Update: Bell Virgin rolls out a couple new smartphone plans ($50 and $65/month)


  • Sucks

    That is just awful

    • Rio

      These are pretty decent, some of the few plans that actually offer caller id and voicemail.

    • Rio

      and Caller ID

    • Rio

      Note* Bell offers the same plan but without International Texting

  • Brad F

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  • howitzer

    I changed to koodos 60$ 6go plan last week. I havent seen anything close from the other carriers since. All the rest looks like a scam !

  • Proclaimer

    Virgin should be ashamed. The $65 plan should have 6GB.

  • Kid-Canada

    For once I’m asking the Big 3 to release plans that are better than the previous ones and not the opposite. Like how is this $65 plan better than the 6GB plan? Is that too much to ask for?? Oh wait…

  • anona

    The 6GB is over. It was a promo.

  • yeas

    The $65 plan was $63 this morning … and $60 two months ago

  • Rich

    Terrible plans. I hope WIND realizes there are so many people just waiting on them to get past the beta stage and we’ll jump ship.

    • freestaterocker

      I’m actually just waiting for them to offer service where I live. I got into Bell with a $55 plan for everything the $50 plan has + 150 more minutes, and it’s 5gb of data.

    • freestaterocker

      Edit: I’m paying extra for caller id…

  • j.

    Except after wind is out of “beta” their prices will go up. Wind is cheap for a reason.

  • Jorvay

    “Update: It looks like Bell has the same plans, but is offering up a bonus of 10 hours of Mobile TV on $65/month plan.”

    This is the kind of BS you get when you allow service providers to also act as content providers. “Mobile TV” is just a fancy marketing for “extra bandwidth as long as you access our inferior video content.” Thanks Bell, for once again spitting in the face of net neutrality.

  • ELNY

    What a joke. With phones being almost as powerful as a laptop, with LTE, tons of apps, etc. what makes carriers think that 1Gb is enough nowadays? 1Gb should be the new 500mb, 3Gb should be 1gb, and 6Gb should be for high usage people.

  • Ron Mexico

    Lol, worst plans they’ve released in a while $50 with 200mb, really? Horrendous at best.

  • nelly h

    I must say that the Canadian wireless companies are a huge rip off, even there sub brands keep on jacking up the prices which is ridiculous. Seems like we’re going back wards with plans like the old days when smartphones weren’t popular and all you would get is 5mb of data…I remember I had a plan with telus before that was 60 dollars. Ah well glad I have my 55 dollar plan.

  • lkjjm

    Tbh . Fido is doing better on there data then virgin .

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Lkjjm, that’s cuz it’s a 3g network lol

    • lkjjm

      they have HSPA+ already

    • Ron Mexico

      So offering LTE means faster speeds and lowering your data cap, I’ll take HSPA then any day. Seriously how do you come up with this nonsense?

  • 2c


  • 8543

    How about removing the caller display / Voicemail and intead put 500MB ? Then were getting somewhere .

    • Ron Mexico

      500mb on LTE is still laughable.

    • ToniCipriani

      You can get your wish by paying $3 more… they bumped that plan to $53.

  • Azzo

    I’m paying 64.35$ a month with taxes and voicemail/CD on that 6GB super plan from Rogers.

  • john wu

    The future is bright, The future is mobilicity!

  • Ron

    Let me get this straight: $50 for 100 mb of data? Give me a f*****g break. I thought 500 mb was bad, 100 mb would just be completely useless for anything more than the odd email or iMessage. Data caps should be going UP, no down to these pathetic levels.

  • Joey_G

    Wow … 200 MB is barely enough for a blackberry! Iphone and Android users will blow past that in no time!

  • Beso

    WOW Virgin plans are a freaking joke!!!

    nothing beats Koodo’s 6GB plan honestly the best plan handsdown!

  • David

    I don’t think anyone should sign up data plans until they roll out those 6GB promotionals

    • Beso

      I doubt they will release them anytime soon … probably in a couple of months or so … they especially Koodo’s one were extremly good while they lasted so probably next time ppl should jump to them while they can!

      to me Virgin seems to be moving in Fido’s path crappy plans and no goodies or anything to make them standout!

  • g0d5hand

    I called telus for that 6g plan, and they wouldnt sign me up unless i got a new contract. what horse s**t. I told them I was gonna cancel. they duidnt care.
    then day after the deal is done they are calling me a few times a day.

  • qwerty

    so basically you give up 400 mb of data for caller id and voice mail. what a joke

  • Fartknocker

    Yikes, $10 per additional 100mb on the $50 plan. Ridonkulous.

  • P.L.

    I have a year old Bell student plan that is far superior to these. I thought the pressure of Wind would mean Bell would improve their plans. Doesn’t seem to be the case. :s

  • Quinn

    Wow these are some shitty plans.

  • Darren

    I got that $60, 6GB plan from Bell. IDK why Virgin is doing this!

  • Clients

    This is good for them but not for all of us 🙂
    I’d like to see promo plan with 6G as everyday plan and unlimited Voce and Data as promos but this is just a dream 🙂 Will never happen 🙁 🙁

  • rogers castaway

    FYI it isn’t published but rogers has a 6gb plan for 30$…

  • ExR

    This is just telus’ plan that they’ve had since january lol WHAT A DEAL!!!! Lol what a joke!!!

  • A. Carmine

    So Virgin is rolling out the new “rape” plans, I’m sure the shareholders will be just delighted. $50 for 200 minutes and 100 MB?! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL! Wowza! How is that even legal?

  • Eric

    These plans look horrible — the Big 3 are getting even more greedy. 6GB for 60-$65/mo is a good deal if you want that much data.. but I only want about 500MB and I want to pay less, not more. If I were a new customer right now, there’d be no way for me to get what I want for $50.

    This makes my current $50/mo plan with 500MB plan look “good”, and I’m wondering if that’s the point. Are they just conditioning us to think $50/mo is a good deal? I’m unhappy paying this much as it is and this just makes me even more eager to jump ship to Mobilicity or Wind when they’re available in my area.

  • Mark68

    If this is the going rate for LTE, I will gladly keep 3G/HSPA as I really don’t care if I wait a few seconds longer but you better keep my data prices lower to compensate!!

  • irishstu

    holy god i thought irelands plans were crap

  • Miknitro

    These plans are so terribly over priced and lacking in data that this story has broken state side laughing at our joke offerings from our carriers.
    It’s not hard to join them in their chorus of laughs either, this is crap, people are reporting GBs included in their plans for half the cost from much lesser countries.
    Shame on the Canadian carriers, much shame.

  • Al

    Happier with the $60 deal I got from Bell last month on that promo with the 6GB data, unlimited calling to my favorite 10 numbers, unlimited texts, LTE speeds where I live, 10 hrs mobile tv etc

    If it had caller id and voicemail it would be perfect.

  • Drew

    Telus only has had these plans for hmm lets see here.. 4-5 months ? lol

  • Mark

    hey i need a new phone, wanting iphone and looking for best carrier..was thinking this would be my only internet access as well…where is best place to go….living in Toronto..would like unlimited tex, canada and usa, and calling mainly in Canada..great site.