Delta updates go live in Google Play Store, saves bandwidth for you and Google


  • Brian

    Data Limited Canadians? $30-6GB with LTE access is still better than the majority of Data plans our American cousins “enjoy”.

    • daveloft

      Your right, not sure why people think Canada is more expensive then the US.

      Verizon charges a minimum of $80 for a smartphone and you get unlimited talk & text but only 300MB of data. If you want 6GB, that will run you a total of $120 a month.

      Sure there are cheaper carriers in the US, but there are also cheaper carriers in the Canada as well. I’m not sure why people think Canada is worse.

  • WP74Life

    Instead of downloading the whole virus embedded apk you just download a few KB from it!
    That’s simply magic.

    Anyway, gotta go impress the world with my WP7.

    • vn33

      Too bad you have to buy a new phone to enjoy the WP8 ! LOL !


      Must be nice not having any apps to update!

    • WP74Life

      “Must be nice not having any apps to update!”
      It is nice because it works so well your mom is jealous about it.
      Instead of standing in front of my screen waiting for updates to come while everything is crashing (read: not responding) I just use it, flawlessly.

      “Too bad you have to buy a new phone to enjoy the WP8 ! LOL !”
      I hope you don’t have an android device because It would be more than ironic.

      Thanks everyone. More to come!

    • Senseless

      WP74Life, it’s what’s ironic is how little you know of Android and for you to comment on how it’s not “upgradeable”. You can easily upgrade any android phone even without OEM support. There are so many developers on XDA/Cyanogen that works relentlessly in bringing the latest Android software to any phones. Can’t say the same about MS. Nokia is struggling cuz of MS, laying off thousands of ppl. The latest market poll shows Windows phone behind Bada OS (Samsug). That’s all I have to say about WP…

    • WP74Life


      XDA, yeah right. Google is definetly laughing out loud because of that. Can you imagine, people are working for you, for free!

      Laying out thousands of employee ? It’s funny how everyone here seems to forget about the other OEM (not Samsung). Everyone that went in the the Android boat are just sinking.
      Prove me wrong.

    • Yeria

      Only thing WP is doing better than Android is making money off of patents.

      MS is making more money from patents they licensed to Android device makers than from their entire devices + apps sales combined. So impressive.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    This is great for me and other peasants who can only afford 100mb on the prepay.

  • Rebellion

    WP74Life, you’re an i***t! You have no knowledge of the ecosystem that Android is. You want to download pirated apps then guess what, you will get viruses!

    BTW this new delta update should help slow down piracy with the APK only going to people who download the app for the first time. The next step is encrypting the APK.

    WP is going to die, plain and simple. Nobody buys it in Canada.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Now I can finally flip the switch on automatic apparently updates.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I meant automatic app updates, this website is in the stone age…can’t even edit posts.

  • vn33

    I refuse to believe that Google (or any company or that matter) would have the general consumer’s interest as the first priority.

    Label me a cynic but I agree with what the article says “but to Google, who lays out terabytes of bandwidth per day to hundreds of millions of Android users, it is going to save a lot of money”

    • sam

      To them it’s a win win situation. Save money on bandwidth and appease their clients by lowering their data consumption.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I got a lg quantum windows phone from Walmart 6 months ago. It was in the electronics discount bins section next to 5 dollar DVD movies. It was at a moat excellent price of 99 dollars on the prepay.

  • Jeeverz

    Well, the comments have turned into a circle jerk…

    But I think this is a great feature that should be ‘adopted’ by other platforms. I am curious to see the fall line up of all 3 platforms.

  • Android4Ever

    Android Rules…Google Rocks

  • Senseless

    look at the latest market poll… last I checked, Android is on top. oh wait… your WP may not be able let you browse… sorry….

    • WP74Life

      Market poll =/ Quality.
      Still, you didn’t proved me wrong yet.
      Nice try btw.

    • WP74Life

      It’s like saying Hyundai are far better than Ferrari because of the Market Share..
      Nice try buddy!

  • tweak

    Google should patent delta app updates before apple “changes everything..again…again.” and “invents” delta app upgrades.

  • Josh

    This should be good. I am often annoyed by the frequency some of these apps need to be updated. Especially when I’ve seen no problems.

  • Dylan K

    Nice update, for everyone, not just Google. OTA updates shouldn’t hurt so much now with huge games and applications.