Current Caller ID by WhitePages uncovers unknown callers on your Android phone, provides social media context


  • Is This Bb10?

    Good, I can cancel my $7/month caller ID on Bell and save money.


      I would think it would need the original Caller ID to work off.

    • bazinga

      Any carrier still charging for caller ID unshamefully has their hand deep in your pocket and needs a slap to get it out!

  • haxor99

    Tried it just now, doesn’t seem to do much… just pulls pictures, names, and numbers off of your social accounts and tries to match it to numbers you contact to provide pictures and names. Could have potiential one day in the future.

  • Adam

    Anyone know how to make it detect who an unknown caller is?

  • Wilbour

    What’s interesting is that all information like CID ect. is always available and costs nothing for the phone companies to provide. What they do is block this information by default but make you pay for them to let it go through. In otherwords, it costs them time to set up the block but costs you to let this free data get through.

  • McBain

    What about those that have cellphones like me and are not in the whitepages database? It wont work right?

  • al

    Will try this out. Even if it just works with people in my contacts that is better than paying Bell $12 for their “bundle” of voicemail, CID and visual messages whatever the hell that is.

  • bunny

    I just got this, it’s a fantastic app. It identifies telemarketers based on WhitePages directory! For those occasions when only a number and unknown name come up, Whitepages will use its directory to match to what business or person they have registered to that number.
    The social network integration is also a nice addition for someone whose OS won’t sync with Facebook.

  • Justin

    i know most apps rely on the ID sent in the call itself to give details on the caller, so this app just uses whitepages then eh? so essentially i will not need CID through Bell anymore? hmmm 🙂 now to find a decent voicemail app, any thoughts?

  • Peachy

    hmm isnt there a privacy concern with this? I understand people want to find out unknown callers but a lot of people have blocked numbers for a reason….

  • Ilia

    The caller ID for unknown numbers doesn’t work.

  • Eric

    I had a friend block his number and then phone me. The screen on my phone only showed only private number and did not show his number. The app. doesn’t work.

  • ed

    I downloaded the app, cancelled my caller id option thinking I would save some money; made a couple of test calls from numbers on my contacts and this crap shows them as “blocked numbers”!!

  • Jesse

    I don’t think most of you understand what this app does. It simply looks up the name associated with the phone number so it will display this on your phone if the person calling you is not in your contact list. It’s similar to Name Display on Rogers except it parses the white pages database for the name info vs. displaying the name that is being transmitted because carriers other then Rogers don’t support this. You cannot cancel your call display to use this app, as it relies on the phone number being transmitted to you in order to search the database. In addition, it is not designed to display info for people who block their caller ID as the phone number info must be transmitted in order for the app to search and display information.

  • boring

    I hope there’s setting to turn off all those stats. there’s privacy issue on saving a call log on its own (and there’s no option to clear it). i don’t want anyone that picks up my phone to be able to see whom i call the most

  • kayn

    I tried this app and it KILLED the battery life of my S3, so I uninstalled it. I don’t know what happened but I’m still getting crazy battery drain for no reason. I would suggest avoiding this app.

  • FC

    I removed the app but it does not uninstall property – still zapped unknown callers, but with no control whatsoever. A bad app – I strongly suggest avoiding this app!