PayPal app for Android overhauled, simplified and modernized

PayPal has revamped its Android app today with a completely new Ice Cream Sandwich-compliant design, a three-tab navigation view (Account/Send/Request), and the ability to pay for services using PayPal Here.

At its core, PayPal has always been about sending and receiving money, but as time has gone on, the eBay-owned company has expanded into mobile payments and credit card administration. While the update still focuses on your recent transactions (Account) and Sending/Receiving money, it’s now also possible to add a credit card to the app (by taking a photo of the front and back) and paying for transactions at participating retailers. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any such retailers in Canada just yet, but the app itself is far nicer to look at than its predecessor.

I could do without the drab, brown paint job but other than that, this is a pretty nice update. PayPal knows that it has some serious competition in Square, as well as boutique payment cards from Starbucks and others. The quicker it can get both retailers and consumers using its PayPal Here system, the better. It already has the infrastructure for everything else.

Download PayPal for Android.