Images: LG’s Nexus gets sized up to the iPhone 5 and a stuffed parrot


  • Roger

    This might change my mind about LG

    • NFCforDummies

      Is the Parrot LTE?
      Does it have NFC or just BEAK 2.0?

    • Andy

      “I am so sick of this Android bias on the website” said every virgin on here.

      LG is hit or miss, we will see what happens, but it is LG making a phone to Google’s standards and specifications, so it may be good.

  • Yellow One

    8GB memory? Like all Nexus devices, does that mean you can’t expand it? I don’t think 8GB is enough for me :(.

    • robot-shmobot

      The most likely answer is Google/LG wouldn’t need to put 32GB storage in a prototype/test device.

    • NFCforDummies

      8-16GB of internal storage can meant Three things:
      -Will Come at a Low cost $350-400 UL directly from Google
      -Will Come with an SD card ( A first for a Nexus)
      -a FAIL! that phone with 8GB (With Google forcing you to use the cloud)

    • NFCforDummies

      ALL SPECS are RUMOURED at this point!
      -if it comes with 8GB, hope it comes with SD, otherwise 16GB should be the minimum.

      -I Hope the final size is 4.5″, find anything bigger than that less portable.

    • NexS

      Do your research a little better… The HTC Nexus One had an SD Card slot

    • Jeremy

      The Nexus One had expandable storage. I’m still hoping a future Nexus device will.

  • Nathaniel James


  • barry

    not sure about an LG Nexus.

  • Apollo Creed

    It’d be cool if it was anyone but LG…

  • common_sense

    LG = a pass for me!

  • Dave

    Can someone let us know what Key Lime Pie will be all about? It’s not a major transition like from GB to ICS, another ICS to JB right? Or did I totally miss some crazy new OS news?

  • Hinds2009

    I’ll buy an lg nexus with Google controlling the software, google’s in the driving seat software wise so it cool with me!

  • JB

    8 GB Internal?

    That had better be expandable, because Cloud storage blows.

    Probably a skip for me, I’m already sceptical of LG, but if this is priced right (under $400, like the G-nex) I may bite.

  • Alex

    LG….hardware is always OK…durable 🙂
    LG….software: run away!!!!
    But with Google in charge of the software and a forceful hand in hardware.

    I would get this phone…only if HTC or Sony don’t make their own Nexii

  • Vince

    Just not a fan of on screen buttons…

  • Brandon

    I’d really like to know more about the specs on that parrot.

  • DannB

    Not convinced that it will ship with 4.2. I think that will be the version number for Key Lime Pie, which won’t be released this year. It will probably be 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 or something.

  • monsterduc1000

    If that is all the storage they can muster without expandable and no LTE, that’s a pass for me.

    And as someone mentioned on a different article, it only says “with Google” not just “Google” like the other Nexus devices had so this might not be a pure Google device but just an LG with Vanilla Android. Of which this would most likely be a disaster for updates as that would mean LG would be doing them.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Dat parrot

  • tweak

    Am I alone in thinking 4.2 will still be jelly bean and not key like pie? JB was just released a couple months ago and as far as I know doesn’t even come stock on any non nexus devices yet…

  • Vin

    I really hope that this time Google Play directly sells this phone to Canadians unlike Galaxy Nexus which is only availabe in US thru Google Play. Looks impressive but “NEXUS” as a Brand is missing. May be the final product would have one!!

  • anoymous

    oh not super amoled hd,means no true black=( looks grey enough

  • Nexus fanboy

    almost tempted, not a fan of LG but a big fan of Nexus…

  • Cody

    That display kills the iPhone, and I am really digging the hardware aside from the on screen buttons. I’m still crossing my fingers for a HTC nesus 5..

  • Pawn

    LG Nexus > iPhone 5

  • haxor99

    No LTE = no buy

  • TP

    I am still suspicious about that ‘with Google’ logo.
    It was on Optimus 2X too.
    Does it mean that the whole Nexus thing is turning to ‘Google-certified’? Then I am afraid if Google will ever update Nexus phones directly.

  • Nate

    Sorry no way. 8gig?
    sealed battery? No sdcard? Avoid it like the plague.

  • Treatz

    Lucky Goldstar!!!

  • Azzo

    Really. This is basically a remake of Samsung Nexus but with a ugly back and built by the company that has the most techinal issues, and terrible quality. I don’t care if I get thumb down… I know people and also myself had LG products and they would never last a year or have problems out if the box. Google should of worked with HTC, and Samsung or Motorola for the new Nexus. I hope this never happens again.

  • John

    Life’s Good…until you buy LG.

  • Jeffery Keel

    Just so you know, the Nexus One was the first and last Nexus to have an SD card.

  • Al Qaida airlines

    LG = Legit “Ghetto”.

  • andy c

    I would settle for a iPhone 5 type upgrade for this nexus.

    Better camera, lte and I would upgrade from my gnex

  • drone

    Honestly though, if you buy any new high end phone now that doesn’t support LTE then you’re an i***t –regardless if you have a LTE plan or not.

    Unless of course you’re on AWS in which case there’s no point in having this discussion lol.

  • AYu

    How do I buy one when it is available? Will Google sell it to CANADA? Please let me know.

  • Tomatoes

    A lot of misconceptions here. First, the screen size doesn’t matter one bit for portability. The LG Optimus G has a 4.7 inch screen but is just as small or smaller than any phone with a 4.5 inch screen in existence.

    Second, I don’t think there is such a thing as a dual core Qualcomm S4 chip without LTE, let alone a Quadcore S4 pro chip without LTE. Which means it will have LTE.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Tomatoes: Htc One S is a dual core S4 without LTE.

  • Justin

    If the rumours are true and Google is going towards a “Nexus certified” program I’m afraid the dev community will be too spread out.

    I love the amount of variety for different ROMs and such for my Galaxy Nexus; however having multiple Nexus devices released at the same time will surely spread out the dev support rather than having a lot of them focus on one device.

  • Hmmmm

    People are saying that LG software = fail. LG doesn’t make Android and LG never had a skin on top of their Android phones. The only thing that sucked was their updates. Now it’s controlled by Google it shouldn’t be a problem.

    I am going to wait and see how the dev comunity reacts to this before buying it.

    • jack

      they make the hardware and it sucks. i dont have any faith in the quality either. all the past LG phones that i’ve sold have a lot of problems.

      gossip, optimus 2x, L3, L7, u name it, if its been on Fido, it’s been problematic.

  • Puff

    My only fear is the camera. Unlike Samsung or HTC, LG doesn’t seem to put much work into there imaging technology.

  • Brad

    on the FCC Sar Test report it show the LG-E960(LG Nexus) has WCDMA IV this is what Bell, Rogers, Telus and AT&T use for LTE

  • Ron Mexico

    8gb storage and LTE means a fail. I’ll pass.

  • Aiden

    YES!! finally a phone worthy to upgrade to my galaxy S is getting really old and it’s showing.

    I hope this comes from google play since my contract is up with bell and I don’t want to sign up with them again.

  • John

    Seriously I’m not buying if it doesn’t have lte. And I’ll have to see how the battery life is from reviews

  • jonny

    no sd card = no buy.

  • meh301

    Thats the cheaper version, the more expensive version has a 13 MP camera

  • barry

    That back design just screams tacky

  • Sc

    Does this phone have the light notification below the on screen buttons like the galaxy nexus?

  • GreenManiac

    The headphone jack on the top of the device is a major turn-off for me. Looks alright, but I admit that LG making it is an other major turn-off.

  • Phox

    I like hat there’s on screen buttons. If you think about it there’s less to break (buttons usually break first :p)

  • rip rim

    Meh. I’ll pass and stick with my SIII. Maybe I’ll see what Nexus phone comes out in late 2013. Hopefully its a Sammy and not a crap LG phone.

  • kroms

    Is this the ONLY Google nexus phone for 2013 ???

    I really hope not ! Can GOOGLE not do any better ???

    really ?

  • MattyMattMatt

    Still looks like a crappy GNex to me…

  • Dan John

    I REALLY hope it comes with that back. I love it (yes I’m serious)

  • Dave778

    I hope that this is just an ugly prototype!
    The back is cool but the rim on the sides is so thick & ugly. At least the Galaxy Nexus was thin. Also better be LTE
    No AT&T/Rogers/Fido LTE then NO BUY!