Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 2 will be introduced August 29th


  • Rob

    unf need it

    • RicksE


  • mau

    The note didn’t create a new category, the Dell streak did !

    • vn33

      Curious why people thumbed down ? The Dell Streak was the first phone with a 5″ screen, so statement by mau is true.

    • Derp

      The Streak created a new category – the ‘5″ phone/tablet hybrid.’

      The Note created a new category – the ‘5″ phone/tablet hybrid that wasn’t a complete steaming pile.’

      Prediction, international will be Exynos 4 Quad, NA will be Snapdragon S4 for LTE support.

    • skullan

      It’s easy to understand why people thumb down:

      If the person is an Apple zealot, thumb-down anything that does not in any way mention Apple positive light or alternatively, mentions Samsung in a negative light. If the post is not about Apple or Samsung then claim that Apple did it first.

      If the person is a Samsung Fanboi, thumb-down anything that is clearly written by an Apple Zealot, whether or not it casts a negative light on Samsung. If the post does not claim that Samsung does things better than other companies or alternatively mentions that there may be other Android phones out there that interest someone beyond Samsung’s offerings.

      If the person is neither a Samsung Fanboi or an Apple Zealot, then they are a troll and clearly, they need to be thumbs-downed.

    • skullan

      *Apple positive light or alternatively, or fails to mention Samsung in a negative light.

    • jon

      Please. Next thing you’ll say is that Microsoft invented the tablet category. They did, but who created a tablet that doesn’t suck?

      Same with Dell Streak. 5″ no one cares about vs a real 5″ tablet and pen setup that was usable and loved by millions.

  • Ryan

    Any guesses as to how long it’ll take to get the Note 2 to Canadian carriers from its launch on August 29th?

    Does anyone remember how long it took for the Note 1 last year for the big three to grab it?

    • andy c

      to be fair no one thought it would be more then a niche product when it launched.

      i doubt that mistake will be made this time. we should have it before xmas

  • Tania

    So nothing about the 10.1 yet? Was looking forward to hearing about that (or is the galaxy note 2 only one of the things to be revealed…hope that’s the case! )

  • Mike

    Ahhhh Yes. This is exactly what I need. Considered the Nexus 7 but this all in one will be much more versatile and with the rumored specs just awesome. Time to release the Nexus.

  • Miroslav Satan

    Are they going to release Galaxy Note 10.1 as well?

  • JC Denton

    SuperAMOLED=SuperAMODead screen in 1 year.

  • Mark

    If it’s the same numbers of pixels than the Note 1 I’ll be disappointed, it’s a nice screen but it sucks compared to the One X or even to the Galaxy Nexus.

  • bendover

    I was going to buy the note 1. Thankfully I waited… hopefully it gets released soon after the announcement