HTC Desire C review (video)


  • Tom

    Not sure if it really suites the name ‘desire’, but it looks good and seems like a good deal.

    I’ve used the LG Optimus One which filled a very similar role last year and sold very well. I liked the Optimus – very sold phone and good value.

  • Sean

    for $100 this is simply a great deal no matter how you put it. though when you put it at $200 like fido that makes it more expensive then a One V which is much much better

  • TouchMyBox

    Seems like a perfect phone to buy for your parents.

  • ELNY

    I could see parents buying their teenage girls this phone, it’s overloaded with “cuteness”

  • Amanda

    Yes HTC! You actually made a new device with removable battery and sd slot not that uni body garbage.

  • Theywillbepissed

    Daniel Bader,

    Not trying to be a tool, but I think in that second last line you meant “do yourself a favour”. Just trying to help. Good review by the way.

  • Matt

    That red they are hiding under the cover? Id love that as the actual colour. What are they going to be doing with the Wildfire now? Blow it out for super cheap?

    • Nep

      On HTC’s website they show a red model, so hopefully they’ll sell it in red in Canada!

  • EvanKr

    It reminds me quite a bit of my HP Veer, it’s extremely tiny, costed me next to nothing off contract and gathers quite a bit of attention from its “cuteness overload” every time I pull it out.

    • EvanKr

      *cost* 😳

  • Cell Hell

    How is call quality? I’m asking because sometimes it’s nice to use a phone as a phone.

  • Siddhardha S

    too cute.. easy to carry phone

  • Truth about Tab!

    Interesting how this is considered ‘tiny’ and ‘small’ and iPhone was perceived by ifans revolutionary with same screen size!!

  • Ian

    What I’d like to know is how HTC can get ICS to run on this phone with a 600 MHz processore and not on the 1 GHz processor in the Desire HD.

  • bob

    damn either that guy has huge hands or the phone is really small

  • dave

    ” Equipped with a meagre 600Mhz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage (with expandable microSD slot), 5MP camera without flash, and a 3.5-inch 480×320 pixel screen, it’s about as entry-level as you can get these days.”

    For a minute there, I thought they were subscribing the iPhone.

  • Prasoon

    I am planing to buy this phone this week ,So shall I buy this one because of ICS,HTC sense4.0 UI And other cool feathers of this phone or shall i ignore this one becoz of low processor of only 600 mhz…….i have read in many reviews that it not so fast on multitasking on this buddy……..So i am very confused… please give your opinion about this please…

  • Dylan K

    Holy crap that’s cute. And cheap. And running ICS.

    Going to get one for my girlfriend.

  • Dam

    whats sad and stupid is this actually has a micro SD expansion slot and removeable battery where as the ONe seris doesn’t !!!

  • Dam

    what bothers me more off and than on the HTC Desire has simlar specs and ram. Yet HTC said it couldn’t give than phone full Gingerbread -and a manual stripped version was made available !! This thing is running ICS for christs sakes Cyromod got gingerbread on there and ICS ..I just didn’t feel like ruining my warrenty by modding it !! Another reason HTC and thier lies can eat a dick !!