Facebook updates Messenger for Android with text message abilities for some phones, main Android and iOS apps also updated


  • Chris

    The update made this app incompatible with my TF101. Sideload time

  • DrugStoreCowboy

    It’s nice to see that Facebook is doing this, but I do hope that they will show a similar commitment to Windows Phone and BlackBerry. There are still more than enough users on those phones as well.

  • Brian

    RIM develops their own version of Facebook app, which explains why it’s so behind Facebook on other platforms.

    • DrugStoreCowboy

      Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about that. In RIM’s App world, it does specifcally say that it is provided by RIM. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • no man i used it on 9900 (os7), it was fantastic! i now have gs3 and its not much different. :/ oh and android got multi picture upload just now, bb had for so long!

  • David

    From what my friends have shown me. The integration is much better on a blackberry and it seems like Facebook is trying to achieve that one inbox feature bb uses have always had

  • Jillian Aguila

    hi po