Facebook Messenger for iOS updated with new chat UI, favourite contacts and better performance


  • Sweet

    Well, it sure didn’t take long for FB to ripoff RIM’s peek feature. Or did RIM rip it off ? Regardless, it’s a really useful feature.

  • lukeiphone

    Great app

  • Aiden

    Atish is one really ugly looking girl.

  • Mousumi

    Facebook chat very usefull

  • Mousumi

    I want to downlod this page.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Whoa this interface looks like hot trash, not classy at all. Colours are disgustingly ugly. People have lost their shirts speculating on Facebook, I suggest to stay away! oh how the mighty have fallen! ROLF

  • Christmas Daniels

    Oh ya I remember this on my windows phone7 I think that’s 3 years now.