Here’s the entire HTC 8X and 8S colour selection – which one do you like best?

Here is the entire suite of colours HTC is offering for the 8X and 8S, announced earlier today. Which one would you choose?

While it’s clear that the 8X (on the right) has an overall better, smoother feel to go along with its premium specs, we were very impressed by the build quality of the 8S. That two-toned colour scheme is going to be pretty irresistible to some people, and though the phone is meant to replace the aging Radar we think it will appeal to users who want to upgrade from higher-end smartphones too. We were quite taken with the black-and-white “Domino” model of the 8S, which will likely be quite popular, alongside the slate grey & blue mode.

The blue 8X looks almost purple depending on the lighting, and was immediately our favourite when we held it. It’s a little disappointing that there is no white version offered, but we think that’s to prevent confusion with the Android-powered One X (at least in terms of marketing). The 8X’s build quality is simply superb, and we’d be happy with any one of them.