LG Optimus 4X HD launching in Canada “this fall”


  • tweak

    What can you do with 3 NFC tags?

  • steven schwartz

    With LG’s history of lousy support this is a wait and see.

  • Hinds2009

    Wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole!

  • Faffy

    LG probably won’t even update to Jelly Bean for this, if the Optimus 2X is any indication. Forget it

  • ghart

    No thanks LG, no thanks.

  • John Marshall

    Oh hell yeah!

  • bob

    So this is like the international One X but 6 months late.
    No bad, but not impressive either.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Be careful potential buyers. Unlike apple, LG has a proven track record of mediocre hardware and build quality. And don’t be surprised if they deny you official future android updates.


    • ruddias

      EEK! You spelled Apple without a capital ‘A’! Does that mean you get demoted in your cult?

    • GrapeApe

      Whereas with @pple it’s never been a build-quality / call quality issue, you just need to ‘think different’.. err… ‘hold it different’… with a cool coloured bumper. =;-P

      LG’s issues have tended to be more a problem with OS and UI than hardware. Never had a hardware issue on the ones I had (the IQ was actually fantastic hardware wise) but the software and software support have been tragedies.

      Not that Apple could use a nice refresh in that department either with their old & cluttered OS/UI.

  • Nascar39

    LG & their lousy product support can keep this phone!

  • oh!

    by fall tim this will already be outdated, and outclassed
    (which it already is by the one x, galaxy s3 etc.)
    Also i dont like the build quality and design of this, but thats subjective.

    the thing that makes me eager for fall is the new nexus phone(s) and wp8 release.

  • TouchMyBox

    Not if they’re going to abandon this like they abandoned the still-very-capable O2X.

  • NK

    Won’t touch another Nvidia chipset phone until they start to release their drivers in a more timely fashion.

  • JC Denton

    LG blows. Everytime I see their logo, I see a face filled with quiet anticipation for something that will never arrive with one of it’s eyes punched out. That is basically the way LG treats phone customers when they ask for software support.

  • MR

    Not another 4.5″+ screen!
    I’m really tired of all high end phones being way too big since a year or so. 4″ to 4.4″ would be perfect. I really need to change my old (and rubbish) Milestone, but those new phones are simply to big.

    • D Ly

      You do realize that’s a 4.7 inch screen. LG has some of the nicest displays on the market. But with out support for the device i still wouldn’t touch it.

  • EH

    Maybe if it’s free… on 2 Year contract… Good Mom-phone lol 🙂

  • hoo dat

    Oh goodie! Just in time for the Gingerbread update 😀

  • Miguel

    This is gonna be another O2X debacle, just know it.

  • not-nuclearbroccoli


    LG won’t update their phones – entry or flagship LG abandons their customers.

  • trolling187

    got fooled and got a LG phone once, but i’m not dumb enough to buy another

  • Zohaib

    I’m just absolutely floored that a company like LG isn’t able to figure out what it’s doing wrong when its right smack in front of their face.

    They release a phone with decent enough specs. Customers complain about the lack of support, upgrades etc. Phone doesn’t sell. They decide they must release another phone with better specs even if it means shittier support!

    LG needs to stop throwing out phones and waiting for something to stick. Its not going to happen until they change how they treat their customers and actually provide support after a customer makes a purchase.

    • David

      I own A LG Optimus G2X from Wind Mobile, And never planing to buy another LG Cellphone.

      They sold me a cell=phone dual core, wich are very powerful, but the cell phone didn’t got an update since I bought it almost a year ago, So I still have a Android Froyo 2.2.

      NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • dave

    LG… only the money matters. New phones behind by at least one version of the op system. Never to be updated to even the current one.

    I wonder why people buy.

  • Miknitro

    LG,Ha…Never again.
    I have owned LGs, and though it appeared built well, it was just in appearance(LG IQ).

    Support, they are just horrible at that,I never seen a modern tech company this bad, well with this big of a name internationally.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Oh look… My sgs3 has better specs and it’s coming out 6 months after it… GG LG

  • max

    NO thanks LG!!! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!!!

  • Wesley

    never buying an LG again… had the opt 2x… LG you will go down, cause you have abs no support for your customers. You will continue to lose lots of customers.

  • Ron Mexico

    Gorgeous looking phone, but LG, and lipstick on a pig, is still a pig!

  • Ted Blan

    Phone might be good, but LG is not going to upgrade to latest android OS. The OS will be obsolete in 3 months of this phone being released…No point in getting it. If your going the LG way go samsung, HTC, or some nexus device

    • Laisa

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  • roman20

    Never again LG.
    Not even your microwave ovens.

  • bummy

    Its too bad, cause LG has some very very nice designs. Right up there with Sony.

    Too bad karma says, no support for customers = no support for your brand! Cya!

  • rkarsk

    Optimus 2x owner here. Enough said.

  • ron

    LG makes lousy phones. LG makes lousy fridges. LG makes lousy washers. LG makes lousy dryers. LG makes lousy air conditioners. LG makes lousy vacuum cleaners.

  • Deli

    OMG, their android version support is ridiculous. They keep dangling the carrot but never allow us to bite. NEVER AGAIN, LG.

  • Deli

    Oh, what finished LG with me was when the announced the G2X to be quad-band HSPA, turned out to be NOT TRUE after a week of people wondering WTF is going on.

  • sak500

    Owner and burnt customer of LG mobile. Take my fkn Optimus 3D back you POS company. No support for your flagship 3D phone and 6 months later took out a newer model. The GB upgrade on O3D came 5 months too late and with a nasty bug of ghost calls which you guys patched in another 5 months. Instead of churning out mediocre phones every few months have a fkn heart to support your older products.

    HOPE YOU GO THE NOKIA/RIM way and burn..

  • AdrianF

    LG should stop making phones as they never seem to support them. I was a “proud” owner of the LG Optimus T which *never* saw any firmware or other updates the entire year I owned it even though LG constantly said they’d be updating it to Gingerbread. I ended up running CyanogenMod 7 on it instead but decided I’d *never* buy another LG phone as long they made them.

  • Miknitro

    Hardly anyone here singing praise for LG.

    You made your bed LG, now you get to sleep in it, lazy greedy bastards.

  • mehmeh

    “LG Optimus 4X HD laun… ” *CLOSES TAB*

  • mike

    To anyone who reads this. Do not buy LG. This is the same move they did with the optimus2x/g2x. They give good specs. Nice looks. But will never update you and will lie over and over

  • nely

    the way LG engineers build their phone:
    – So what do phones have these days?
    -Quad Core
    alright, let’s call it a day.

    • Ryszard

      Wow that is really so cool lkooing! I have a bunch of those balls in my basement tooo! I think I’ll give this a try!! BTW I love the name of your blog! I’ve always called my own personal style Cottage Country Shabby Chic!

  • etthy

    Seen sum chick on the train with this phone inbtoronto, asked her about it she saif her husbandbgotbit for her from work :s. Looks awesome but with a case it looks.like a white iPhone.

  • etthy

    Stupid keyboard…excuse the spelling errors.

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