TELUS and SaskTel named in Canada’s Top 100 Employers list


  • Kingspec

    They do treat us well.

    – Happy Telus employee

    • TrainRider

      Yes, they certainly do.

  • Jordan

    Saying they generated $43 million for the Canadian economy is a little misleading since a huge portion of that is going into the pockets of already rich shareholders and executives instead of actually stimulating the economy in any way.

    • Gabriel

      You really know nothing about TELUS to say they do not stimulate economy…

  • Hank

    I work for Samsung, I’m surprised we aren’t listed as it’s a great workplace. Congratulations to Telus and SaskTel all the same!

  • Joanne

    WHOOO HOOOO!! Go TELUS!! They do treat us well 🙂

  • zo

    Telus does not treat their store employees well. Those who say they do probably work up in the offices. I know many of my friends that wrk at stores n Telus doesnt care much about them.

  • Jaymerman79

    Most employees at stores are not TELUS employees… They’re employed by private dealers.
    Ask your friends what company name is on their paystub.

  • Dave

    Obviously, there’re less than 100 company in Canada, so something that they can’t fail. WTF!

  • Jenna

    Working directly for TELUS has been the best employment I’ve had. And I’ve worked for the competition too. Don’t knock it till you try it. We’re always hiring 🙂