Some Galaxy Nexus users receiving update to Android 4.0.2, wonder where their Jelly Beans are hiding


  • Vengefulspirit99

    this is how the carriers shaft you… By not giving updates and forcing users who want the latest version to buy a new phone

    • Hub

      Sorry, but Google failed on that one by letting carriers do that.

      (yes, never buy your phone from a carrier. People never understand)

    • Steve

      Yeah it would be nice if Google put their foot down and didn’t let Samsung or whichever company put an ever-so-slightly tweaked ROM on some of the phones.

    • Me Ted

      Except you’re wrong. Download the official images from Google and do it yourself. It takes all of about 30 mins.

  • Steve

    This makes me sad. I love my Galaxy Nexus but I switched my ROM to yakju days after I bought it. To see how long I would have had to wait for Jelly Bean is just sickening. I don’t see a reason for it. Stock Jelly Bean ran AMAZING on my phone, although I’m using a CyanogenMod 10 nightly now.

  • Mark

    If you get the update, please help others – find the url of the zip file or even just the zip file name itself in /cache and post it here.

  • cybik

    Actually, the Jellybean update might require a different bootloader/recovery that might be included with the 4.0.2 update. Which means rollout might start as soon as next week.

  • Dan Scott

    Hey Daniel, remember when we were talking about this very issue over breakfast at IO and you were sure that yakjuux _was_ getting updates?

    Heh… I’m so glad I cut over to the yakju ROM early on 🙂

  • Bob

    Happened to me a few minutes ago. Now at 4.0.2. Very strange.

  • Ron Mexico

    All Galaxy Nexus takju and yakju are handled by Google directly, all others are left to Samsung to do with how they wish.

    Samsung just wants to make sure their flagship (GS3) gets Jelly Bean before the Nexus to build up their own rep at the cost of the Nexus name being tarnished. I’m disgusted Google is doing nothing about it.

  • matt

    Just flash you device!

  • dbzero

    Just updated to 4.02 on Telus. Pretty disappointed in the speed a which this google phone gets updated. Was the whole reason I bought it.

  • Oto

    Been stuck @ 4.0.2 since I got my phone back in Jan.

    Camera crashes the phone, email app doesn’t send emails on exchange, random phone crashes.

    It’s a work phone so I can’t root it to fix the issues.

    • dstruct2k

      It’s a work phone that you can’t even send email from. Flash the damn thing.

  • {JPM}

    Confirmed 4.0.2 on Fido in Toronto

  • Daniel

    I got my Galaxy Nexus from Virgin Mobile expecting it to be up-to-the-minute updates as I THOUGHT it was the stock device, wonderful to find out now it isn’t. Looks like I’m going to have to wipe and replace it with yakju to get anywhere especially as there are bugs with the text entry that are pissing me off and aren’t getting fixed.

  • Mark

    This is actually a very promising development. ICS/JB had an update pattern that was tested and consistently followed – 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 to 4.0.4, then 4.1.1. IF this is the necessary sequence to reach JB then they’d have to bring everyone up to date. It would also prevent them from having to do twice as much testing to update two different version to 4.0.4 (ITL41F to IMM76I *and* ICL53F to IMM76I)

  • Jcanada

    The whole reason I bought my Galaxy Nexus ( Bell ) and switched from my Iphone was because this was suppose to be this most Up to Date Android phone. This hasn’t been the case, and I’ll probably not buy another Android device because of it.

    • Fandroid

      It’s hard to admit it, but while we’re all bashing Apple for the way they want to control everything (even with OS updates), the Apple way of updating OS on their devices is the best way…

      If you had been praising and pushing Nexus devices because they get ‘pure’ Android and get latest and greatest official updates sooner because it comes direct from Google, then that’s the closest equivalent of the Apple process done in the Android universe…

  • Freddy-T

    I’m now glad I didn’t upgrade when I had the chance – I have the Nexus S (Telus), and have been on Jelly Bean for a while now!

  • havy

    I ended up flashing to 4.1.1
    I call BS on the modem changes bcs what if you’re roaming in the US…
    I blame Google for this, they were supposed to keep a handle on Nexus phones.

    • Mark

      You can call BS, but you’d be wrong. Yakju and Yakjuux GSM Gnex devices have all had different radio basebands. UGLA4, UGLC1, etc in Canada, XXKL1, XXLA2, etc in the US. They’ll still work if you travel, but they are taylored to work on the technologies that carriers in the user’s home country employ.

    • Eric

      I flashed a takju version and noticed overall better signal despite having a US radio baseband…

    • Mark

      @Eric – Yeah, the stock yakju radio was working great for me too. But I recently tried a leaked Canadian radio, UGLH1, from XDA that actually gives me slightly faster speed test results.

  • Eric

    glad I just manually flashed JB on my nexus. it was so annoying being stuck on 4.0.1 for so long. JB is a huge performance improvement over ICS

  • Upset

    I’ll be extremely upset if the Samsung Galaxy S III gets Jelly bean before the nexus.

    We should seriously file a lawsuit…

  • Sean

    Also Daniel one other thing of note is 4.0.1 was released in October 2011 not December 2011

  • Henry

    People I still think this is the best phone out in the market at this time. I am just glad to have gotten my update to this as of right now and hopefully soon enough we will get to jelly bean.

  • PAFaieta

    Just got the 4.0.2 update on Rogers. II got excited initially when there was a system update, but when i saw it was only 4.0.2 it got me a little down… 4.1 has been out for a while, and Developer phones [should] get the first bast of updates, especially since I’m equipped to develop Android apps, and have the 4.1 SDK.

  • meow meow

    I am mildly disappointed,like Henry says it is a amazing phone

    I am surprised this thread hasn’t been attacked by iOS or webOS trolls yet!!

  • bobfreeze

    Wow. My Wind Nexus S was updated to Jelly Bean mid-July, so I just assumed the Nexus being the newer, bigger, better device was updated as well…

  • David Canton

    Just got my 4.02 update on Rogers as well. I too find the lack of JellyBean frustrating, as one of the reasons I chose the Galaxy Nexus was to have the pure Android experience, unencumbered by carrier tweaks and control. Hopefully it will come soon.

  • Bitch

    Fido commented on a post in their Facebook page yesterday that Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Nexus would come in Mid-September.

    • Mike

      Thanks for posting. Good to know it is in the pipe even though I’m Telus.

  • mattprime86

    All the talk about people buying the nexus instead of (insert phone here) because of instant updates…lol! Kicking your own a*s now, eh?

  • nexus s

    I got jelly bean update on nexus s 1 month ago. Bought galaxy s2x from koodo and its running ice. They need to do a better job in updating software, not everyone knows how to root their phones.

  • Ovidiu Taras

    My Galaxy Nexus just got the 4.0.2 update this morning. Still waiting for JB…I’m on Bell.

  • Tony

    I just received my update to 4.0.2 from Bell. I’ve hesitated going to a Jelly Bean download because I’ve heard that Flash is not supported in 4.1. Anyone have any experience with Flash (or, lack thereof) on Jelly Bean?

    • 6billiondollarman

      it may not be supported but it works.

  • dubs

    Flashing your phone is easy! Download WugFresh toolkit. It takes all of the guesswork out of it. I flashed to yakju months ago and updated to jellybean the first or second day it was out.

    • DARwin

      Okay dubs, seems easy enough I ran the toolkit…now what? Sorry I’m a super noob I guess. Ran the unlock and root, still shows I’m at 4.0.2. I was hoping to get OTA updates from this, was I mistaken?

    • haxor99

      Finally moved to Jelly Bean thanks to WugFresh!

    • Jer

      But I’m a total noob! I’m scared I’ll lose all my apps/games, or screw my phones software! Is there any video that shows us step by step what to do!?

  • Davey Bates

    It does require a different loader.
    I tried to update and lost my mobilicity data.
    So no phone service.

    Attempted to fix and it blanked out the phone.

    Now no phone service or android system.

    No solution found to it on w week now.

  • Jeff

    Just received 4.0.2 on Telus in BC Canada 10 minutes ago

  • Nik

    posted this in an older thread but i think i missed the boat on comments because it was already abandoned by then.

    Thought this was interesting… I recently sent my GF’s GNex in for screen repair to a Bell authorized repair shop. The device had samsung yakjuux 4.0.1 on it when i sent it in. I received the device back on Tueday… with samsung yakjuux 4.1.1 on it.

    So now my GF has a Bell GNex with 4.1.1. while my Bell GNex is stuck on 4.0.1.


    • Mark

      I’m guessing that is your nandroid on xda. Thanks for posting, I’m loving the new radio!

  • Regis

    I’m on Videotron and just finalize the update to…… 4.0.2 🙁

    As Ovidiu, I’m still waiting for JB

  • @ticketpickett

    I just switched my phone to be takju about a month ago and then updated it directly from Google.

  • Jamma45

    People just update your phones to yakju it’s easy just go to youtube and they have step by step videos.

    • Jer

      Please post the ling! Do you lose your apps when u do this switch?

  • Dylan K

    Unless you just read as far as “4.0.2” the article states that this is probably Samsung’s fault. Yes, there is carrier bloat installed but that takes weeks, not months. I’m glad I picked up a HTC EVO3D, came out months before the Nexus and I’m at least rolling in 4.0.3. Don’t expect a Jelly Bean update, though.

  • haxor99

    Hopefully we move to 4.0.4 by the end of the month, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen this year.

  • Varroa

    4.0.1 was horrible on my Bell Nexus so I flashed to yakju and got Jelly bean when it came out and it is great! Just flash yours and be done with it. Also, Adobe flash still works on my phone (you have to have it installed prier to upgrading to 4.1.1 so it must be installed on 4.0.4 or lower first).

  • haxor99

    For the record, I LOVE my Nexus and am very happy with the phone, ICS or Jelly Bean!

    Once the Nexus 2 comes out it will be very hard to resist.

  • kroms

    I love my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, BUT I will NOT EVER buy one from ROGERS again.
    I had to ROOT my Nexus and install Jelly bean. While this was no problem and I have noticed MAJOR improvements on my phone with just about everything , I am VERY mad and dissapointed at Robbers/rogers and a little at GOOGLE for pulling this s**t.
    My NEXT Nexus will be purchased Online from the GOOGLE Store Directly. PERIOD !

  • Netguru

    If anyone wants to go this route, they would be better off using the link I cited above as this will provide them with the “official” Samsung Canada version – yakjuux JRO03C + new UGLH1 radio, that was installed on a Galaxy Nexus by Samsung’s authorized service centre.

  • kroms

    DO NOT BUY Rogers phones. Period !

    Stay away from Rogers/Fido.

    DO a little research from the many posts here and or on the web and you can ROOT your Galaxy Nexus EASY !! and it will be even MORE amazing.

    Google should put HAMMER down on Carriers with the NEXT phone and end this BS.

  • serpico

    Very disappointed . Wind Mobile – 4.0.2

  • jonathan

    Ya 4.0.2 really guys nothing like showing a jar of jelly beans and spitting in are faces and saying no you can have any take this update instead.get to it 4.1 pls me and many other are probably even more pissed then before

  • iPhoneFTW

    at least i know my iphone will get iOS 6 the day it comes out 😀

  • SeanC

    On rogers… nexus. No updates. As of this moment still on 4.0.1
    I do love my nexus, but I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been waiting for JB since it was ‘deployed’ in July. Rogers is little help. I’m a bit frustrated. sure, I can root / mod the phone to get it, I just don’t think I should have to. Regardless of whether it’s samsung or rogers holding things up, I do put A little blame on Google. They should manage this much better.

  • ElNad

    3 words: Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. Just update by yourself. Not that hard if you follow some tutorial and the Nexus works SO great with Jelly Bean!!!!

  • Nik

    Whoooohoooooooooo 4.0.2!!

    Only 10 months after release and 2-3 versions behind the latest operating system.

    Thanks Samsung, thanks Google, I’m loving the experience of having THE MOST UP TO DATE SOFTWARE FROM GOOGLE.

  • RG

    I just downloaded the takju build from google directly and installed it. Problem solved 🙂

  • rookie

    I have used wugfresh and it does work like charm . Easy as heaven.

  • GNexUser

    I flashed to Jakju a couple days before JellyBean was released on that stream and the difference has been night and day since then.

    Good to FINALLY see an update trickle out, too bad it’s the 5 month old 4.0.2, which is awful turnaround for a supposed Nexus phone.

    However it may be a necessary first update if the rumours of the update process being broken for yakjuux had any truth to them.

    Samsung and Google have dropped the ball on this whole update process for the past NINE months, but it will be interesting to see how long it takes our GNexes to reach 4.1.1 from 4.0.2. And then how much longer it takes them to reach the first post-4.1.1 update after it reaches the yakju/takju streams first.

    • GNexUser

      My mistake 4.0.2 is NINE MONTHS old

  • Kashtin

    That is why carriers piss me off. As soon as I got my Gnex, I was extremely disappointed. Oh well, unlocked, rooted, and flashed Takju. 5 minutes later, got Jelly bean. And Google wallet.

  • Devin

    I hope ‘someone’ who has the power to give us Jellybean does see this. I live on the boarder to the US. It pains me to know that less than a kilometer away there are people enjoying Jellybean and I’m stuck just getting 4.0.2 today….


    I’m amazed to see that so many people haven’t flashed to yakju, given that jb was released 2 months ago… People say they got this phone to get fast updates and now they’re disappointed because it’s taking too long for Samsung to release it… You guys sure are patient, cause I sure as hell wouldn’t still be waiting for this update given that it breathes new life into this phone and this can be solved with a few easy steps to get to yakju.

  • Ryab

    Remember that 4.0.2, breaks your NFC though. (well disables its option)

  • Fred

    Is there any disadvantage with buying a GNex direct from the US Play store? I’m thinking about doing this but don’t know if there are any consequences. Please excuse my ignorance 🙂

    • fnair

      There’s no real reason to do it afaik… Price maybe if you are going to the states and you can pick it up there, but if you have import it, you’ll probably end up paying more and if you get a GN from any of the Canadian carriers, you just unlock the bootloader and flash the Yakju (or Takju, which is the US version with Google Wallet) rom from Google’s website you’ll end up the SAME phone as the one you’d get direct from Google.

    • Fred

      Yeah I know someone who will be coming here soon and could bring it over for me so I would get it for $350 + any shipping costs to him. I was just wondering if there are any comparability since someone earlier was saying that they used different radios or something in the US version. Thanks for the reply.

  • Steve Dion

    Ahahhahaa, Android sucks period. This is a joke. So glad i sold me GN bought through bell.

  • meow meow

    I sure hop mobilesyrup can help us GNex users. I tried to phone Samsung,they seem clueless!!

  • meow meow

    HOPE. Spell check is off. Entering Spanish words with English spell check no work

  • Teddy

    I’m surprised at the number of responses suggesting flashing your Nexus. The whole point of buying a Nexus phone is to get updates!!

    The next thing that always surprises me is hearing that you should never buy a phone from a carrier. Where can I walk into a store and buy one? I can make an exception for the source, Google, but they don’t sell them to us in Canada.

    • Mark

      Agreed Teddy – the Nexus *should* be the one Android device that you don’t need to hack to stay up to date. It just isn’t working out that way. I promise if you switch to yakju you won’t regret it. I had Jelly Bean the day it was out, and it is a sweet ride.

  • Mark

    BTW, I’m reading that this update also breaks NFC just like the original 4.0.2 yakjuux update in February. This leads me to suspect that 4.0.4 update will follow once everyone is on the same version, and hopefully it will fix NFC and lead the way to Jelly Bean.

  • eric

    Well that is kind of a useless reply isn’t it. They may as well have just told us all to flash. Passing the buck. Grr should support it I cant fathom why they dont.

  • Stephane

    Paid a guy 30$ to flash ny GN to yakju. Now on 4.1.1 and worth every penny. Just like having anew phone since i’m onjelly bean.

  • realitycheck

    LOL. This is just proof that Google and Samsung really don’t care about you fandroids. To them you’re not loyal customers, you’re just numbers and ad revenue.

    Google is guilty for allowing Samsung to do this. Samsung is guilty for being douchebags. This is just another one of many Samsung douchebag moves.

    • realitycheck

      Oh and I’ll tell you where the Jelly Beans are hiding, some fat Korean executives are busy laughing at you fandroids and eating all the jelly beans.

  • Tosh

    I waited for a long time to get jelly bean but recently I gave up and went to paranoidandroid. WOW! I found a whole new world of customization and the xda forum. It was so easy to do with the toolkit I was upset for not doing it months ago.

  • DARwin

    I found wugfresh easier to follow (less scary), If you want to learn more about how things work go for XDA.

  • Jer

    Still waiting also. I dont know how to root and im scared to screw the software. I hate Samsung right now, they are so slow.

    Anyone can recommend an easy youtube video that shows how to switch to that other model, that will update directly from google?

    Thank you.

  • Yeria

    Seriously people, Flash yakju or takju. It takes 30 mins of your time even if you’re an absolute n00b.

    With yakju, I received my JB update in July. I’ve been running JB for full two months now.

  • Jason

    Just got 4.02 a couple minutes ago on Fido. Don’t notice anything different , also What are the risks to manually updating it to JB yourself?

  • jean

    Hi there !

    So this update do the same thing the other done in feb ? By that i mean disable totally the nfc and scrap the play store ? After the last one my phone get a big bug and was obligated to send it back to virgin.. dont want that again..

    Do this update doing the same crap as the old one ? Thanks !

  • bill

    received 4.0.2 on Bell Friday. Is the wugfresh tool really that easy? I dont have the money for a new phone

    • bill

      Tried and only got as far as the drivers and it would not load the device correctly. Windows 7 would not load any of the provided drivers properly.

  • Me-too

    I just got an update on my Galaxy S III with Telus. Now on version 4.0.4


  • Angry Android Alexander

    as was the case 9 months ago, this version of 4.0.2 has removed my NFC function. incredible.

  • NexusFan

    I got tired of waiting for JB so I sold my phone, and bought another Galaxy Nexus from the Google online store in the US. Works beautifully here in the Toronto area, seemingly without any radio issues. I will be sure to make certain my next Nexus phone is updated directly by Google.

  • karim

    hi,i’d updated today from 4.0.2 to 4.1.1 from Google
    with yakjuux version

  • davidpg

    after 85 tries of all the tricky data delete and auto kill methods to trick the phone into upgrading to JB with no success, voila today it just decided to do it on its own…Got Jelly Bean today on my Mobilicity Galaxy Nexus. Too bad it won’t work with Kies Air…sweet app!

  • Slethren

    Well…my version is 4.0.4, was told by Vidéotron (QC) that they would only update it sometimes in Dec 2012.. .. guys >… PLEASE, realize this … we’re in Canada … Telus and Fido are owned by Bell and Rogers, the “Wind” cells price are being set by Bell and Bell just put out a new comp themselves to be pitted against Wind and all of this is CTRL by the CRTC,
    and you think you’ll be getting this update fast ….LMAO. My personal best in what to think : galaxy s4 is rmoured to come out in 2013 1st FQ so we wont see the patch until GS4 is out ! just my thought … what r yours ?