TELUS expands LTE network in Vancouver


  • superfly

    What about small town Alberta? Where’s that 700mhz auction huh? Let’s get the ball rolling people.

  • superfly

    Also, first and second. Booya.

    • mmmmm

      Eat my fart

  • Sean

    Nice the small are of Surrey that got covered is where I live… now all I need is a LTE device

  • John

    Now you can hear about Riots and see live Riot action in blazing fast LTE speeds.

  • S2556

    Wow lte coverage is like just outside of where I am at. So close but yet so far :'( Telus you are teasing me!

  • Porilaisten

    Telus’ LTE is going to invade the U.S.

  • Rick

    Go Telus go’

  • Jebus

    I have been enjoying LTE in Burnaby for a month on and off now. Now its here to stay!

  • human

    lol love the ocean coverage..

  • Simble

    Looks like they are avoiding north surrey…

    • Porilaisten

      Wouldn’t you? lol

  • Puck

    I like how LTE is available in Point Roberts but not Surrey. Haha.

  • Richard

    Vancouver is supposed to be telus’s stronghold. Aside from Gta this is the densest part of the country with the most pop. Should be well past maple ridge.