ASUS now rolling out Jelly Bean upgrade to the Transformer Pad TF300


  • Sean

    And this is why I love Asus. the TF300 is the best budget 10′ tablet because Asus cares about their users and actually gives them speedy updates.

    • Fafaflunkie

      That’s fine and dandy. Kudos to Asus for spoiling all you TF300 owners with some yummy Jelly Beans. Now, ASUS, how about your other tablet owners? I happen to possess an original (TF101) and the sweet one (TF700). No Jelly Bean on either. I’d love to see how the Infinity will work with v4.1. I drool…and drool…all over this tablet. With Jelly Bean this will be beyond super sweet.

  • zingers

    Enjoy jellybean.

    It brought the experience on my Xoom to a brand new level.

  • Bob c

    My bad totally went that she? $==ty Acer a510

  • Beso

    You would assume that the Infinity should be their #1 piority instead of the older tablets!

  • EvanKr

    Wow, surprisingly quick! Nice job, Asus!

  • TZM

    Nothing yet here.

  • TF300 owner in toronto

    Update is not showing up on my tablet.

  • Nomes

    Asus upgrades their devices and nothing yet on my Motorola devices. Still waiting for ics on them.

  • Dominique

    From Québec nothing yet

  • antirobbers

    See motorola? this is how it’s done.

  • Acco

    ASIS? Come now, I’m sure that’s not how it’s spelled. ;p

  • aman bassi

    jb is nice and all but the update turns off flash support, which sucks considering that this is an extreemly powerful device perfectly capable of running flash, kinda sucks

  • Trevor

    If you want Flash on JB you can side load the apk and it’ll run fine! Use it often on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • haxor99

    Wish Samsung Canada would push jelly been through to nexus users!!! Good job Asus

  • Dominique

    Someone from Canada receive thé OTA?

  • max

    Nope, no update here (from Ottawa)

  • kkevin

    Don’t see anything yet. (Currently in Sudbury)

  • Jody Walker

    Nothing on mine either. (ALBERTA)

  • Chris

    Nothing in BC yet either

  • Fab

    No update here in Ottawa so far.


    How many Android tablets does ASUS have? I thought there was only 2 of them!

  • Francois

    Bought my TF300 on ebay at release date, got JB yesterday. LOOOOve it! Thank you ASUS!

  • Tim

    No update available on my TF300T in Calgary this morning. I’m hoping the Exchange problem with the e-mail client gets resolved.

  • jim

    update just came through here in Toronto. Downloading it now.