Koodo releases the Samsung Galaxy S II X


  • Larkin

    is this bb 10?

    • scrooge

      HAHAHA!! Man, where do you come up with this comedic gold? It was so hilarious when someone first wrote that like 5 months ago, and it definitely isn’t getting old. Keep up the good work champ!

  • Beso

    this is probably their best phone in their lineup to date!

    • Ron

      Personally I think that the Galaxy Nexus is much better than this.

    • ToniCipriani

      Price alone wins though.

      Koodo is currently offering this with a $100 Visa GC with activation

      $200 for a Nexus like phone, perfectly fine with that.

    • Shamu

      Nice job Koodo. It is a great phone and by far your best phone in the line-up..

  • Andrew

    Awesome phone, amazing price, garbage plans. I guess if you want a sick wifi smart phone, great… or buy it for $300 and unlock it for any other company but Koodo.

  • good deal guy

    For this price its a steal.dual core Android 4.0 8MP HD camera. And the plans ain’t too shabby either for a carrier with nation wide coverage. Good deal guys says THIS is a good deal!

    • Andrew

      There’s no data plans on koodo that are worth looking at…

      MobileSyrup needs to stop the koodo circle jerk, if the phone is great, buy it outright and put it on a company that gives you proper data. Virgin’s voice plans give you WAY better rates per data than Koodo. Even Telus is better, and probably wouldn’t need it to get unlocked.

    • Some Guy

      Andrew, in case you haven’t noticed, Koodo doesn’t advertise themselves as a phone company that offers good data plans, they are a value brand that specialize in talking and texting, when I sold cell phones at Walmart, Koodo was the only phone I could sell because of their awesome plans, they have a good selection of the newer phones with a decent price, this is a perfect company to go to if you want a nice phone with lots of talking and texting with the ability to check email and facebook.

  • betty

    This phone, once unlocked will work with wind. Its the only S2 in Canada that will work. With their amazing plans who wouldn’t switch.

  • tom

    this is $249 refurbed at telus. I got one the refurbs are mint. if you get a team web store login it is less than 250 after tax

  • Mike D.

    Also I’ll mention that Future Shop has the HTC One V for $175 this week (only $25 with the tab), which I guess is now Koodo’s second best phone but still a great value.

    • Remy

      this is an amazing phone for really cheap price

  • Joey_G_1975

    The koodomobile.ca website mentions 1Ghz Dual Core Processor?

  • Joey_G_1975

    ***Correction *** but then on the phone features tab it mentions 1.5Ghz???

    • Juleso

      just a typo then…

    • KM

      Good catch. Yes, it’s a typo. Should be fixed shortly.

  • Juleso

    Does a new number activated to an existing Koodo user qualify as a “new activation”?

    • lv

      Answering Juleso | August 10, 2012, 10:36 am, yes a new number activation on a preexisting account counts as a “new activation” and you should get the reward. BUT, I think you have to go in store to activate a new phone on the same account and take advantage of the offer, in which case you get a 75$ gift card and 25$ worth of accessories… which pretty much means a case for your phone.

  • Frank

    BTW Andrew… not everybody’s a data pig: I was just on the virgin web page….ppu is exactly like the data saver HW @ Koodo. Sure Wind has extremely aggressive Data plans, and if you want a sick wifi smart phone that uses 3G limited by fair usage and traffic management policies…than Wind’s your place!

  • Scott

    $300 for this phone is a great deal, but wait – there’s more! The web site says you get a $100 gift card if you activate a new account online. That is a pretty amazing deal, for Canada anyway…

  • Wahid

    Will the Koodo version be upgradable to 4.0 or 4.1? That’s a key player for this amazing phone.

    • Mark

      Their add shows ICS 4.0, they are unclear if it is 4.0.1 or 4.0.4.

      I would assume a 4.1 Jelly Bean Upgrade would probably be in the future as well.

  • Frank

    Samsung was testing the Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, and it seems as if that testing is still ongoing though a release date for the software has now been pegged for Q4 ( October, November and December)

    • ToniCipriani

      Yeah but one thing. This phone is actually the same SII on T-Mobile in the US, also the reason why it has AWS.

      T-Mobile had history that it won’t provide. Look at their Galaxy S, it didn’t get any upgrades at all, reason being it uses a different processor than the S back then (Qualcomm Snapdragon vs Samsung Hummingbird). This phone and the rest of the SII line has the same difference (Qualcomm Snapdragon vs Samsung Exynos), although the Galaxy Nexus uses a third one (TI OMAP 44xx).

      So hopefully this will get something.

  • Will

    So what should I get:
    RAZR V 350$ Virgin or
    Galaxy S II X Koodo?

  • nrj4life1

    I wonder if Koodo supports up to 42Mbps network speeds to take full advantage of the phone’s dual radios?

  • D Allan

    Telus supports Dual Cell 42Mbps network and in theory Koodo should also do that. In reality, the speed that I get the most is about 12Mbps to 15Mbps.

  • montgomery

    I just bought an HTC One V a week back, and I am off to the store to return it and get the SIIX for $75 only more.


  • Maxime

    I just bought one to replace my old Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and I love it !

  • phox

    Koodos plans rock… I dunno what half the people here are complaining about.
    Unlimited everything in Canada with no zones for 85$… I prefer that over my 250$ per month bill I was getting from rogers.

  • Turbo E

    I paid $550 when this phone first came out. @ $2-300 its a steal. easily overclockable to 1.7 Ghz and can use a micro SD up to 64GB. FYI the model number is T989, don’t be confused by the Galaxy S2X moniker. I have a I717 Note, now which is the same except for larger screen, battery and S-Pen.

    you won’t be disappointed with this buy.

    • Puck

      What Turbo said. I got the S2X from Telus the day it came out (October 28th I think) and I couldn’t be happier with it. Sure, it’d look better without touchwiz but the dual antennas and great camera push it into great phone status. It’s a steal at this price, get it ASAP!

  • Galaxy S2 X

    I keep getting this error when i try to order phone online at Koodoo web site! Anyone succeeded to order?

    Our system is not available at this time, please try again later.

    Kooooodooooooo hellpppp

  • Subzero

    If you try to purchase the phone in store they will say you need a 2 month activation. I’m okay with paying $339 with tax so i ordered it online and REMOVE the RATE PLAN from cart while ordering and selected the “is this a …GIFT” option. Koodo has received my order (probably took my money already).

    Just waiting on my tracking number. If it comes through ill test if it works on Telus without unlocking it. if so, i will be a happy camper and get the Telus 6GB promo-plan(still available in store!)

  • John

    I bought the LG Optimus Black almost 3 weeks ago. As soon as I heard that Koodo was getting the S II X, I went through some trouble returning the phone. But now, I have to mail the phone back and I’ll be getting my Galaxy. The price is amazing considering Koodo was selling the Optimus Black for $300 just 3 weeks ago!

  • Mike

    Too bad I used up my tab on the Optimus Black only 3 months ago. Also too bad they dont have at least some kind of incentive for existing customers – new guys get $100 gift cards. I have been with Koodo for 2 years and between my wife and I we have upgraded 4x already… I would have got like 400 in gift cards already if I changed my number and started as a new customer.