Koodo Mobile goes after WIND customers, offers up a $200 credit if they switch


  • Josh L

    Very sad. They seem to be getting scared of the competition

    • Hub

      It is not like WIND has worked hard. With hostile customer service, when they don’t ignore your and s**t coverage… With my plan, I get more with better coverage than Koodo. I gave WIND a chance.

    • Hub

      I meant “better coverage ON Koodo”. Looks like I can’t type either.

    • EvanKr

      I wouldn’t say sad, per se, competition is a good thing, and it’s nice to see the big guys starting to lose some customers and the little guys gain traction.

    • EndofTheQuarter

      looks like Koodo had a bad fiscal Quarter and wants to boost it on the last weekend!
      -What are the conditions? Do you have to sign a contract with Koodo? for how long? ANY plan? is there a minimum?
      Can you get the 6GB DATA ONLY for $35?? or soemthing comparable to WIND for $40??

      Not enough info to make a decision and take advantage of the offer!

      – I have to say that with WIND their plans are VERY CLEAR and not criptive, and if you are mostly in the WIND areas, thier $40 plan is your best option; HALF a MILLION people agree with that.
      KOODO is the BEST PHONE store for WIND!!
      Get an SG2x for $300 unlock for $15 and away you go on WIND!!

      Operators have to evolve into the next stage:
      There is no point in getting into TELUS ( The most overpriced phones in Canada) or even BYOD with TELUS if the plans are the same. I expect that in Q1 Canadians will buy their phones in Tmobile, Verizon ( iphones unlocked) amazon.com, Virgin, Koodo, and activate them with whomever they want at the current plan MINUS $5 per month if you bring your own phone.

    • Harley

      WIND mobile gets unlimited in very highly populated areas, like downtown GTA. I live outside the GTA, why would WIND be better for me? I went to Koodo because it was WAY better than Rogers, Bell, and even Telus price wise. I live along Lake Huron. Service is great, and their site isn’t down every time I log into my account *Cough* Rogers.

  • lol

    Offer the same plans with your coverage..pathetic!

  • Scotty Scott

    Then what can be said about wind/mobilicity offering port in credits to get customers to sign up with them?? They couldn’t do it based on their outstanding network?

  • Mustafa

    You want wind customers to switch , and THATS the best koodo can come up with? Lol

  • Bad Apple

    You must be kidding me!
    Koodo – offer me everything unlimited (I don’t care about your no-roaming cr4p), and I may consider. Why?, well have been traveling a lot lately and spent 40$ extra (within 3 months on “roaming”).

    Huge regards Koodo,

    Yours truly,

    Bad Apple

  • Bad Apple

    Sorry, forgot, Koodo. I am running, can’t wait to hold “urphone”

  • Rumba

    This is music to WINDs ears :). I bet free advertising like this is very helpful, cause one weekend for sure cant hurt them. Also shows that BIG3 is classic oligopoly instead of attacking 2/3 of the market they are going for tiny WIND share. Competition must hurt 🙂 Would be cool to see WIND reporting if this have hurt them at all… If I would be in their place I would use this for their own publicity.

    • Theblob

      Right, it couldn’t possibly be a response to Wind’s own port in credits. That would be too obvious.

      Sure Wind has great prices. You get unlimited everything in a very limited coverage area. That doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Carlos Fabregas

    An Unlimited plan would be nice, could even be $10 more then winds then people might switch.

  • Ted

    Wind is for poor people and students.

    • Immigration

      You forgot immigrants

    • lol

      Well as far as I know..Natives are the only people that cannot be called immigrants since it is their land, everybody else is an immigrant including white crackers

    • J

      Have to assume the Big 3 are for morons.

    • EvanKr

      …or normal people who don’t want to be throw away $90 a month to Robbers.

    • TP

      Ted just proves how dumb and ignorant you become when you deal with Big 3.

    • Gene

      Yes Ted,

      Students and immigrants. The very ones who are revolutionizing your old boys club society. Btw, where you recently on jimmy kimmel?

    • GrapeApe

      Since when did north America have Natives?

      Other than people born here like myself, there is no other form of ‘native’ in North America. The only difference is the level of Grandparents who migrated here from Asia or elsewhere. Which by even your definiteion the immigrants would be lower on the totem pole, well done.

      Personally I just think it’s cheap people, and don’t bother judging people’s residence or status, since we’re all immigrants or the offspring of immigrants in North America…

      Not that it matters to this discussion… other than if you care that Wind is owned by foreigners and that does/doesn’t matter to you.

  • APhoneUser

    hmm maybe we should move to koodoo stay with them for 10 months and jump back to wind ?

  • ashik

    if koodo Offer me the same plans like Irresistible 35 UNLIMITED plan then i will switch

  • ashik


  • lolol

    WIND all the way. For someone like me who doesnt leave Ottawa and when i do its usually to another wind zone anyways.. why would I switch to koodoo.. WIND unlimited plans are the best I have the extra 10 dollar no cap data plan on my plan 50 bucks and I have downloaded 22 GB on a mobile phone !!!! LOVE IT !

    WIND FAN ! suck it every other Canadian telecom company .. your plans are jokes nobody

    Service is great in any wind zone ive been in! no complaints

    • caribouroader

      Except that Wind isn’t a Canadian company… they just have Canadians fronting foreign ownership to satisfy CRTC regulations.

  • Barry

    is this canada wide? what are the conditions?

  • aregularonhofo

    Sad indeed, now that Wind Mobile is imoroving/expanding the Big Three will do anything in their power to cripple Globealive and prevent progress…this is why it’s important to stop listening to Mobilicity Trolls/Fanboys preaching the lies of their new mentor Lyons who is a total waste as a CEO and start switching to Wind along with your friends/relatives. It’s extremely obvious that M0obilicity is a failed company who will eventually be forced to sell having used their customers and Wind Mobile is the only choice we have to battle the incumbents. If Wind was poor people and students Koodo would not be making these offers to bribe you and if you’re not a demented kid living in your mother’s basement discussing the Telco industry without even having a job you’ll be intelligent enough to understand why Wind has to be supported. Look how XTACHX/BLUENOTE73/etc the howardforums.com losers have advised you in the past and like hypocrites where they are now…make the right choice.

    • GrapeApe

      Sad thing is you think that it wouldn’t be the poor and students who are focused on the $ numbers. That’s the very reason they are on Wind. Others value connectivity, roaming and other features.
      But hey people value things differently, this wouldn’t work on a BELL business customer who is not price sensitive, but it would work on the people who are all about the dollars over all others.
      Wind doesn’t need to be ‘supported’ it needs to remain compettive within the term of the market. They didn’t do that, and so got the legislation changed under the guise of improving competition, yet the minute that happened they said they were going to shed the very low-end users the government said this was supposed to support.

      Don’t try to make it an ‘underdog story’ it’s anything but, and they simply need to compete.

      Will this $200 credit work, sure for some that were thinking about switching anyways, but that all anyone can hope to target anyways, the fanbois and die-hards are never going to change so you don’t bother with them, you simple sweeten the deal for people already wanting to switch; the others likely aren’t worth it to you because they cost to much to have as customers, and even Wind would be more concerned about losing the people on the fringe because that’s where their growth lies. They don’t want the people who hop from one to one to one based on deals, but they do want to keep their numbers increasing; especially Wind whose success depends on that apperance, just like RIM got a boost by publishing net adds showing they aren’t dead, Wind needs that too to show they are ‘succesful’ since they don’t publish their Canadian ops details.
      And when it comes to net new people alot of the telcos, Wind, Bell, Telus and Rogers have increase net overall, taking from other failing hands. So it’s likely not a defensive strategy it’s likely to try and target another source of people willing to move, to bolster the number that means little for anyone other than analysts.

      Really this is nothing new and no more a sign of overall health of anyone than the $50 rebate on iPhone4S was on the health of Apple, or, more importantly… the $100 port-in credit Wind offers. =X~P

  • gnote

    Once wind is in my work area, I’m switching and flashing my phone’s radio.

  • juleso

    funny, I’m on Koodo thinking of switching to WIND…

  • Crocography

    Just want the Lumia 920 to be sold at Wind and I switch.

  • XS

    Thank you but NO, thank you!
    You have to offer me at least the same package I have with WIND to get my attention.

  • Yeria

    Big 3 had their chances. I still haven’t forgot all the frustration, gouging, incorrect billing problems and rude customer reps with Bell, Rogers and Telus. And now they think they can win me back with a puny one time credit of $200?? Seriously, go f*** yourselves.

    Wind is not perfect. Far from it. But it will take way more than just $200 credit to make me even consider Big 3 again. That puny offer made me even more loyal to Wind just now. Wow.

  • 2c

    classical example of wind butt hurting b3 with deep penetration.

  • Ryan E

    If you drive out of the WIND zones frequently then this is an awesome deal.

    If you manage to stay within your zones (and thus avoid draining your wallet) then definitely stick with WIND.

    In my case, I have to stay with Koodo. I drive between Burlington and Barrie, and sometimes as far as Parry Sound. And quite often I’ll maintain a phone call for the full drive. I use data a lot while I’m out, too. WIND would completely r@pe me.

  • Jared

    Sad? What the heck are you guys talking about. Its not sad, its business.

    Consumers are who wins in this, you should all be happy that A) Some people are gonna get a sweet deal, $200 bucks to switch to any company aint too shabby
    B) This is actually a sign of respect that the big companies are feeling threatened.

    Most of you freak out about Apple, and love your Androids, and that’s fine, but what you should be happy about is that you have choice. Same applies here.

  • Jon

    Relax people, this just means another WIND promo is around the corner.

    Yeah for competition.

  • new_tradition

    @Koodo offer: Ha ha, NO

  • Slapnuts

    Lol I love how people practically freak out if wind puts an offer up like this but then scoff when a real carrier offers a promo. Are you guys 12 years old or what?

    This is a great deal. People will switch its a reality. Koodo has great coverage and prices. One wind gets to the size of there it’s large enough to truly compete we’ll see if they keep their “great plans”. Remember when Koodo had by the second billing, plans starting at 15 bucks. Ya well look where they are now. It will be the same as wind.

  • aregularonhofo

    Please, don’t make me laugh…the Big Three just like Mobilicity have no respect for their own customers or Wind Mobile. We lose Globealive and we will have no “COMPETITION”. The only thing you’ll get joining Koodo for $200 as a bribe is another nail in the coffin to kill Wind and before they came along there was no “COMPETITION”. Throwing your support to Mobilicity and Public Mobile is also a complete waste, without them Globealive will grow faster and if you want change this is what is needed…even “IF” Wind Mobile becomes like the Big Three they will need to keep their rates lower to succeed and the only way they won’t be bought is if the continue to grow/expand before the Auction. The best thing you can do is support Wind and not those who are acting in desperation. Look at Mobilicity…over a year of lies and no expansion/improvements/etc. Use your head people…support what is right.

    • Big Ang

      I agree that it is because of WInd that the Big 3’s prices have dropped, but it is because of Mobilicity and Public that Wind’s prices are so low. Wind wants to be like the old Fido – part of the Big 3/4 but with slightly better prices. If it wasn’t for Mobilicity and Public, Wind’s plans would still be at $65 or higher. It can be argued that having Mobilicity and Public around is actually beneficial for Wind’s growth, as it can be seen as the “middle choice” between the expensive Robelus and small-time Mobi and Public. And as far as bashing Mobi and Public goes – I’d love to return to Wind, but I have horrible coverage in my home, and it seems that Wind (unlike Mobi) is more interested in expanding to small towns in southern Ontario instead of intensifying their existing coverage in Toronto.

  • Radar

    It seems WIND is getting very very strong! This is desperate move from Koodo. Good job Wind!

  • MattyMattMatt

    It would be worth signing up to wind, just for the credit…

  • Radar

    Btw. Koodo – why are you so scared of Wind and not Telus/ Rogers/ Bell/ Fido/ Virgin/ Mobilicity/ Public? 🙂

  • rick

    I switched from telus (koodo) to wind’s hmp, a few years ago. I figured I saved close to $1000 over 2 years so far.

    I stay in the wind zone about 90% of the time. The other 10%, I’m roaming at 20 cents per minute.

    I know winds customer service sucks and there is a lack of coverage inside some buildings. But the savings more than make up for that.

    • MattyMattMatt

      LMAO. I love how you excuse terrible service and reception because it is cheap. You get what you pay for and I guess if comfort isnt your thing, that cool.

  • John

    The wind demographic is hilarious, ill pay $20 less and it’s worth it because I saved. Try doing that as a business men/women. Those savings mean nothing when you lose a client.

    • Pahech

      The amount of Wind fanboys here are astonishing. I like them around, don’t get me wrong, but talking about how Wind is increasing competition while wishing Mobilicity to fall is pretty hypocritical. If anything, you should wish for both to be healthy companies, because 2 companies that give good value is better than only 1. If anything, I believe Mobilicity’s existence is keeping Wind honest. The wind plans weren’t actually all that cheap on the get go, and it basically wants people to use their “tab” option – 3 year contract in sheep skin.

    • Big Ang

      @ Pahech

      You’re right on the money. When Wind first came out their introductory plans were $65, and I have no doubt they wanted to increase it from there.

      Any fanboy that loves one of the new entrants while bashing the others is a complete hypocrite.

    • GrapeApe

      Exactly. Competition is competition, the more the better.

      Anyone attaching e-motivations and personal feelings to pricing and deals or having many entrants all trying to compete in some fashion should benefit everyone. The only people wishing the other entrants fail are those concerned about their favourite player and hoping for success for themselves by wishing on others failure, which is just a sad way to act.

  • Mobilicity, burn to the ground and don’t expect WIND to rescue you

    It’s funny that Koodo/Telus is aiming for WIND. Mobilicity isn’t worth the hassle to target, I guess.

    Support WIND, and you support competition for Canada. Supporting Mobilicity is throwing your money away, only 5 cities!

    WIND, don’t focus on Mobilicity as a merger target. Keep focused on expanding into other provinces and cities. Mobilicity knows they’ve lost this already, just close up shop and give up Mobilicity!


    @Ted , wind is not for poor people its for people who know how to spend money wisely , dont be mad that ur locked in to a 3 year contract lol.

  • 5Gs

    And for those of you who are rebelus fanboys,, Wind is becoming the competitor now.. Witness is right infront of you 😛

    Go Wind Go!

  • slapnuts2k5

    Seems like WIND is like a cult.. the way you guys talk about it.. It’s our saviour.. haha its a joke

  • workinwireless

    Koodo sucks, but at least you payments go into the Canadian economy, not some other country’s. When we used to sell wind, our rep was shipped over from Egypt, couldn’t even hire someone from Canada.

    • ile2010

      And it always makes me laugh when someone points out that we should be supporting Canadian companies just because they’re Canadian.

      A Canadian company has to be competitive to get my business. Hell, they can even be a bit more expensive, but not by much.

      How many Canadian workers have the Big 3 laid off? When I was with Bell and Rogers, there were times when I was connected to agents outside of Canada. I guess they’re as Canadian as their advertising demands…

  • Bruce

    WIND is our savior…Savior of Money.Waasssuuupp.

  • Gene

    LoL WIND is not even 3 years old. Half a million people in 3 years in any business is great. especially with all the red tape they had to deal with.

    Last check Robellus is up around 9-10 million subs a piece. WIND will be number 4 (CHEAPER) for many many years to come.

    There is no “becoming like the big 3”

  • DrBadass


  • LinLin

    Public Mobile all the way BABY!! oops i mean Wind, Yeah BABY!!

  • Dylan K

    The Wind cult came out as soon as they saw a company targeting them for port overs. They will not be outspoken, apparently.

    When Wind has coverage on the major highways and Northern Ontario then I would consider it. I am not going to roam every day for 45 minutes as I commute and I kinda need a phone in Sudbury/Timmins and beyond. They aren’t the all-in-one answer the cult makes them out to be. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Brad

    Sorry Koodo, but I left you for Wind last month because your plans suck. This promo is not bringing me back!

  • Tom Riddell

    This not a great deal by Koodo

    My wind Service is fine

    Koodo wants to spread that Cread over 10 months..
    20 Bucks a moth is nothing

    My plan with win is 29 and works great

    No thanks Rogers Fido Bell Telus Koodo Virgin
    Wind is way to go for Budget Wireless in Canada

  • VTR1000SP2

    I’ll admit that I looked into this offer as I’d like to switch to an iPhone (from my Lumia 710) but as others have said, unless I get the same plan as I’ve got now, it’s not worth the trouble.

  • ile2010

    Koodo made a mistake by only targeting Wind. Most of us Wind customers are fine where we are. I doubt that they’ll get many to switch,

    The $200 is hardly gonna be money that will reduce the plan prices for a while. At best, it’ll ease the payment of the Wind tab. So, it’s not exactly a deal. Wind’s not been around that long to have many customers with clean tabs.

    If Koodo made this port-in credit carrier-agnostic, I’d be willing to bet that they would have a lot more success.

    But, if you’re not a Wind customer and Wind doesn’t really work for you, here’s a suggestion: go buy a Wind SIM to get a phone number and then port it to Koodo.

  • mike

    Wind: Ultimated calling,texting and data = $40 per month

    Koodo: $40 250 minutes + $5 unlimited texting + $7 voicemail + $15 500mb of data + $10 unlimited incoming calls = $77 per month…

    Yeah, I’ll pass.

  • Bob

    This shows that Koodo and Telus are out of touch with Canadians. We don’t want any stinkin credits, we want reasonable rates.

  • joe

    That’s f*cking b*llsh&t…why didn’t they have this port-in credit before? I switched from Wind to Koodo about a month ago cause Wind’s reception was terrible and their customer service was absolutely brutal. I had an issue with my brand new phone and both customer service and the sales people told me to more or less go f*ck myself. Don’t believe the lies that Wind tells you…just like the Big 3, they just want your money and then don’t give a sh*t about you afterwards.

  • ricky

    currently on wind hmp, looked at this offer because im interested in the iphone. However this is far from convincing. $50 for talk, $5 for texting, $30 for 2 gb data
    even with the discount thats still way more than my wind plan and the worst thing is koodoo will only subsidize the iphone by like $150, meaning over $500 for the iphone at koodoo

  • ricky

    This is what a compareable HMP would cost through koodoo

    $50 Canada wide calling
    $100 10gb data (wind’s soft cap)
    $5 unlimited worldwide texting
    koodoo doesnt offer unlimited United States calling
    but to be able to even dial it’s $2 a month

    = $157/mo

  • Mike

    Koodo needs to up there phone selection.