Nokia Lumia 610 Review


  • hoo dat

    The 710 is available at WIND for $199.

    Just sayin’

    • Theywillbepissed

      What don’t you understand about the windows phone notification system? Banners Alert you of notifications when your not on the homescreen, and the live tiles alert you of any missed notifications. Not every operating system needs a dedicated notification menu

  • jansen

    go iphone 4 youre better of or even a droid you will be better off. this phone should be ban from the present.

    • Big Ang

      So you’re either recommending a phone that costs 3 times as much off-contract (iPhone), or you recommend getting a $200 Android?

      Comparing a $650 phone to a $200 phone is pointless.

      And $200 Android phones are PAINFUL to use! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  • Big Ang

    The Lumia 710 is the sweet spot in the Lumia range – Much less expensive than the 800 and 900, while being equally as capable and still having a decent screen and camera.

    The Lumia 610 cuts too much away from the 710 – specifically the ram and processor. And the price isn’t that much of a difference, at least at the moment. Hopefully the price will drop to something noticeably less than the 710.

    I’d only recommend the 610 to someone you MUST be on Telus or Koodo AND generally gets a new phone every year or so. 3 years with this phone is too much.

    • migo

      It’s now $150 on Prepaid with Telus. Since Mobilicity no longer sells the 710, the 610 moves back to having a good value proposition.

  • Informer

    610 is garbage. Get a 710.

  • Sean

    It would be a steal except for the Lumia 710 and the One V. For an $20 more the 710 and One V are just a far better choice for people

  • freestaterocker

    Bottom-line, Koodo needs to knock another $50 MINIMUM off the 610 to make people forget about the vastly superior 710, which will work on all the big 3, as well as the AWS carriers.

    • migo

      Yeah, I’m surprised to still see it at $200. You can get it from Telus for $150, +$30 for unlock code and still pay less.

  • stylinred

    I like the 610s design more than the 710 unfortunately you can’t use skype with it as Nokia gave up trying to get Skype to work on the 610 they said the experience just wasn’t up to snuff so that was it

    But since they’re charging more or less the same as the 710 costs there really isn’t any question of which unit to get

  • astudent

    Lumia 710 if priced more aggressively around the world, it would run circles around the low end android market.

  • Maxime Tremblay

    Excellent review, really honest. Thanks !

    The Lumia 710 remains more interesting thought but I’m pretty sure we will see somes deals on the Lumia 610 soon, something like 0$ with a contract-year.

  • Nathen

    Save you money.

    Outdated and Over priced Old Tech.

    Nuff said.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    The iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s would be a much better option.

  • WSK

    The 710 is $229.99 at Rogers WITH activation on a monthly plan. Without activation, I’ve been given a quote of $329.99.

  • arcsvibe

    Great view! I do agree that the off contract price should be less expensive. 150$ for this phone is about right.

    At that price it would be a good backup phone.

  • somnath

    Does business card option work on LUMIA-610????

  • samu

    Battery quality is too poor in Lumia 610.

  • Russell

    i love nokia lumia 610 design, but its spec are so poor!! on the other hand- nokia lumia 710 design is not so good but specs are pretty good. so, i think – nokia authority should change design lumia 610 to lumia 710 keeping specs and price are unchanged. thanks – russell

  • Eric

    I got the 610 with a Koodo plans a few days ago. I went with the 610, because I couldn’t swallow the plans from Rogers. I wanted a Nokia, because their phones have been excellent to me! I love this phone, the battery life seems decent for this type of phone. I have used a htc desire and iphones and I find the 610 easier to use. The contact integration and facebook streaming is nice. I wasn’t wanting anything crazy powerful or anything, and this will fit my budget perfectly.

  • Bhaveshpatel

    I love you lumia 800

  • micheljohnson

    very nice cellphone 3.7-inch screen and 256MB or RAM.

  • Talbot690

    My girlfriend just got the 610 on 1 year contract with koodo it seems like a decent little phone nothing fancy but gets the job done. She isnt a power user or play games like i do so the 8gb and low ram wont be much of a problem for her. I would go trading my 900 for it tho maybe when i get my 920.