Here’s the entire HTC 8X and 8S colour selection – which one do you like best?


  • dc2000

    is that green, or yellow? I can’t decide…

    • GuyInChair

      Which do you like the best??

      Do you like anyone??
      -Nope, they all look cheap. they are low-mid entry in specs, but price them to compete with the HTC One V at $175 and the GS2 and GS2x at $300 and they will sell.

    • GuyInChair

      Nokia and others have tried and have FAILED!!
      90% of the people put COLOURED cases in their phones so wether its metal or colours/ they will be covered!

      Then you have the invariable issue of having colors that sell and the ones that doesn’t, and end up with phones in boxes in warehouses!
      Why not just focus in selling the OS, with the maximum specs and the minimum weight and price??
      That’s what will make people jump into the W8 ecosystem; not colors!!

      But what do I know! after all I am just a guy that will never buy a colored phone! if I want color I will put in a colored case!
      They should release black or CLEAR case-phones and then OEM Cases! that woulde be a better solution!

    • Cody

      It’s called “limelight yellow” so it’s a mix of both but more towards yellow.
      I really like the yellow and b/w 8S, and the 8X all are nice.

    • aliwhatsit


  • jonny

    none, they are all ugly!

    give me those sweet colors on the S3

    • GuyInChair

      Waiting for the GS3 in Red and Brown!

  • Jeff

    I’m going with the good old black 8x.

  • JC

    Black 8x!


    I like the 2 tone better, and is that red or orange?

  • John Bennett


  • COB

    I like the 2 tone black and blue one

  • Tomatoes

    Black 8x if I had no choice. Most likely going with the 920 or Ativ S though.

  • Ben

    violet-blue please.

  • S2556

    2tone black and blue and the flat black

  • ActivesiN

    the 8X black looks nice

  • dc2000

    anyone know if it’s yellow or green thats on the left of each model #?…

  • Miroslav Satan

    During yesterday’s HTC presentation, Steve Ballmer said HTC’s Windows Phones will be considered “signature phones”. Is that mean HTC is deemed to be “the standard”? Where does Nokia stand then?

    • blackprince

      Thats marketing speak

    • Keith

      They are signature phones and although Microsoft cannot officially say it they certainly view these as less capable and desirables than Nokia’s signature phones.

  • blackprince

    Blue 8x

  • Gmoney

    I really like the black and white aka domino, bbit thinking forward, I don’t think I will buying this. No LTE and also, lumia 920 is better imo.

    • Jeff

      8x has LTE, 8s doesn’t.

  • ruddias

    Black and white 8s, black 8x.

  • HerpingTheDerp

    The solid colours are far better than the two-tones. If HTC put as much effort into battery life as they did into styling they wouldn’t get owned by Samsung as much.

  • Keith

    Unless a cyan version comes out I’ll end up with a red Lumai 920 and red 8X is my pick of the bunch here.

  • Rip rim

    Who’s gonna buy a phone that is half neon green half grey?

  • Dman

    There is something retro from that neon yellow. Everything I have is black, but if I was going to go color I’d have to get one as loud as possible. And that one you could see from orbit.

  • Maxime

    I love the orange one. I even prefer this design to the new lumias.

  • Dylan D

    The black is the only appealing colour in my opinion. The other colours are too.. light of a shade, for my taste.

  • Mack

    Would be nice if they had the two-tone black and white available for the 8X.

  • freestaterocker

    I like the two-tone but I don’t want an entry level phone. If the 8x is priced $100 lower than the 920 (outright) I might buy it. Otherwise it’ll be either the red or white 920.

  • montrealer

    Am I the only one who think 8s looks actually better (and more original in term of design as well)?
    I like the lime/grey 8S.

  • P

    Is that orange or red?!?! On their site, it looks red, here it looks orange?!

  • stylinred

    blue or red or the black even

    would be nice if they had a purple

  • migo

    8X: Purplish Blue, 8S: Tie between white/black and blue/black.

    HTC’s yellow is nowhere near as good as Nokia’s.