Confirmed: LG to release the Optimus 4X HD in October, Quad-Core ICS coming to WIND and Videotron


  • steve

    Good price, don’t have to wait for a week in line and at least it will have google maps 🙂

    • EndofTheQuarter

      ICS on a Flagship in October 2112 = F A I L!!

      Still waiting for ICS to be released for the Optimus Black and 2x!

      Thanks but no thanks I will vote with my wallet: I’m not getting a phone in Q4 without JB installed!

  • dave

    “it’ll eventually be upgraded to OS 4.1 Jelly Bean”

    I love ya LG. Doesn’t get any better than that eh?

    Well sure it does. That would be JB on release day… cause you ain’t gonna update it are ya?

  • McBain


    BUT its LG…

  • Hooman

    Stay away from LG. The Optimus 2X’s lack of updates (despite a great hardware) gave my sister such a hard time that she wants to switch to iPhone…

    • Darknut

      LG has some of the best handsets out. I have the G2X, the lack of updates is because of WIND not LG, theyve updated it on every other carrier. IT coming exclusively to WIND in Canada for now shows me promise for actually getting updates.. The LG G2X was a better phone than the SG SII, and Im certain The Optimus 4X will be better than the SGIII. Ill be getting this ASAP.

  • Ron Mexico

    LG = no way #neveragainLG

  • iphoneuser

    When will LG learn?
    When will LG listen to their customers?
    When will LG stop shooting themselves in the foot?
    LG has created such a bad rap sheet with their brand. They need to rebuild. Start listening to customers. Start giving use the user experience that we want/need in order to become a loyal fan. LG right now is at the bottom of the barrel.

  • max

    LG has a lot to do to rebuild their reputation on their smartphone business.

    Best of luck and stay away from LG. LOL

  • hoo dat

    Price? With these carriers it’s likely to be what ever you think it should be plus $100.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    LG needs to spend some time sitting on a psychologists couch. As an entity, this company is a pathological LIAR. Do not believe anything they say. They have made many statements about certain phones being upgraded but these have never panned out. Don’t believe me? Check out their facebook page! Its a circus of comedic trolling from angry customers of epic proportions.

  • vn33

    LG, this is how I feel:
    Fool me once, shame on you,
    Fool me twice, shame on me !!

  • Just that guy

    No thank you LG
    You can only screw so many customers before they learn to stay away.
    Just because of the Optimus 2x fiasco, I will never buy another LG phone… Even if it prints out money and shits out gold…

  • Ult

    The carriers are also to blame. Videotron and Wind are too cheap to offer their customers the best phones in the market. If they were they would have waited a couple months for the Optimus G, LG’s real flagship.

    • Mel

      That’s why Wind got the SIII on the release date. Do your research before you make comments.

    • Ult

      @Mel You failed to heed the point I was making so let me spell it out for you. Both Videotron and Wind currently carry only 1 best of class phone, i.e. the Samsung S3. The other phones are mid to lower range products or phones nobody with a minimum of common sense would buy, exactly like this LG 4x. If they weren’t such cheap carriers they would offer their clients greater higher end diversity across brands. Clear now?

  • Nice specs, but it smells too much like the Optimus 2X…

  • Mike



    im going to buy this because of A GENTLEMEN’S DIGNITYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~ OPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Jbliss

    worst cellphone maker on the market. I bought the p999 last December from Wind and I’ve been regretting it ever since. This phone is CRAP!

    1) the screen freezes when it times out and you can’t get it to turn on unless you remove the battery.

    2) LG Canada are liars, they will never update the the phone even when they say they will. I think I’m still @ Android 2.2.

    3) Their customer service reps (csr) S.U.C.K they really need to retrain their csr’s. You call them with a problem about your phone and they wont be able to help you but they will transfer your problem to their back end and you should receive a call back in a day or so. Yea right, I’m still waiting 9 months now! and if they do help you even if it’s like sending you a new replacement battery, they will probably screw that up. It took them 3 tries till they sent me the correct battery for my phone.

    I would love to sell my phone but it would pain me knowing that I sold this crappy phone to some one.

  • Jason

    The optimus 2x was and still is a great phone.
    You just had to do a little research and learn how to install a custom rom on your phone and it was absolutely amazing.
    Don’t complain just because you didn’t know how to get the most out of your phone. I loved my optimus 2x and will definitely be getting the optimus 4x!

  • Peter


    It’s very simple.
    Do not buy an LG phone before they have changed the way they treat their customers!!!

    There is an easy way to check this.
    Just check if the Optimus Speed, Black, 3D have received their ICS update(s).

    When that happens, you can assume they actually changed their policy.

    Don’t trust anything they say. Only actions matter!!!