Update: WIND Mobile releases the HTC One S and BlackBerry Bold 9900 in White


  • TestMe

    I only came here for two reasons..IIIIIII can’t lie…I only came for the bitches and the drinks

    • 9900Balloons

      The One yr olde- BB9900 for $550 the day before they announce the iPhone 5??

      LOL with FAIL and Fries on the side!!

      People can’t sell them Brand new in box in Kijiji for $300!!
      The right price for the 9900 right now is no more than $300.

      Koodo has the Samsung Galaxy S2x for $300
      Virgin has the Samsung Galaxy International for $300
      With Jelly Bean coming up in November or sooner.
      And Wind has the 13month-olde 9900 for $550, with no chance to upgrade to BB10??

  • theshocka

    Is this an insult for those people who bought the Razr V for that price

  • I LIke HTC

    I like HTC but $299 on Wind40 is a fail.

    Pricing at the Big 3 is significantly cheaper.

    • Ron

      … and monthly rates are significantly more expensive with the Big3, while artificial limits are placed on everything else, unless you want to pay up even more.

  • serpico

    Nice devices but … too bad you cannot fully use them in Wind’s spotty already covered areas , like Calgary .

    • sam

      I have no idea where you live in Calgary but I get coverage everywhere, except for the core shopping centre in downtown. Troll harder next time.

    • JohnnyTank

      @serpico Was your statement based on your current, personal experience, or on a he-said-she-said rumour buffoonery?

      I am in Calgary, and have been using wind for almost 2 years, and it has been improving non-stop. This is my primary line now.

  • I LIke HTC

    my bad its 99 on wind40

  • Joseph

    WaSTE OF $$$ … with their poor data speed there is nothing really to do with expensive smartphone…

    That is my opinion, I am wind mobile happy customer.

    it takes forever to send A MMS and download something heavy.

    • hoo dat

      I’m normally quite critical of WIND and quite frnakly they deserve it but data speed has not been an issue for me. I’ve noticed an incredible improvement in speeds in the last year to 18 months in Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto and Scarborough, my usual business and personal haunts. KW, Gualph and Cambridge have always been strong.

      For example; I connect through my tablet with my phone’s hotspot and Speedtest is consistently showing 4-5MB/s. My laptop sits between 6-8. Internal tests of my phone are between 5.5-8, more than reasonable.

      For most other issues I’d be right along side you, but for data I honestly thing WIND’s doing pretty well.

    • hoo dat

      Dear, lovely, wonderful Kris,

      I have posted a Speedtest result for you, it’s awaiting moderation at the moment. Please be patient because I’m sure you’ll find the result interesting.

      Hugs and kisses,

      Hoo Dat

  • Carlos Fabregas

    I think it’s just the area you’re in, I get 6-10mbps on my galaxy S3 with Wind

  • dv

    Why is the bold 9900 still priced at $549?

    • hoo dat

      Because much to your chagrin it’s actually selling.

    • Martin

      Because they need to price it competitively against the Galaxy S3!

  • zzZZzz

    @dv because that’s the price RIM sells it at (more or less).

  • All I do is Wind!

    Good phone at a competitive price, keep em coming Wind!

  • Bubbles

    Cool beans – $99 HTC ONE S nice.

  • aregularonhofo

    Great to see se Wind Moile detroying Mobilicity, regardless what the trolls say data speeds are now perfect in all locations in Ontario since I travel often and these new phones will help a lot considering the service is improving everyday…time to make the switch now to Wind and support the best new entrant. Mobilicity and Public Mobile are a joke and itès time people see this.

    • Publix

      At least Public has a music service and Niagara coverage.

  • steven schwartz

    And some people still complain Wind has lousy phones! Now they just need a couple of more affordable mid range android phones and they will have everyone covered. Network has gotten so, so much better, customer service over the phone is still hit or miss nightmare time though.

  • serpico

    @Sam – I live in SW Calgary and the quadrant is very spotty . I work in downtown an in the office I have signal but when I go on 7th Avenue the signal is weak .

    I am not a troll . This is the reality , sorry .

  • serpico

    @ Johnny Thank – what I said is based on my personal experience . I am with Wind since May 2011 . In the south part of the city , I was not able to see too much improvement .

    Even in downtown Calgary , the coverage is spotty .

  • Airbus the 3 Amigos

    Thanks for an amazing 2012 line-up! Keep them good phones choices coming. I’m loving my new NG phone! That HTC will be phenomenal too! You rock my world!

  • radar

    Mobilicity and Public are really so bad – dont block the Canadian wireless market guys!

  • Carlos Fabregas

    For those of you who voted down my comment search l33ttechreviewer on YouTube, go to my channel and check my speed tests.

  • Huh

    Who cares! Rim needs to either release bb10 and pray for a miracle or just roll over and die so someone can buy them out. Releasing BB9900 in white is not why people have been waiting for.

  • LDR

    Bought the Nexus. 4 months later, I had to charge it every 6 hours even without talking, no kidding. When I spoke with the sales rep, he said that this is the normal for this phone, and the first 4 months were abnormal.

    • Jackson51

      All android phones need to clear their running processes occasionally. Go to manage apps, running, select apps & stop them one at a time. One of those bisers is causing you battery woes. Restarting the phone once every couple of months is also advised.

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