Starbucks app for iPhone updated to version 2.4, lacks Passbook support in Canada


  • Dexter

    This is very disappointing.

    • trueteller

      yah….a real tragedy!

    • np

      hahahaha this guy ^ I love this site

  • Mlads

    Like is there something so different between the US and Canada that a feature like that needs to be left out? Horse S**t

    • BB

      i’m happy canadians don’t have this….you don’t really need an app to pay for things. They are trying to make you as lazy as possible. Oh my brain hurts from counting the change, but now i have an app that can do that for me!

    • OgtheDim

      I take it you never use a debit or credit card?

    • bb

      i have used a credit card and debit but not for an item under 5 dollars….

  • Louis

    i don’t get it…
    why we always get left out?

  • Betty Koyle

    Will this Starbucks app launch for bb10?

  • gnote

    This is just like Google Wallet…

    • asdfj

      but google wallet is actually a wallet replacement (sort of). passbook is just showing a barcode on the screen which the cashier needs to scan…

  • gnote

    Neither are available to Canadians

  • BB

    for ever person who uses this app, you can probably kiss 1 job out the window, and the next step is swipe your iphone, it will send the order to an automated machine and all you need is security to watch the building. Good bye U.S. and Canadian jobs…ios 10 has solved this. Apple gets richer and world gets broke.

    • Rio

      Except for every one of those retail jobs there are about 5 other jobs created in a different field

  • Me

    Wow thanks for the great passbook app apple.