LG has now sold 5 million LTE devices, will release “an even more impressive LTE line-up in the next several months”


  • Jeff

    LG LTE phones have terrible batteries.Maybe the Optinus 4X HD is better now. I think some ppl will go and buy it.

  • sickpuppy

    I’ll take the one on the left ….no not phone .

  • Sean

    I’ll take both at the same time!

  • sp

    one of these things just doesnt belong here….

    spot the thing that shouldnt be in this picture.

    and yes..i will take the girl on the left!!! all day, every day.

  • really?

    You all can have the left, i’ll take the right.

  • Ando

    It’s a South Korean brand, with Hangul on the display with one Korean girl and one… wait White girl????

  • Aria

    there is not much choice for the girls to choose from LOL

  • Val

    Oh whats that? Samsung Sold 10 million galaxy notes. Double the amount of what you have LG.

  • LGliesGood

    LG should not deserve any space on any site till they start supporting their devices.

    LG BURN IN H***