Virgin releases a $30/month 6GB data add-on


  • Bob

    Love you virgin baby!!!!

    • Wilborn

      still expensive. add this to an existing base plan and you are still over $60.


  • InfinitiGuy

    The other carriers will be offering this in 3, 2, 1 ….

  • steve

    WIND Holiday Miracle Plan…. like 2 years old… $40 unlimited everything!!!!! LOL

    • serpico

      Wind has 40 CAD – Unlimited … limited by the spotty coverage actually .

    • aliwhatsit

      Fido < Virgin < Koodo

      Koodo is the only provider starting to release plans with nationwide minutes. Finally ending the arcane Bu11sh1t long-distance system used in canada.

  • Scotiaman

    May the competitive market start

  • Oscar

    Got excited cuz I thought it was a $30 plan. Still decent considering it is 6GB, but I personally try to keep my bill under the $50 mark, which would make it hard to include this.

  • Bob C

    The only problem is that wind sucks in E town!

  • Slype

    6GB plan for 30/month?! Wow, completely unheard of! Virgin you are setting the bar so high for your competitiveness!


  • FYI

    Virgin has always offered 6 GB/$30 through their Solutions department. If you miss this “promo”, call them up and ask to cancel your service and you’ll be transferred to a person who can add this data plan for you.

  • Beso

    Koodo is just around the corner …. lol 😀

    and then Fido in like 134608 years later …. 😛

    • François Lehoux

      I just bought 6g/30$ from fido, 3 days ago. :O

  • Plan Shopper

    The plan I want – $35 unlimited incoming + 6gb data – now available
    The carrier I want it on – now available
    The phone I want – Samsung Note 2 – not available!!

    SOOOOOO close. LOL

    • ToniCipriani

      Hi SAM…

    • Plan Shopper

      @ToniCipriani ummm…not SAM.

  • Zeake

    Mobilicity: $25 ALL in plan BTS.
    -$2 discount for using credit card to pay.

    Evey month with tax in comes to $28 and change lol….

    Love you mobi.

    I am FINALLY happy with with my phone company. I dont need anything else I have it all.

  • Kid.Canada

    Please for once let’s not complain about a decent plan because I’m sure you’d much rather pay $30 for 6GBP instead of 1GB…

  • Kid.Canada


  • Rio

    Not just need confirmation if this will trigger a full subsidy

  • Scam Artist

    @Rio I can confirm that you do NOT get the data subsidy.

    C’mon Virgin are you serious??? How can you offer 6GB of data and not get a full subsidy on the phone. Might aswell go to Telus and take any 50$ plan data or not and get a full subsidy. What a joke.

    • Rio

      That is just ridiculous.

      Why would they not? So that means in order for me to do this I would have to take a 50$ plan and add 30$ to that.

      I am glad I still have my plan with bell. 25$ voice plan with 30$ for 6GB data. All I ever need 🙂

  • Josh L

    Videotron has had this for at least 6 months if not longer. and their overage is only 15 cents a megabyte

  • Brayden

    Josh you know 15 cents per megabyte is over $150/gb right?

  • Dylan

    I really do enjoy the feeling of not giving a f*ck about what any of the big 3 and their sub-brands are offering, and then not running around like a headless chicken, trying to “score” the “best” deal, or humiliating myself by begging retentions to do me a “favor”, because I am a “loyal” customer.

    Oh freedom, how I adore thee!
    Wind customer for 2 years.
    Holiday Miracle Plan.


  • MattyMattMatt

    LOL at the mobilicity/wind trolls. Look, its great that you are happy with no coverage, most of us are not. THE REAL QUESTION is why you need to thrust this on to us, constantly. As for this add-on, I wonder if it will give you device subsidy. Current data add ons for the voice plans do not.

  • al

    I’d love to use wind but unfortunately no coverage where I live. If they can get the coverage up then I’d consider them

  • Puff

    I live in Edmonton and Wind is a beauty. a few of my in-laws switched and they are also loving it.

  • TK C.

    spoke to the rep, even 30/6gb data add on just released, it doesn’t mean its eligible for iPhone 5 purchase. If you want an iPhone 5, only way is to get an combo plan from virginmobile~ so whoever wants cheaper monthly plan + iphone 5 + 6gb data, not a chance!

  • Sarrah

    Thing that sucks is with Virgin, you can’t take a 35$ plan and add on data and still get your iphone or smartphone for a decent price; ex: iphone 179?/3yr regular data plan BUT 479$/3yr voice + data add on. doesn’t make sense. So you can add-on 30$/6gb but can’t take advantage of a good reduction on a smartphone.. :/

    • Aaron

      There’s something I’ve always wondered about this. The subsidy is triggered when you first purchase the phone. However, you’re allowed to change your plan once per month without a fee. Let’s say I buy an iPhone 5 with one of their combo plans (say $50) and get the subsidy. Then, the next time they’re offering some sort of promotional plan, am I allowed to change to that plan? That might be a decent workaround for this issue.

  • Falco

    you new entrants people don’t seem to realize you are being ripped off unless you are happy never leaving your back yard. With the established carriers, you know you’ve got good reception in Mississsuga or Magnetawan and at reasonable cost, in my case, with Fido for 5 years and with fantastic customer service. One dropped call in all that time is pretty good, I’d say.

    • ArgosFan

      I am all over the GTA, and sometimes travel to Kitchener-Waterloo. The short distance between Milton and Cambridge is the only place that I have to roam, if I need to, at 20 cents a minute. And even this area will be covered within, I’d say, 2 years. I can wait, trust me.

      So let’s see. I have unlimited voice, text, and 5GB of data for $35 a month, and it works in 99.9% percent of places that I visit. Yup, I think I’ll stick to it.

      But I do agree, if you travel outside of major urban centres frequently, then switching to Koodo’s Canada-wide plan is a way to go. Fido is not the best option feature- and money-wise, by the way.

  • crunch204

    @Sarrah yes virgin’s subsidy math is terrible…its probably the worst idea they’ve ever had and makes it totally confusing for customers

  • John

    Some people are reading this wrong i believe. It’s not a 6gb plan for 30 bucks, its adding 6gb to your existing plan will cost you an additional 30 dollars.

  • derek

    does anyone have the link for this? the rep on the phone couldn’t find this deal.

  • Nexxzen

    If you live in the GTA and signing a contract, you must be balling. $29 plan at wind is the way to go. Coverage will only get better.

  • Boggins

    Has this deal been confirmed as active? Has anyone been able to add this to their plan? I can’t seem to get anyone at Virgin to confirm this report

    • derek

      I am getting the same thing… no acknowledgement on the phones

    • Boggins

      Ok. I spoke to another CSR just now. He didn’t actually get the email, but his manager did. It’s not on their website because it hasn’t been updated. BUT, it’s on their internal offers system. I am now subscribed to the $30 add-on, on top of my $20 choice plan.

      If you don’t get a CSR rep that is aware of the offer, politely ask them to talk to their manager. My CSR did that and he was told it’s OK to change my plan.

  • Bob

    Videotron offer 6gb for 15$. Stop ripping off people VIRGIN!!!

  • Cyrano

    can’t they just make this a standard? im tired of seeing this 6g/30 every month or so

  • EIPI

    Added this to my 25 talk and text plan last night. They said it overrides the included ‘pay per use data’. I also kept my BYOD $5 discount!