Microsoft releases SkyDrive app for Android


  • Darren

    I hope MS can do an app that looks like this – and soon! They’re on a bit of a winning streak lately.

    • Mike

      There is now an official One Note Mobile app which uses skydrive to sync what folders you choose across your devices if you have Office 2010.


    I could only get it to upload pic/videos, but not bad for a 1.0.

  • Tom

    I appreciate them supporting competitors platforms – no lock-in using skydrive!

  • Justin

    Time to convert the app to work on the playbook!

  • Matthew

    I can’t find it in the Play Store. I even tried to search it. Nothing

    • DeeZee

      I had to manually enter the download location in my phone’s browser. I couldn’t find it in the Store either.

  • Hal

    I don’t understand apps like these. In Canada where we pay ridiculous prices for data, why would I put all my files in a location that costs me money to even look at them? For those that use these sites, what kind of data plans do you have?

    • Braumin

      So you would rather not have access to your files at all, even over WiFi? Are you going to store your entire photo collection on your phone?

    • blacklisted

      @Braumin, storing your photos entirely online is hardly a bright thing to do either (just ask Mat Honan about that, although I’d hope Microsoft would have actual smart people in their support department instead of what Apple euphemistically calls Geniuses).

      With the memory capacities of today’s modern smartphones, storing the majority of your, if not your entire, photo collection is entirely possible, especially if your phone has memory chip expansion capabilities (Android and Windows Phone 8, sorry iPhone). Online storage is nice as it gives you the ability to view your documents online from any internet capable device. But local storage is always the best method, assuming you have a reliable backup scheme in place.

  • DeeZee

    I’ve been waiting for this app. So much better than the competitors. Loving it right now.