Samsung Galaxy S III sales surpass 20 million units in 100 days


  • sicpuppy

    Guess Samsung cut back on the models budget .

    • Al

      well, that billion dollars had to come from somewhere….

    • 160gm

      The SG3 although not perfect, is selling very well, 100 days later and they are barely meeting demand! there are still many countries that are waiting for the phone so expect the same or higher rate of sales until November, where the iphone5 will start to be widely available. Wonder if after 30 or 40 million copies Samsung will compete with price to make it more competitive against the iphone 5 ( at that time the shoudl have recovered the R&D investment ) and selling it at $450-$500 would sell another 20 million!!

      Let’s wait and see!
      Can’t wait for the SG3 to come at Vrigin /Koodo!!

    • Ugly Models

      Well, now, those are some ugly models. Should have just showed the phones rather than the chinese models.

    • Some Guy

      @Ugly Models, your comment was amusing, not because of the cleverness that you apparently think you possess, but rather the evident ignorance which appears when you claimed Korean women as “Chinese models”.

  • braden

    Bell user just received OTA update his early am. Not JB.

  • Bob c

    Love samsung

  • Hinds2009

    Testament to a great device on android!

  • Simon

    “The Galaxy S III is widely available in Canada via every possible carrier.”

    … Just not on their sub-brands. (Fido, Koodo & Virgin)


  • Vengefulspirit99

    @simon ugh… No? All the sub brands have the s3

    • Simon

      Sorry, my bad. Virgin has it now.
      But it’s still not available from fido and Koodo.

    • AndrogynousAndroids

      um no, only Virgin has it, of the 3 sub brands.

  • snardos

    It is available at virgin.

  • Owen Finn

    Not available at MTS… but they are just rolling out LTE in the province, so that might change in November?

  • Azzo

    Galaxy tab 10.1 WIFI and Rogers gsiii OTA updates this morning.

    • jack

      what OTA, dont see anything

    • gs3

      I just checked, no update available 🙁

  • Iloveasians

    The chick in white is the prettiest


    Congrats to Sammy!

    sent from my Samsung Galaxy S III

    …also, RIP RIM.

  • AllanVS

    Testament that even if Apple tries to bully them, they won’t take sh!t and they hit back, by taking money from Apple.

    Apple is paid $1,000,000,000+ by Samsung.
    Hundreds of thouands of iPhone and iPad users switch to Samsung Devices, taking money from Apple and giving it to Samsung who then, pays it back to Apple. haha. Wait, not so funny.

  • vn33

    The third one from the left looks straight out of a Japanese anime !! LOL !

  • 6billiondollarman

    Phone selection in the fall is going to be craaaaaaaaaazy, smart on Samsung to come out when they did, gave them a good advantage.

  • WTF fantards

    Wow, even their models are fugly.

    • jonny


      Those are obviously not models. They are average sales people. Modles wouldnt be wearing name tags. And they are fairly good looking (except one) for average people. Some could use a different hair style tho.

  • Shamu

    It is a nice device however my sights are on Note II. Hey Sammy, it would be nice to have official confirmation that Note II is coming to Canada this fall. Please confirm soon. Customers are already beginning to ask

  • Keith

    An impressive number.

  • Pahech

    The misogyny is strong in tech websites.

  • Party on

    If they are they are.

  • ba tu che

    who is Sammy?