Motorola Canada says the RAZR will officially taste Ice Cream Sandwich “early September”


  • Nomes

    What does early September mean? 5, 10th 15th?? But atleast it is just around the corner. The wait is killing me though. I hope battery life will be better, lately my battery dies in 8 hours.

  • David Geller

    Finally my razer will taste like ice cream instead of shaving cream!!!!

  • Mr Mystery

    Ice Cream Sandwich? Jelly Bean is the new OS, never mind ICS!!

  • ActivesiN

    o thats nice, ill be enjoying my jelly beans on my galaxy nexus and nexus 7 🙂

  • Rockin Rog

    Some are patient to do Jelly Bean because some don’t mind gingerbread still. Obviously ICS will be a bonus just the same so I’m happy.

  • n.

    That was a long six weeks…

  • doit

    JB means nothing after you go from GB to ICS. I can’t wait for a full firware file, so I could get rid of this stupid Brazilian 4.0.4 I got. Rogers ROMs are the most stable and polished ones amongst other retail and branded ROMs, so I don’t mind them coming out late.

  • Thomas

    I have the RAZR and I’m really disappointed that it takes so long for Motorola’s flagship device to get ICS. Last Motorola phone I’m getting thats for sure.

  • Barry

    Considering it was promised to be delivered shortly after I bought my phone. (December of last year) This is very disappointing. Your flagship phone should be updated with-in 3 months maximum there is no excuse for this crap from Motorola and none really for Rogers either on this one both take way to long to get these things done. I don’t care if you release it in beta format earlier and are forced to do patches as long as you release it and give me the option of using it even if buggy.