iPhone 5 lineups have started in Canada

Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5 is just around the corner, officially available at 8:00am EST across our fine land tomorrow. Passing by the Apple Store in the Toronto Eaton Centre this morning around 11:00am shows the lineup has started, currently only 1 person, but a lineup nonetheless.

We’re not sure about the 25 other Canadian Apple Stores, but do let us know. You can send up a pic via our Twitter account here.

Update #1: Posted another picture, now around 3pm, of the Toronto flagship store. 3 people are now in line.

Update: #2: Looks like more lineups have started across Canada. Below are images via Twitter and iPhone in Canada that shows Edmonton and Montreal have started.

Update #3: More pics have come in now from across the country. Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa. the lineup in Toronto is about 300 at the Eaton Centre.