Instagram 3.0 for iPhone and Android brings location features, infinite scrolling and performance improvements

Instagram 3.0 has been released for iPhone and Android, and the update emphasizes location, ease-of-use, and speed. The idea is simple: take a photo, add a filter, publish to your stream and to other social networks. But Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is starting to focus more on the context of each photo — location, especially — instead of just looking at a chronological stream.

The app allows you to select which photos can be seen on a map — it will prompt you to select all, some or none when you first upgrade — and after that you can browse your friends’ photos based on location, irrespective of date.

The update brings some alterations to the profile screen and the upload screen, and emphasizes “design improvements throughout.” A great feature is the ability to flag inappropriate comments, as Instagram spam is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue as the network approaches 100 million users.

You can download the Instagram update for Android and iPhone today.

Via: The Verge