TELUS currently testing LTE in Lethbridge


  • Sean

    Glad to see them continuing to roll out their LTE network it’s only a matter of time till all metro areas are covered

    • EvanKr

      Sure, but I don’t see their strategy here. Why don,t they release LTE into a major city like Winnipeg, which has a metro area of around 750k and city population of about 675k. Why not get all the major cities covered, and focus your energy where the large populations are, and then expand into the smaller towns surrounding the city?

    • 160gm

      -116dbm signal??? That’s pretty weak!!
      ( a regular signal in the middle of the city is in the -80s) while the strongest you can get is in the -68s) the lower the number the stronger the signal. This person is barely getting a signal at -116, I think -120 is the weakest signal you can get.

      None the less, they are trying it, seems like the end of TELUS CDMA is coming. Any word on when Telus will flip the switch on the Mike Network??( Sprint in the US will do so next yr)

  • Dylan

    Woohoo! Needless to say as a resident of Lethbridge, I am very excited for this!

  • hmmmm


    That’s a really good point, as there would be more money to be had in the peg than Lethbridge. That being said, Telus tends to focus as lot more on BC and Alberta since they’re the ILEC in those provinces. I for one am with Telus Mobility for that very reason, their coverage in Alberta is tops.

  • slimmy

    Rogers now covers Aurora with LTE

  • Meow meow

    Lethbridge may not be a large city, but it has a large rural population. Estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands

    I wonder what this will mean for Bell LTE coverage in Lethbridge. I do recall hearing that Bell and Telus share towers. I may be out to lunch on that one.

    • Porilaisten

      Bell roams on Telus in the west with the exception of major metro areas, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, etc, they have their own sites there. In Lethbridge, Bell should inherently get it as well based on the agreement, if not immediately, soon.

  • meow meow

    Mi gusta

  • Hank

    I was using my phone Aug. 30 when the first test kicked in. I can report 20mb/s up and down. Thats was a while ago, I havent had lte in at least 5 days.