Koodo to release the Samsung Galaxy S II X


  • PossiblyNonsense

    Oh boy! The Galaxy S2!? And only 2 months after everyone else got the S3?! It must be Christmas time a Koodo!

  • Koodoguy

    Its debut price will be $300.

    • Big Ang

      Hopefully. At $300 it’s not bad – I’d much rather get last-year’s flagship than this-year’s budget smartphone.

  • Studystand

    A koodo employee told me that they were releasing this two days ago. My only question is, with Koodo rolling out LTE why would they release a non-LTE compatible phone

    • BaconTelevision

      Don’t discard the capabilities of the dual carrier hspa radio.
      It’s still pretty quick

  • Koodoguy

    Because it’ll be at a budget price, and the goal is to push it for back to school season.

  • Steve

    At least Koodo now has something that’s ‘almost’ competitive. (Lol HTC One V)

    Ah well, all I care about is that their Super 6GB plan is amazing for my Galaxy Nexus. 😀

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Virgin’s Sgs II is $400 off contract and arguably the better phone because of its exynos processor, as opposed the snapdragon s3 in the Telus variant

  • WhatThe

    $600 LoL ROFL HAHA

    • Big Ang

      That HAS to be a placeholder price……. at least I hope it is……..

  • Shaun Lee

    Thank you, Koodo!
    For bringing us last-generation phones…

    • Porilaisten

      Beggars can’t be choosers, especially those who don’t want a contract.

  • Ron Mexico

    I see Koodo is the new Fido, selling their Premium branded owners (Telus) leftover unsold stock.

    • Big Ang

      That’s not necessarily bad – IF the price is right. $600 is probably a placeholder and they haven’t announced the Koodo price yet. Some people (me included) would much rather get a decent, average phone (which the SG2 can now be considered) at a mid-range or low-end price, rather than spending $600+ and getting the top of the line model.

      If I (A) wanted an Android and (B) wanted to switch companies then this phone would make the short list (depending on the price)

    • Scott

      This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if it really is $300 then it’s pretty good value.

  • greatwiseone

    Why couldn’t Koodo release it earlier….got myself a HTC Amaze in June for $300 and unlocked it for use on Koodo….

  • kungriffey

    Koodo is awesome! 6 gigs with LTE 😀

    • cayaguy

      The S2X is NOT lte. Its DC-HSPA+ 42mbps max.

  • Jim R

    Can anyone confirm that it is ROMable?

  • Jim R

    And this will also work on Wind/Mobilicity/T-Mobile (AWS), right?

    • Jim R

      Since I received 2 thumbs down for a perfectly reasonable question, let me rephrase:

      In addition to supporting UMTS bands II and V which allow this phone to work on 3G on Koodo (and Bell, Rogers, etc), this phone also supports band IV (AWS) which allows it to work on Wind/Mobilicity/T-mobile, right?

    • Brian

      It has the 1700/2100 bands, so yes, it will work on Wind/Mobilicity.

    • androidrootguy@gmail.com


  • Tom

    Got one refurb from telus for $249 tax in. Very nice phone

  • Tom

    H it is romable but there arent many available because this is the tmobile varient not the version that every other carrier (except tmo and telus) uses

    • Jim R

      Well that’s unfortunate. Since it’s not a Nexus, one has to depend on Samsung/Koodo for updates as opposed to Google – which means going forward updates are not dependable.

      Being ROMable means its useful life can be stretched out, but if the dev community isn’t too interested in it …


    Ive never had a chance to play with the Galaxy S2 but from what I’ve heard its pretty much exactly like my Galaxy Note just much smaller. If this is right then I highly recommend it to anyone on KOODO not willing to go get a phone elsewhere & unlock it to use on KOODO. It’s definitely the best phone they have available & even though Im using a Galaxy Note on KOODO right now I think i might go get one as a back up phone,especially since im already on my second G-Note in just a month due to a smashed screen.Errrrrrr -KID ANDROID (T.A.C)

  • EH

    Will it come in white :)? Or is this all of telus’ remaining stuff?

  • Jim R

    Koodo, how about making the Galaxy Nexus available to us for about $350 (i.e. the price Google sells it for on its Store)?

    I’d buy one in a heart beat.

  • Nick

    $600 is impossible. It costs less to get a full-price GNex and only slightly more to get an SIII.

    Koodo keeps their up-front costs fair. It`s what makes them palatable. They had the Nexus S for $450 when everyone else was selling it for $550 and then they still lowered it to $350 a few months later. I’d guess this will be $450 or less.

    • workinwireless

      actually Koodo sells their phones at a loss and takes 9 months of service for them to recoup the cost of their phone. and since they dont offer customer service, its pay for use, they have very little overhead. They don’t worry about taking 9 months to recoup as the average koodo contract is 4 years now. YES A TAB IS A CONTRACT, PLEASE DONT SAY IT ISN’T, CAUSE KOODO DOESN’T SAY THEY ARE NO CONTRACT.

  • George R

    This is a great phone. I got one from Telus when they first came out. I unlocked it and rooted it. Used it in the USA with a T-Mobil sim card without any problems. There are planty of Roms to use. I change Roms at least once a week. Great phone to play with.

  • fatcat

    Hah! I bought this phone back in March for $275 off a friend, unlocked it and am enjoying the new Super 6GB Plan. It’s arguably one of the best non LTE phones on the market and the dual radio is fairly quick. I been seeing speeds of 12-18mbit down and 2-4mbit up by tethering.

  • jlm

    Hey guys just got pricing at work. It will be $300 no tab and $150 with tab.

  • PH1

    Thanks, but someone already mentioned the price (second comment on the thread)
    Side note- Koodo is supposed to have a plan revamp soon as well. Look for some new $40 ones in a new brochure coming soon.

    • fatcat

      The Works $40 new plan is comparable with the 6GB Super but with 150 anytime minutes, 250 MB and no incoming calls.


    can i unlock for Fido?

  • Splum

    Getting rid of mine.

  • Neil

    Good phone but watch out for poor battery life.

  • James

    why in the name of smartphones wouldnt they just release the g nex?!?

  • Sandra

    If you’ve accumulated a positive tab so far then you can upgrade off that and make purchasing the s2x much easier. Just ask your local Koodo kiosk 🙂

    Also, yes Koodo is getting an older model phone but they target an audience who doesn’t wanna spend a lot of money on the phone. Hence releasing older model phones. Just an FYI people

  • Potential Koodo Customer

    I want to get the S2 X AND Koodo’s 6GB super plan.

    Their current gift card/ sale promotion mentions $100 Visa giftcard with the Samsung Galaxy SII X with new activation.

    But with the phoning coming on August 10th, and the 6GB Super Plan ending Aug 9th, can anyone think of a way I could get both the S2 X with $100 GC AND the 6GB super plan?

  • Brad

    Try getting the 6GB plan with a Koodo sim card today, and then go back tomorrow to get the phone?

  • blair

    i got the 6gb plan on the htc one v since have 14 days to return gonna bring back and exchange for the s2 and still keep my super 6 plan

    • Kym

      I just did the same thing, same phone, same plan. My store doesn’t have any S2’s in stock yet, but they are holding one for me when they come in.

      Question – I really like the HTC One V, but like the larger screen on the S2. What else appeals to you about the S2 over the HTC?