Xperia mini pro, pro & S upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich now available


  • Timothy Friesen

    Is there a listing of changes somewhere? I stayed away from the previous ICS update because of the poor battery life and the notification issues. I’m interested in knowing if any of the issues with the previous update have been addressed.

  • Ron

    Doesn’t seem to be out yet. PC companion says my phone is up to date D:

  • worksinwireless

    Just got it on my pro. just waiting for phone to start up

  • aman bassi

    im having trouble preparing my phone for the update, its just not working!

    • Daniel Bryan

      An android phone not working!?! you dont say…

  • aman bassi

    its working lol

  • hs

    I can’e believe they did not have the update for the Xperia ION (Sony’s first LTE handset). Very very disappointed.

    • Eluder

      Don’t be too disappointed, after all, it’s Sony’s latest device, yes, it should have launched with ICS, so I’m dumbfounded Sony didn’t come out with it, but it makes sense that the other, older devices have ICS first, they’ve had more time to work on the updates for the older devices.

  • Nabil Siddiqui

    loving it … this better than GB … ICS rocks !!!

  • worksinwireless

    Have to say, I like it. Phone is responding faster, Apps don’t use up much RAM. Feels good

  • jimybin

    Loving ICS on my Xperia S!

  • Kam

    Anyone got ICS update for Rogers Xperia Mini Pro? It didn’t show up on mine late last night.

  • Phil R

    My Xperia pro is very grateful to host this wonderful ICS upgrade! Its beautiful! And smooth!

    I would have loved to have the chance to put the original ICS theme, though. I love what Sony gave us, but noting beats the original UI.

  • ginos

    bein waiting for this update since they announced it and just got an iphone lastnight

  • brian h

    the upgrade work perfectly and I have noticed mostly and improved dial pad and main email service seem bit cleaner. I notice one app I use often is little slower but it working. The screen also seem clearer is that possible I’m a Sony pro user .

  • Rich

    Hi everyone. I am based in the UK with an unbranded Xperia mini pro. Been trying pc companion for weeks to get ICS update but it says software is the latest version but running 2.3.4. Can anyone help? thanks

  • ek.chuan

    Hi! Do you know when is coming out ic to xperia pro in Mexico??