TELUS launching the HTC One X July 13th


  • Theywillbepissed

    Is anybody else seeing an ad for counterfeit motorola phones lol? Pretty sure thats illegal

    • 630Fail

      SGS3 is $599
      HTC One X at $630 is simply too expensive!
      But we expected this from TELUS, they sell (not) the Lumia 800 at $530! LOL!

      Telus is a phone hoarder, they have the most expensive phones in Canada. If you want this phone (is a great phone!) just get it somewhere else, even if your operator is Telus!

  • Will

    Woohoo Telus is now the power house!

  • Duw

    Good luck, as I haven’t actually seen the One X in the wild, aside from mine, and I take transit to work everyday.

    • EvanK

      I think that it has to do with Canada’s inability to embrace anything outside of BB or iOS, and Canada’s lack of technology adoption as a whole. Android and WP devices are few and far between here north of the 49th parallel. I’ve been in Chicago for the past few days, and have already seen as many Android devices as iPhones, very few feature phones and even a handful of WP devices. AT&T and Nokia seem to really be pushing the Lumia 900. I’ve seen at least 3 One Xs, compare that to the 0 I’ve seen in Winnipeg, I see almost no Android devices back home.

    • Duw

      The problem is I’ve seen the SGS3 in the wild.

  • Rick


    People are missing out! I love my HTC One X!

    • caribouroader


      I have the quad core version…amazing phone.

  • meh

    not really the “new” htc one x anymore

  • Ian

    It seems all carriers are increasingly offering the same devices as one another. Would current Telus subscribers recommend the Telus network to customers out of contract coming over from one of the other Big 3 providers? Specifically for Toronto and the GTA.


    • LC

      The short answer. As a network, Telus and Bell are far better than Rogers.

    • Eluder

      From an LTE standpoint, absolutely not, Rogers has the best LTE network in Canada. It has phenomenal speeds, even when there is a weaker LTE signal than Bell in the same area from my experience. Since the One X is an LTE device, your best choice is to go with Rogers for this device.

  • monsterduc1000

    Nice phone, but why would you get this when the SIII has expandable storage and an easily removable battery? Two of my biggest pet peeves. Why do companies limit these simple things…

  • Steve

    Will this be 16 gig though? Would be a slight coup if they released the 32 gig.

    • Marc

      And in a colour other than white.

  • D Kupiec

    This is criminal pricing

    • Anguie

      Welcome little Jonas!A beaftiuul wee family, Congratulations guys.The video made me cry Steve, but I’ll let you off with it. Love and hugs to all,Lisa (& Rowland) xxx

  • Frank

    16gig yes…but actually only around 9 free gigs for ur and pics…9 gigs in no way shape of form good for me. Reason why my Sensation still rules…GS3 is too plastic and cheap looking so i’m still waiting on a replacement for my Sensation!

    • MXM4K

      Plus there’s no real reason to upgrade from the Sensation for now, unless you’re craving LTE. My Sensation is running smooth on ICS, and I couldn’t ask for more. My new 32GB microSD for $30 makes it even better!

    • Geoff

      Yeah, I still love my HTC Amaze. No reason to upgrade yet. Well, actually the one thing I’d really be looking for with my next phone is increased battery life and the One X is a step back for that IMO with the non-removable battery.

    • Croak

      I love my Tegra version, but frankly would prefer the S4 version for battery life and network speeds (I’m in an LTE area). But I can’t live with the paltry 16GB storage.

  • Nathan

    I hope this device will be fixed because other HTC One X have Wifi Issue. Still recommend it because the screen is gorgeous and it have a very good build quality. It feel alot more quality and high end than Galaxy S3.

    • Eluder

      No Wifi issues with the LTE variant, that was only on the Tegra 3 model.

  • Miknitro

    Myself, seeing as how I can never win one of the phones Mobile Syrup gives away every so often would shoot for this one if I could afford it over my bills.

    It could replace my DHD, but I would sure miss my SD card.
    I feel like Frank does, Samsung build materials shoot my tastes down on them.

  • Mellowie

    I like the way the One X looks and would consider it, if my contract would be up now, but alas I have until Febuary.

  • Dalex

    Thinking of picking this one up. Better display than the GS3 and that’s the most important thing in a smartphone for me. Also prefer Sense over Touchwiz, though I will probably replace Sense as soon as JB roms come out. Also prefer build and aesthetic and I have the GS2 for Jellybean roms coming up anyway, but I can use the One X as a daily driver.

    Storage is a non issue, with the ton of cloud storage I have available and the 6GB data plan I have grandfathered… Hmmm… Pull the trigger or not? Decisions… Decisions…

    • Smbat

      Your ability to incjet testicle shots into each holiday amazes me. This holiday needed no extra color like St. Paddy’s day and Halloween needed.

  • TKG26

    nooooooooooo i just got the GS3 if i had of known i would have waited……………..

    • Eluder

      You did fine, the GS3 is the better device overall.
      I’ve got the One X and will be switching to the GS3 in the next couple of weeks.

  • wewewi

    I love my Tegra3 version as well but battery life is pretty ridiculous.

    I just cant play any game AT ALL because I KNOW I’ll end up with a dead battery by 5-6pm.

  • Yesenia

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  • Melanie

    Wait a second, it only comes in grey when it is from Telus? Why not the white like I wanted? I hate the grey!

  • Dhiraj

    What a beautiful video Steve as sooenme expecting in the not too distant future, this got all my maternal love flowing tonight! What a beautiful family you have and what a gorgeous little baby boy. I hope Evelyne is well and that you are all enjoying these first very precious few days with your gorgeous boys .Annabel xXx