Samsung Galaxy Note II gets benchmarked, confirms top-class performance

The Galaxy Note II is coming soon to North America, though we doubt in the same configuration as what was announced yesterday.

The European model will come with a 1.6Ghz quad-core Exynos 4412 SoC with a Mali-400 GPU. This is the same chip as what’s inside the international Galaxy S III but clocked 200Mhz faster. That speed bump, plus 1GB of extra RAM, is generating some pretty fantastic performance.

Korean blog SmartDevice was able to benchmark Samsung’s newest hotness and found that it smoked the competition by a wide margin. It’s Quadrant Suite scores were 6043, over 1000 points higher than the Galaxy S III.

It’s NenaMark2 scores were about the same as the Galaxy S III, owing more to the identical GPU and screen resolution. And, not pictured, was the AnTuTu benchmark with a score of 13500, some 3000 more than the Galaxy S III.

While benchmarks really don’t mean anything in real world usage, it’s clear that the Galaxy Note, in addition to being “magical” and “creative,” is a specs beast and, paired with Android 4.1.1, will be able to keep up with mostly anything we want to throw at it.

Let’s hope that Samsung figures out to how to pair its Exynos chip with an LTE baseband, or we’ll be stuck yet again with another Qualcomm-based LTE version when it debuts in Canada later this year.

Source: SmartDevice (Korean)