Update: Leaked promo video shows off RIM’s BlackBerry 10 devices: “In the right hands anything’s possible”


  • John

    Come on RIM get better, I want to make money off you.

    • jack

      you’ll make money when RIM has to discount their hardware so much that people will actually buy it. kinda like when 8520 went to 150 on a buyout.

    • jack

      or was it the 9300, i forget

    • ProductDoesNotExists

      The Video says:Video Does Not Exist!!

      The Video should say:
      “Product Does Not Exist”
      RIM is the only company that has “LEAKS” Rumours,artist renderings, and commercials about something that does not exist..at least for another 5 months.

      All for the sake of raising the stock!
      Expect it to go back to reality by mide next week when the Montly Puts are due. Stock in the mid $6s. again.

  • Alex

    Please don’t let that be the actual BB10 keyboard device. I think I may have lost part of my soul by seeing it.

    • ProductDoesNotExists

      “In the right hands anything’s possible”

      The slogan should be:
      “With the right phone anything’s possible”

      WTF is this contraction??

      As in anything is??


      RIM makes new ads, new words in the dictionary, new rumours, new leaks, new LOWS, BUT NO NEW PHONES!!

  • w00t

    I can’t help laughing…

  • jack

    doesnt look half bad, but same old RIM

  • Benjamin

    Looks good. Now to continue waiting for the actual product…

    • jack

      only another 3-4 months, and then it’ll be a 2 year old product (in terms of specs) even before being released! GO RIM #1 #1 #1!!!!

  • hey

    bb10 out yet ?

    • jack

      bb11 coming 2020

  • CluelessCompanion

    If you’ve ever used a Blackberry, and actually use a phone for talk, text, email you would know BB’s are the best all-rounded phones, due to great mic/speaker, keyboard and great antenna. Not the best cool device, but phone. Also, android fans, I’ve got a galaxy nexus, but BB was better for basic phone usage and you could actually go through its battery in 2 days, not 8 hours.

    • Jaxon

      omfg u r sew dumb. blak bery is teh worstest phone and u r a ful on moron if u lhyke ths fone cuz every1 nos teh ifone 5 and 5ses r better then krapbery

    • Bill

      I wish my BB9900 battery would even last a single day…

    • Collin

      you can’t honestly say that a touch RIM device is any better at typing an email or texting or voice than ANY OTHER phone out there, thats the only thing all the phones do the same

      Doesn’t change that bb10 is ugly, has ZERO options for customization, and is way to late to the game

  • theone

    I m actually really looking forward to this I loved the 9900 Keyboard but got rid of it for my iphone because the soft ware sucks a*s but BB10 looks good and they seemed to have kept the same keyboard as the 9900
    Now time will tell if BB10 can win customers like me back
    Former Loyal BB users i want to come back but they have to win me back with a solid Software

  • zzzZZZZzz

    @clueless, unfortunately the BB9900 had a terrible battery so even there it lost its advantage. I do agree on great antenna and previously great battery life.

    Here’s hoping that when they do finally release the bb10 phones, RIM will surprise everyone. They need it.

    • CluelessCompanion

      Cheers on that idea, there is space in the market for QWERTY phones and great talk/text/email devices. Even though I use my galaxy nexus to play games while on-the-go, I can no longer do that and expect to make it through to lunch. Its battery life sucks. Also, sorry to hear that mate, I had a 9700, my best( and first) phone, took a lot of hits too, until one day it succumbed to the white screen of death.

  • chall2k5

    its already been pulled from vimeo

  • Mr. Heinz Katsup Sauce

    So RIM is finally dropping their response to the Google Nexus One & iPhone 4.

  • Marion

    the main photo looks photoshopped…

  • CJ

    While I hold no hope for the BlackBerry OS surviving, RIM as a company is pretty solid. They continue to make obscene amounts of money and are cutting costs wherever possible. Those counting the company as dead obviously have no clue.

  • ad19

    I personally can’t wait for the BB10 phones. This will definitely be my next phone.

  • Ron Mexico

    Wow, what a video full of FAIL. RIM is NOT going to make it.

  • D

    They need to license this out to Samsung. It would sell like hot cakes with Sammy’s hardware

  • Peter

    I am an android user and probably will always be one, but if there’s another os that I would try it would have to be the bb10. This new os has been redone ground up, so no one can / should say anything negative about it since no one has ever used it. Give the new os a chance, I probably will. I think that bb10 is up to something and finally something new/different unlike ios, which looks the same for past 5 years.

  • popo

    it’s a phone company.. this isn’t supposed to upset you or affect your lives this much, if it does, then 2012 is pretty scary…. calm down…

  • Porilaisten

    “In the right hands anything’s possible”


  • joe


    Get a life you dumb troll…

  • Jess

    Picture in picture videochat? That’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to upgrade 🙂 back to blackberry for me! Why does everyone think this is some sort of media campaign video? It’s an internal promo video for concepts of commercials

  • BB

    To be honest from 99% of the iphone users comment apps are the only thing keeping you to your device. If you feel stuck i feel bad for you, but things are going to change.

  • BB

    you know blackberry is a threat when people are bashing. also stop the crap guys…we know as well as you do the product is in its final stages…is bb10 here yet…morons. go back to iphone site or to your provider and pay your heavy monthly bill. the only comments should be from people working with the os and not people who buy phones to feel like they are a techy.

  • Collin

    UGLY UGLY UGLY DEVICE! I don’t understand why all you people are so into this device, it’s bringing nothing new to the table and is waaaaaaaay behind android and even iOS..

    RIM is too late to the game.. they should just sell and pay out their stock holders and end it already.

    • Peter

      1. The device is a developer device, not a commercial release.

      2. How do you know it’s “way behind”. Have you used it extensively? Much be nice, given it’s not out yet.

      3. Feel free to provide your extensive coverage of why it’s “way behind”, especially since it isn’t out yet, but you apparently have detailed knowledge?

  • Shenzen

    is this the new bb10?

  • anthony


    • Peter

      How original.

  • JimSillyballs

    Does anyone think they will give a time line for the playbook bb10 update tomorrow?