Samsung begins international rollout of Galaxy Tab ICS updates


  • The Other Dave

    While I’m happy that it’s finally rolling out to the public, I’ve been using various ports for a while. It’s a great update and now there will be drivers for the camera!

  • Tom

    Great to hear that the carriers are not holding up the rollout to the Wi-Fi only version.

    When I got this tablet I found that the rest of the world had 3.2, but mine only had 3.1 and the update to 3.2 was not available.

    The person I spoke to at Samsung T/S did not appear to have any idea what a tablet was, and the best I was able to tell (after wasting too much time) was that the carriers’ had been able to block the rollout of the update even for Wi-Fi only versions.

    Amazing how they can take a beautiful piece of hardware and a good piece of software, and utterly destroy the user experience.

  • Val

    It’s about time! Let’s see how long it takes to actually get it…

    Been fooling around with custom ROMs but there always seems to be a little something mising. Good to have an official release… like the Jelly Bean I have on my Galaxy Nexus (Sweeeeeet)

  • Mr Roboto

    I’m not seeing any update yet 🙁

    • je

      Are you in Austria?

  • Beer Baron

    I have the Robbers 3G one, i am guessing i should get an update sometime around December.

    Still waiting for the 4.04 on my Robbers (non yakju) G-Nex.

    • Jeff

      Same here, it’s pretty damn annoying. And I don’t want to root it, I got a Nexus because it was SUPPOSED to get updates when Google released them.

  • Mike

    What about TELUS????

  • Jimmer

    So when will they update it to Jellybean? Next summer?

  • kman

    Great news… I’m running AOKP build 32 now but its quite buggy… and the later builds seem to be even less stable.

    Looking forward to getting an official kernel/camera/wifi capability.

    … Then again, I’ll probably cave and start fiddling with custom Jellybean ROMS once they come out.

    • Ghayoor

      By the way i use the galaxy tab in my car as a GPS its awmeose and way more portable. But the main thing for me is that it has a real built in phone witch i use with a bluetooth, and it fits in my pocket. Whats the point of a tablet if its not portable ? Could as well get a net book or laptop that does 10 times more.

  • DenDen

    Been running CM9 nightlies for a while now, there is no going back for me. I can’t wait for them to get those camera drivers loaded though.

  • Alex Long

    Hopefully Rogers won’t hold it back this time like they did to the poor LG Optimus Pad. Or i am just gonna flash to a non-brand one through XDA.

  • Puleen Patel

    Lets hope that those of us who were lucky enough to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 I/O edition last year at Google I/O also get an ICS update.

    It says that GT-P7510 is part of the update, but haven’t seen anyone confirm that they have received the update.

  • wewewi

    Looks like no one cared to read the text from the SAMMOBILE source, not even the Dan;

    The rollout has begun only for the Galaxy Tab 7.7

    Dont panic.

  • Ru

    I don’t get it, why not release it once for the whole world? Why does it take so much time? I guess their datacenters are too weak…

  • DaveA

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI (GT-P7510)

    No update, no joy and Samsung support just told me no updates.

    Not happy. If ICS does exist for the P7510, then why haven’t I seen it?

    While Samsung makes good HW, I can’t say much for their SW. Lots of bugs in 3.2 I was hoping to see fixes in and never have.