Roku for Android and iOS adds ‘Play on Roku’ feature, streams photos and music to your TV or stereo


  • Blackberry Sales Guy

    Only fat nerds have android phones :D.

    • S2556

      is this what gets you through the day?

    • pbrbbt

      Fat Android Nerds HAHAHAHA What losers!! HAHA

    • Collin

      Hows sales going for you, sounds like you’ll be unemployed soon. Blackberry is going down faster than your mom on my johnson.

  • montgomery

    The Roku android app still says “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.” (Canada)

    • thepeddle

      NO it doesn’t……are you sure you’re in Canada……

  • Josh

    “…undercuts Apple in price while delivering many of the same features.”

    Nothing new here.

  • Tom

    There is also WD Live, but I don’t think they have apps.

  • coxon

    Blackberry 7.1 also streams photos, music, video via DLNA to the PS3. Goto the media (pics music etc) hit options and scroll down to Media Server and turn on File Sharing. If on the same LAN the Blackberry shows up as a media server on the PS3. Not flaming, not being a fanboy just providing some useful information.