Flipboard tumbles past 20m users with one new signup every second

Flipboard, the beautiful and functional newsreader, has just past twenty million users. The company added an Android app earlier this summer alongside the launch of the Galaxy S III, which bolstered its place in the market.

The magazine-style reading style integrates RSS feeds with curated lists and sponsored posts for an incredibly immersive and intuitive reading experience. It was initially developed for iPad, but was released for iPhone and later Android as it gained momentum.

Flipboard has forged partnerships with Google, the NY Times and more, to boost its “legitimacy” and portfolio. Its main competitors are the CNN-owned Zite and other magazine-style readers such as Pulse Reader and Taptu.

Check after the break for a cool infographic about the 20m milestone — Canada is one of Flipboard’s top countries!

Via: TheNextWeb