Nokia relaunches Weather Channel app for Windows Phone, adds augmented reality

Nokia’s app exclusivity for Windows Phone continues today with a re-launch of The Weather Channel app. Now just called ‘Weather’, Lumia users can update to version 2.0 exclusively for six months, bringing some fantastic new features to the app like augmented reality and custom alerts.

The augmented reality stuff won’t work on the Lumia 610 (we tried) but for all other Lumias it uses the camera to show you weather-related photos that users submitted using the company’s iWitness feature. We’ve had a pretty uneventful some weather-wise here in Toronto, but there have been a couple spectacular storms that would have had a lot of user-taken photos.

The other part the app is called ‘My Amazing Day’ and it revolves around custom alerts based for pollen, UV levels, running and swimming conditions and more. You can also see your Facebook friends’ weather based on where they live, and see any updates they’ve made if they use the app as well.

Weather Channel 2.0 should be rolling out today across the Windows Phone Marketplace, so check back if it’s not there and you have a Lumia smartphone.

Source: WPCentral