MoodieFoodie from Sobeys brings mood-based meal ideas to iPhone [Contest]

MoodieFoodie is a new app from Sobeys that wants to help you find recipes based on your mood. Feeling lazy? Grill up some easy-peasy Tuna Sliders. Feeling playful? Bake up some Fiesta Stuffed Peppers.

The app, which launched earlier this summer, is a great example of branded solutions done right. The Sobeys name is barely mentioned, sprinkled thoughtfully throughout the program. Instead, beautiful photos of meals, arrayed atop an intuitive user interface, provides quick and easy access to the categories, meals and ingredients, respectively.

The app provides multiple ways to view the content within each “mood” and you can always submit your own recipes, with photos and list of ingredients, if you want to contribute to the community. In this way MoodieFoodie is competing directly with popular portals such as Epicurious and AllRecipes.

Not being a typically earnest person, I was skeptical of an app in which you deliberately seek out a recipe based on mood. But after going a few days thinking about what I eat and when I eat it, I realized that’s exactly what I do. If I’m in a lazy mood, I’ll make a sandwich; if I’m energetic, I’ll build a casserole from scratch; healthy, a salad; voracious, a frozen pizza (to myself).

So I stuck to the regimen for a few days, and ended up making some pretty fantastic meals. The tuna sliders you see at the top were some of the most unexpectedly delicious and easy-t0-make dinner items I can recall. I tried a few more in subsequent days, and while a few of the recipes were a bit too advanced for me, I was able to find a few that appealed to me based on the time I had to prepare it.


Sobeys is very generously giving away a $50 gift card to a MobileSyrup reader who wants to take advantage of the MoodieFoodie app. In order to enter, download the app and leave a comment below. You must have a valid email address to enter. The winner will be required to send a valid screenshot of the app working on his or her phone.

A winner will be selected at random on Wednesday August 15th, so get cracking!

Download the Sobeys MoodieFoodie app from the App Store.