Microsoft releases SkyDrive app for Android

Microsoft has gone ahead and fulfilled its promise of releasing a SkyDrive app for Android devices. Despite the company’s habitual reticence of supporting Google’s products, Redmond must have deemed it important enough for its product line (and Windows 8) to have SkyDrive available on all popular mobile platforms.

The app very interestingly combines the Metro aesthetic from Windows 8 and elements of Google’s Holo guidelines, making for a very attractive app. We wish more developers took it upon themselves to develop apps like this.

You can create folders and upload photos or videos, but not yet documents, to the cloud. You can share your files with users over email or in another app, and open documents in other apps too. We hope that Microsoft eventually does make SkyDrive a bit more functional for Android users, but we wouldn’t count on it, especially as Windows Phone 8 looms.

If you’re a SkyDrive user, download it for Android.

Source: Microsoft