Google and ASUS came up with the Nexus 7 at CES 2012 in January


  • Ryan Slobojan

    “both the 16GB and 32GB have at times been sold out online” — I think you meant 8 and 16 🙂

  • Alpha

    So, is the CEO’s last name “Yeh” or “Yed”? What happened to proofreading or editing?

  • Nick

    Does it really matter if he spelled something wrong? Why do you even bother commenting

  • Mike

    I bought and returned 2 of the original Asus Transformers due to screen issues.
    The first one was fussy.
    The second one had a dead pixel.
    I really wanted to like the tablet. But the screen just made it impossible.

    • Jeff

      Yes It does matter. And no He probably didn’t need to comment.

    • Jeff

      Crap. Sorry Mike, I replied to the wrong comment. BUT.. I really was not impressed with the build quality of the original Asus Transformer. I have yet to get my hands on the Nexus 7. Hopefully its excellent.

  • Hinds2009

    Nexus 7 is the best yah heard. Get it right now anyone!

  • {JPM}

    Returned 2 N7’s myself before I got a good one.

  • Me Ted

    Zero issues with my N7. It’s absolutely amazing.

  • Carter

    The Google Nexus 7 is great for my lifestyle. I haven’t had any problems with it especially with the screen and the ability to watch TV on it. I don’t get to spend a lot of time at home watching TV because job at Dish is very demanding, but I love having the Nexus 7 with me whenever I leave. I normally use the Dish Remote Access app to stream live channels to it, since my DVR is hooked up to a Sling Adapter. It makes it incredibly easy to watch my HD channels wherever I go. It’ll be especially wonderful once the regular season of football starts so I don’t have to miss a game again!

  • Brandon

    Buying the ASUS transformer infinity instead.

  • Mike

    I got my N7 yesterday. I am a fan.

  • mike

    I loved the device, however I had the screen lift problem so I returned it. I’m actually missing it right now. I’ll wait another month or two so the initial batch is used up and hopefully they have their screen issues resolved by then.

  • Jebus

    No problems so far!

  • Kelly Spongberg

    My wife had the original Samsung Galaxy tab 7 inch, sold it and now I bought this Nexus 7. It blows that device away, and is an absolute steal for the price. I have many devices, but this is my favorite android thus far.

  • Peter B

    Hope this helps anyone who’s experienced the screen flickering. For me it only happened when displaying pages with a lot of white. Went to settings and removed the Auto Brightness setting. This solved my issue and I haven’t had a single flicker since.

  • SpeedyGonzales

    Another happy camper here.
    No issues, works great!
    If it would have had Gorilla glass and a card slot this would have been the best.