Facebook Messenger for iOS updated with new chat UI, favourite contacts and better performance

A couple weeks back, Facebook Messenger for Android was updated with some very nice improvements to the app’s overall functionality and its looks.

The most notable feature was a new swipe-to-the-left-from-anywhere menu to show you who’s online in your chat group. You could also hold down on a name to add him or her to your favourites list. The Android app also added SMS integration, allowing users to use it as their de facto messaging app (for only a few supported devices for now).

Over the weekend Apple approved a similar update for iOS users, adding iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support and the same chat-bubble interface we first saw on Android. The swipe-to-the-left menu is still present, as are some impressive speed increases and bug fixes. Notably absent, however, is the SMS integration, which will likely never come to iOS due to the platform’s inherent sandboxed nature.

Facebook Messenger is fast becoming the best go-to app for portable messaging, especially for groups. With recently-added read receipts and reliable push notifications, as well as desktop-to-mobile sync, Messenger has become an important addition to Facebook’s mobile arsenal.

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Via: The Verge