Day 5 of Google’s $0.25 app celebration includes Scramble With Friends, Gravity Guy, Nova Launcher Prime, others


  • Pont

    Nova Launcher Prime is worth it without a doubt. It’s 16x that much! 😉

  • Azzo

    Is there anyway to change the onscreen navigation buttons (Home, Back, Mulittask) to stock ICS/Jellybean instead of touchwiz buttons?

  • Jer

    Most apps seemed ”meh” to me. I bought that old school adenture game thought yersterday, which looks very good.

  • Shushwap

    Can’t beat the price on nova launcher
    I picked it up

  • TZM

    Yeah I picked up Nova Prime as well for 25c is a good deal.

    I spent over the last 4 days about $2.75 on apps and for less then a cup of starbucks coffee got my monies worth!

  • Ps4rh

    I’d agree. Nova Launcher Prime is worth all of the rest combined. At 25 cents why not?

  • Stuntman

    Nova Launcher Prime is awesome. Now I have 5 rows of icons on my home screen.

  • Andy

    No one Dark Knight Rises? I think for a quarter, you’re stealing the damn game.

  • DrBadass

    Im Batman.

  • Andy

    Why is nova Launcher laggy on my s3? Unrooted rogers and updated.

  • Jto

    @Andy wish I could help I’m running Rogers s3 with no problems. Maybe it’s another app that’s screwing with Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is a huge steal at 0.25! Grabbed that batman games as well, pretty nice graphics.

  • shiftastic

    Nice. Picked up horn, batman and nova prime all for $.75 🙂

  • hurric

    got Nova right away…best value ever!!! not even 10c deals had anything like this.

  • Milpool

    I ended up buying 7 apps over the course of the 5 days, mostly games. $1.75? That’s well worth it.

  • Adrian

    Nova Launcher Prime and Smart Tools for me today. Everything else, including Batman, seemed kinda meh. I’d read some reviews on the Batman game on the S3 having some random issues with some people so I decided against it. Besides, even though it’s $0.25, I doubt I’ll ever play it — the racing game from the first day of the sale seems like more fun, anyhow.

    Dropped $3.00 in the last five days but the value from the apps/games I picked up are worth more than the latte I would’ve bought at FiveBucks. 🙂