Apple, the first trillion dollar company, 100 billion in the bank, just got 1 billion from Samsung for free, 80% profit margins on each iphone need to charge Canadians $50 dollars more on a scuffed phone out of the box because of the exchange right?

      Right…..you deserve to be raped by Apple then if you are willing to put up with that.

    • Steve Jobs is Dead, but the greed lives on!

      @ John
      You do realize that the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar?

  • Pascal B

    8 gigs.. My god.. 10 apps and your ipad is full

  • Kozbit

    I remember somebody furiously yelling “Dead on Arrival” when the first 7-inch Android tablet came out.

  • superfly

    Again…..iPad? What’s that?

  • MAX


  • Jared

    So Apple offers a low cost option, and you pan them for it!? Whats wrong with having an option that is competitively priced? You don’t have to buy one, but it puts pressure on other Android tabs and maybe future models will give you even more than what they would have before. Stop being fan boys and think rationally and unbiased for once. This is a win for consumers if true.

  • Jack

    While I’m still amused at the thought of them releasing the thing in a form factor that they declared “DOA” not too long ago, this would sell enormously. Forget the other tablets, if I were a cheap laptop maker, I’d be peeing my pants right about now.

  • John

    No way it’s going to sell for $250…doesn’t make sense. First of all, it would be cheaper than the iPod touch. Secondly, Apple doesn’t compete on price so they won’t care what the Nexus 7 is selling at. They will set whatever price they think fits their margins because people will buy it.

    You can do that when you build good products.

  • NJ

    These prices are in EUROS! So convert that to Dollar, because the writing is in german ppl!!! We are probably looking at $300 and up!

  • Aliya montag

    Can I get one in Canada?