Samsung Exynos 5 Dual to have next-gen Mali GPU, built on 32nm process


  • Jimbo

    All this speed is great and with improved battery life. How about working on better antennas? All that speed won’t mean a thing if your not able to keep connected to the towers.

  • sickens

    @Jimbo true that.

    If there is one thing I miss from my BlackBerry days, was the solid radio performance pretty much everywhere.

  • rimme

    Who needs this when bbm10 phones will have top of the line speed!

  • superfly

    For the note 2 or note 3. hmm……

  • Me Ted

    I’d love to see this in the next gen Nexus line although it’s probably going to be reserved for something a little further down the road. I’m sure the GN2 already has its CPU picked out.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    This is the result of putting nearly 2 billion dollars into r&d

  • Ron Mexico

    How much you wanna bet it won’t have LTE?

  • Henaway

    And coming soon … the Apple lawsuit claiming Samsung stole the chip design from them. LOL

  • xorn

    Do you know what would be surprising? Apple not suing at all. I think Apple is the biggest lawfirm in the world and they happen to dabble in technology.

  • Omar

    This is same as current S4 cortex A-15 dual core…
    Sure exynos has Mali gpu which is wayyyyy better gpu then stupid Adreno gpu in snapdragon.
    Still same old dual core.
    Quad core would be better. sadly world isnt perfect and we will have to wait for that quad core A-15.