RIM Q2 fiscal 2013 results: $2.9 billion revenue, 7.4 million smartphones and 130k PlayBooks shipped


  • god

    Keep on working RIM… you’ll come back in the competition ! BB10!

    • Perkins

      RIP RIM

  • T_Bo

    Q2, 2013 results… I think you mean Q3, 2012?

    • gawks

      no, that is rim’s fiscal year, not calendar year. 2013 is correct

  • Fred


    • Fred

      Missed it by that much!

  • RIM

    RIM has different fiscal year-end.

  • Boom

    Fiscal Year boys.

  • StephenBB81

    I’m pretty happy with these results!
    Expecting it to be a scrape by and devistating quarter they’ve done pretty good,

    with a -$.27 EPS vs the predicted -$.47EPS RIM beat analysts predictions by 43% don’t think they’ve ever done that, especially in a down market where everyone is writing them off.

    More and more faith in BlackBerry 10, and the new RIM

  • chall2k5

    i want BB10!

  • Hooligan

    Great news, can’t wait for bb10 units to arrive.

  • Scott

    I hope they pull it off and come back stronger than ever! Having BB10 as a viable platform would be good for all wireless users, no matter which platform you end up choosing. More competition means faster/better/cheaper phones for everyone.

    Now, if we could just figure out how to make that work for the wireless carriers…

  • Alex

    Time to buy stocks…

  • AR

    Both Android and iOS are good and matured. But there are many people who are bored of them. BB10 may be the change they are looking for. Existing loyal BB customers are also waiting for BB10. I have faith. RIM should have faith in itself and deliver. Will be good for Canada, consumers and technology industry.

  • jPhoneUser

    Why would a new smartphone user choose BB10 over other platforms ? Without objective answer for that we are looking at another PB OS 1.0 .

    • Thilan

      A swipe based UI is actually very nice to use (based on my experience with N9, playbook, and comparing to iOS and Android)…the only thing missing are apps really and that can be sorted.

    • Peter

      The look? The feel? Specific apps? Etc. Same as everything else.

      My gut tells me that BB10 will sell quite well to existing 80 million BlackBerry customers; Decently to flip phone converters (70% of the market); Poorly to Android users; and virtually none to iPhone users.

      The numbers to me suggest that the negative sentiment toward RIM in the press may have been overdone. The numbers here don’t match with the “oh no – collapse due any day” type stories. Cash up. Check. User base up. Check. Debt still zero? Check.

    • StephenBB81

      A new smartphone buyer will buy based on
      1: Commercials they see on TV
      2: What their friends have
      3: What the store sales person pushes
      4: PricePoint they can afford.

      RIM can gain traction on all of those fronts pending their selling price and contract negotiations,
      the hard part for RIM would be How do they get North American based iPhone and Android users who are on their second device on the Platform move to a BlackBerry on their next upgrade.
      BlackBerry 10 will have a lot of features that don’t require 3rd party apps, and that can actually appeal to some, the Camera will have instagram like filters so users can just use facebook and not need instagram, the keyboard will be better than the Android stock keyboard so wont require buying SwiftKeyX like I had on my SG3, and BlackBerry HUB which is an extension of BlackBerry Unified InBox is better than iOS’s email inbox offerings (I’m not permitted to download apps to my iPhone so I don’t know if better 3rd party solutions exist)

      BlackBerry 10 does promise a lot for the new user and the experienced user who is open minded.

    • jPhoneUser

      @Peter: How does it shine over others ? It is probably going to have the smallest app store. When MSFt with all its massive power cannot sell WindowsPhone 7/7.5, which is also different in feel , the look , specific apps. Why do you believe that this will do well ? Other than fanboy enthusiasm i dont see anything that compels a user to choose this over others. Does it have good maps/ navigation app ?
      Does it have good music/cloud application ?
      What does it do better than an Android/WP8/iOS device ?
      In 4 months we it will have to compete with JellyBean , WP8 , iOS 6 and do you have any objective reason to believe that this will stand up to the challenge ? I was one of the early QNX users who was excited about playbook. The reason it failed to me was that, it had no edge over iPad or most android tablets. Now that it is sold for 99-199$ RIM is able to ship 130k units. So is RIM planning to sell these phones for even lesser cost ? Surely there has to be something in it that will attract a new smartphone user if they want it to be a success. And i am not seeing anything so yet.

    • jPhoneUser

      @StephenBB81 :
      1)Exactly my point, i have been an android/ios user for 3 years now. I dont see a reason to dump my iPhone5 or my GNexus for this.

      2)So native instagram , “will be better” keypad , and email client are the shining jewels of BB10 ? These surely cannot be the reasons why a mobile platform can become success.

      I understand fanboy enthusiasm over any platform, but honestly why this will be a hit while Wp7.5 was a flop. All MSFT-Nokia fanboys sure told the world that lumia was the best available. But it didnt sell, that is my question. Why will this sell ?

    • BB

      why would a new user pick rim??? One price is more affordable, data is compressed, security beats android and Ios, BBM, keyboard and a NEW OS…not a 2-3 old os. Not only that, QNX is a leader in software development and if you haven’t noticed unlike apple upgrades RIM generally makes there upgrades work and not slow down the device.

    • som

      They choose it because they want to be different from everyone else. Isn’t different good?
      IOS and Android lives off their apps.

      RIM did not want to bring out an OS that’s exactly the same as everyone else. Except maybe for swiping and pinching to zoom. But we all know Apple didn’t invent that. Right?
      Just like Apple didn’t invent rounded corners.

    • StephenBB81

      “1)Exactly my point, i have been an android/ios user for 3 years now. I dont see a reason to dump my iPhone5 or my GNexus for this.”

      If you’re happy with your iPhone5 and GNexus then you wouldn’t see a Reason
      I HATE my iPhone4S, and iOS6 made it so much worse, the iPhone PHONE app has been the worst Phone app of all platforms for years, and Apple made it worse with extension dialing issued beyond just conference call login lag. the PHONE part of the iPhone is the leading crashing App on the device.
      For people who use a PHONE extensively BB10 gives them reasons to use it. For people who don’t have the money to buy a new device every 4-6 months like I do they are stuck with devices for 2-3 years they are people in the market for BB10.

      “2)So native instagram , “will be better” keypad , and email client are the shining jewels of BB10 ? These surely cannot be the reasons why a mobile platform can become success.”

      The “Shining jewels” of BB10 are the BlackBerry Experience, people talk about the simplicity of the iOS experience which does everything just good enough to keep the majority happy, and that is great, RIM isn’t targeting that market they are targeting the market of people who want to dig a bit deeper and do a bit more.
      BB10 will be that with email, BB10 will be that with the PKB form factor and a fresh OS that is competitive,
      The KeyBoard on my devAlpha with the latest OS already does better word prediction that my iOS6 iPhone4S and allows me to deliberately spell a word incorrectly with a swipe of the spacebar, something that is very desirable when dealing with words like Aluminium.
      You’ve already made your choice why BlackBerry 10 will be a failure so really this reply is for those who are more open minded, I’m not just a Blind BlackBerry fan with no experience with other OS’s
      my daily drivers are an iPhone4S and BlackBerry 9790, I own a plethora of other devices including the iPad3 and PlayBook,
      I put devices through the rungs and am more and more excited for BlackBerry 10 the more I get to play with it, and the more I get to see it. it offers me the fluid UI of iOS, without the idiotic lack of controls,

      “I understand fanboy enthusiasm over any platform, but honestly why this will be a hit while Wp7.5 was a flop. All MSFT-Nokia fanboys sure told the world that lumia was the best available. But it didnt sell, that is my question. Why will this sell ?”

      The reason I see BlackBerry 10 Selling over the Microsoft offerings is because the MS offerings were NOT fluid, MS didn’t have a full experience, I’d relate Windows Phone 7.5 to the PlayBook OS1, It was pretty and different, but was just not smooth and didn’t have enough. Windows Phone 7/7.5 don’t have the Enterprise controls to allow them to be heavily adopted by Business’s they don’t have any tie ins to be used as BYOD devices for company’s employing MDM solutions.
      BlackBerry ALSO doesn’t have the tie ins, but they offer BES10, which will have the lowest CAL costs of MDM solutions for iOS and Android management, in addition to managing BlackBerry10,
      BlackBerry10 WILL get FIPS approval, probably before the iPhone5 does, which then gives the BlackBerry 10, government and government contractor access that Windows, and iPhone don’t have, and a very very select few Androids have,

      Will BlackBerry topple iOS or Android from their seats? no I think not, RIM must be like snapple and embrace 3dome is freedom. and maybe iOS7 will be as bad of change to iOS6 as iOS6 is to iOS5, and then with Windows, BlackBerry10, and Android fighting with iOS they could see a weaker position,
      I very much see the market shifting back out of this App obsession in the next 3-5 years, HTML5 is just too powerful, and devices don’t need to be restricted to single task applications, cross platform multi feature suites will return like the desktop has.

      I encourage anyone NOT happy with their smartphone to ask what makes them unhappy, for my iPhone I LOVE the size, best touchscreen form factor on the market right now, but I can pick apart the OS for an hour about it’s faults, Android I couldn’t find a form factor to love, I tried, and I really couldn’t get used to HAVING to use Google.
      BlackBerry has a wide range of faults too, and hopefully they get addressed, but I am willing to give BB10 a shot, and am going to be hard on RIM about anything missing as well as what they did great.



  • jack

    RIM, the only company where losing (not a lot of) money is considered good news.

    • Scott

      For those of us who were around the tech industry in the 1990’s, this story sounds very similiar to another little company… Apple! Yes, today’s darling of the stock markets was on the ropes in 1997 when Steve Jobs came back and re-focussed the company into what they are today. It can be done! Not saying it’s easy of course… but definitely possible.

    • jPhoneUser

      @Scott : So what exactly is RIM doing like apple. Announcing a project years before it become ready for market and pospones its launch date ? That dosent sound like apple to me whatsoever. BB10 is a mediocre mobile OS so far. Wp7.5 in its best time looked more refreshing and yet didnt make any dent for others. Dont see why this OS would.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Still not out of the woods yet. Bb10 is a long way off.

    • Porilaisten

      4 months, and it’ll be here before you know it.

  • BB

    Apple is the darling at the moment, but when push comes to shove and people stop carrying around 2 phones, I would assume blackberry will be the phone left. Most users who have an iphone have a blackberry…would you still pay for your iphone if blackberry has everything you need.

  • Brian

    The physical keyboard version is looking to be my next phone.

    After getting used to the PB’s gestures, I find I really miss them when I try to swipe from the frame of my Torch 9800.

  • pete

    This company has no chance at making a phone or tablet that can compare to what android has accomplished, blackberry is a joke to the educated user and can not last in a market where the consumers are becoming more aware to android. I dont care what they make even a bb 13 would be 3 years behind on android even apple is playing catch up and still couldnt get it right. Do not buy stocks of this company i predict there stock to be like facebooks stocks were a historical failure

    • bb

      @pete blackberry has lasted for years, and will continue. They are the ones who made the smartphone and android and ios had to catch up. RIM will always be a leader because they make products that last. Have you noticed 80 million people still have old blackberry’s and don’t HAVE to upgrade every year. And if any company is a trend like facebook that would be apple and android. They all have one thing in common they attract the kids. Blackberry attracts everyone.

    • observer

      Agree with bb. In the nowdays world, companies are not interested to make a product, which will last long. Apple is the classic example: reliable but forced to be outdated after one year. And RIM’s product can last – this is their advantage and, sorry, disadvantage.

  • Peter

    @JPhoneUser … everyone’s mileage varies. Forgeting fanboy logic for a second (and not suggesting that you demonstrate this), if some people didn’t like BlackBerrys, they wouldn’t be selling any. Especially with all the negative press sentiment. End of story. The reality is: there are still selling millions every quarter (and having billions in sales) despite all this press.

    Who knows why? Some might prefer the brand. Some might want to support Canadian companies. Some might like the keyboard. Some might like the notifications. Some might like the price. Some might prefer something they are familiar with. Some might like BBM. Some might have existing accessories. Etc. That’s the joy of “choice”.

    I agree – the apps are the weak point and their biggest battle. I’m sure the OS will be competitive. The hardware we’ve seen so far on the dev alphas seems solid. The real trick will be getting the main apps that people want on the platform … the Instagrams, Skypes, Netflixes, main games etc.

    One thing I have noticed is that the PlayBook apps in App World are rising a lot quickly than the devices even thopugh there are are like 1.5 million PlayBook users vs. 80 million BlackBerry users. Maybe that’s a sign that the platform is a lot easier to develop for? The games are a hell of a lot better on it for sure.

    We’ll see how this plays out.

  • jimmy

    @Scott The reason Apple exists today is because in 1997 Microsoft Bailed them out with $150 Million.