Is this the new iPhone’s nano-SIM tray?


  • mattprime86

    Breathtaking news development

    • Sankar

      but what about bb 10?

  • Fromanah Bolz

    … and you will need to have a team of micro surgeons to insert it.

  • Mark

    Apple to sue Spalding for making basketballs that infringe on it’s bounce back patent.

    • Bobblehead

      Take this guy’s lead: if you’re going moan about everything Apple, at least make it funny!

  • superfly

    What a waste. No savings what so ever

  • bazinga

    Who cares?

  • Robbers123

    another scam to get more money, how is 2 inches going to get more battery life, it’s just a cash cow to sell more nSim like they realeased mSims..

  • barclay

    what about rim?

  • walter

    Would this be to save space, or to make it more difficult to move the SIM between multiple phones? If they are the only one using it for a while, makes it a lot more of a hassle to switch to another phone.

  • Jordan

    As someone who works in the phone business, what a pain in the a*s. We still have plenty of devices that take standard SIM cards, and micro SIM is finally taking hold. Now we will have a third flavour of SIM card to deal with, and we’ll need freaking tweezers to install these. Not to mention, Nokia was right. People WILL get these stuck in micro SIM slots.

  • Netguru

    If this excites you, Daniel, you need to get a life!

    • Alpha

      Apple iFans are excited at everything. Just look at all the baseless rumours that have been posted!

  • Rafael

    *walter. Exactly! Now I can swap it with my Galaxy S3. I guess when S4 comes out and uses nano SIM cards. Apple will come out with…

    Femto SIM Cards. (I had to look it up, LOL)

    • Ron Mexico

      Followed by Pico sims in the iPhone 5GS, it’ll be magical

  • GCooper

    Not a big deal IMHO. If it means they can squeeze a slightly bigger battery in it, then great. I use an adapter with my micro sim, and it works fine in any device, including my current HTC sensation. A nano sim will be no different, all you need is an adapter.

    And this isn’t really a cash grab, at least not one that will affect us. The majority of phone users buy on contract. A sim card is provided by the provider at no cost in this case. So this is really a moot point.

    • Jordan

      I would not want to stick a nano SIM in an adapter. Micro to standard is one thing, but these ones are far too small. It’d be too easy for the SIM to get stuck in the device. Especially when you consider most micro SIM slots are trays that get inserted into the device or an ejector slot, I would never stick one of those into my phone.

  • Caldera

    Shut up Barclay.

  • GCooper


    I used to have the type of adapter you’re reffering to, and I did have them get stuck in devices, so I no longer use them. What I use is the remaining piece when you remove the micro sim from the plastic credit card like thing. It is the size of a standard sim, with the perfect opening for a micro sim. Rogers used to package them this way, I’m not sure if they still do. But it works perfectly, with no additional thickness so it won’t get stuck in a device.

  • Ace

    A millimeter saved space? I suggest they use it all for the battery. They’re Going to need it since the 4s fail

  • Alex

    I jizzed in my pants.. Can’t wait!

  • Doug

    If Apple is switching to the Nano-SIM to save space, why wouldn’t they replace the 30-pin connector with a Micro-USB connector, rather than the rumoured 19-pin (or 8-pin) connector. I suspect the accessory profits are too hard to ignore.

  • idonkey

    Even no SIM card, idonkeys are going to buy it anyway!
    Give them a brick with an Apple logo idonkeys going banana too.

  • RIM job

    bbM10 has evloved beyond sam cards

    what mattress most is the internel storege, and not the neno sam…

  • stevie

    New sim card to get, new accessories to get as the old ones wont fit thanks to the new connector. The cost of staying Hip to apple!