MeeGo mania: Jolla’s phones will support Android apps, N9 gets first taste of Jelly Bean


  • Dalex

    Man that N9 looks freaking great, and with Jelly Bean its going to be killer… I love the developer community we have with Android, saving beautiful devices like this makes it all worth it.

    • john

      You’ve obviously never used MeeGo because it’s the nicest mobile OS out there. The only negative is that it doesn’t have any apps but the OS itself is amazing. If Nokia got their act together and released this OS a couple of years ago instead of the useless Symbian ^3 they wouldn’t be in their current situation today

    • KC

      Umm, it’s the MeeGo community that is going to be making this possible, and the N9 will be the first phone that is capable of runnign the MeeGo Distro Jolla is cooking up. Jolla is a bunch of ex-Nokia staffers who used to work on MeeGo that have started their own company and still recieve funding from Nokia as part of it’s effort to help those effected by Nokia’s suicidal decision to adopt the platform that no one in the world was asking them to adopt and very few have any interest in.

  • Djoka

    Such a beautiful phone and such ugly OS!

    • jellmoo

      Are you talking about Meego/Harmattan or Android?

  • Mark

    Android of course.

    Meego is brilliant.

    (I use a GS3)

  • coxon

    Expect the first Jollamobile phones to be released in China. They are shooting for 2012. They also said they will do direct sales from the web.

  • Dalex

    If Android Jellybean (holo theme) is an ugly OS… umm…

    1)Check your eyesight?

    2)Install a different launcher?

  • ruddias

    Too bad the screen is 3.9 inches. On screen buttons will make the screen too small.

  • Chm985

    Looks like a cross of RIM’s QNX and apples iOS