Asus to announced PadFone 2 at event in Taipei on October 16th


  • Mike

    Shut up and take my money! (If the tab portion works well)

  • Silvio Berlusconi

    Forza Italia

  • Sean

    I really wish something like this becomes standardized so then companies can make phones (or wifi devices) that you can plug into a tablet of your choice (size, screen res, etc)

    One device that you can seriously use for everything

    • jPhoneUser

      but unfortunately we have way too many greedy oem who will build “custom rom” , “custom docks” . i for one personally feel that this is the way how the industry should move. Tablets tat will allow any phone to be docked. I am ready to pay upto 900$ for the phone/tablet/keypad.

  • Henaway

    I wanted to see the original in action … did they even reach Canada? Given Asus’s reputation, and my own experience with the Transformer (TF101), I would have NO qualms about something like the PadFone. It would be perfect for those times when the phone screen is just too small … and if the tablet dock charges the phone when it’s hooked up, bonus. And if they have a keyboard dock like the Transformers with yet MORE battery power? STFU and take my money!

  • Kamil Zambrzycki

    Asus is an amazing hardware vendor although they are heavily inspired by apple in some of their designs, they do android right asus please come out with this and make it 4.3in screen with at least 720p! Hell I’ll buy 4 of the complete package one for me, one for gf, one for sis, one for mom

  • AP

    The original Padfone saw a limited release only in Asia. ASUS didn’t include support for North American cellular bands.
    I agree that this is an excellent idea though. If they can nail certain aspects of it:
    Phone should be 4.3-4.7 inches, 720p screen, good quality camera, LTE support.
    Tablet-station should have a 1080p screen, bonus for USB/SD/HDMI ports
    ASUS usually uses a minimally skinned version of Android. Close-to-stock JellyBean would be awesome.
    GOOD BUILD QUALITY: While the TF101 was built well, the TF201/300/700 had many QC issues. Clicking cameras, improperly glued glass on the screen, wifi issues, terrible I/O due to old-kernel/low grade memory.

    I’d jump on this if they got it all right. So much better to have all your media consolidated on your phone, with the tablet just acting as a larger screen and battery for your phone. Loved that about the original Padfone

  • superfly

    Just make a 5.7 inch phone. Note competitor

  • BoothGuru

    asusamazingly crazy amazing!!! skywalker PADphone light sword!!

  • duw

    Let see if they will do quadband 3G this time. It’s sad to see a dualband flagship in 2012.

  • sak500

    With history of their crappy PDAs i doubt this will be any good.

  • AP

    A leaked photo on Engadget suggests that the they nailed the specs on the phone part! Pentaband HSPA as well as LTE. Now its just the tablet portion and build quality

  • bulletwithbatwings

    This NEEDS to come to Rogers