Bell’s upcoming LG Optimus L5 to be $199.95 outright


  • Alexander

    480×320… what the hell?

    • Nettery

      $100 too expensive!
      FAIL at $200,with Gingerbread. Why buy a $200 phone in July 2012 with Android 2.7 when you can get the HTC One V for $175 with ICS.

      LG is one of the worse when it come to updates: Still waiting on the Optimuc Black update!!


  • Sean

    4 imch 480×320 screen… nuff said.

    No reason it couldn’t have a WVGA screen and 1ghz processor like the L7. I mean if the One V can be sold for the same price with much better specs this can do better or have a lower price (like $99)


    graphing calculators have higher ppi

  • Rob

    So Acer (Google) can make a 7″ tablet with a tegra 3 processor and better graphics for the same price…any thought as to why this is?

    • Chris c

      It’s Asus you fool. Also that tablet’s purpose is NOT to make a profit but just to attract and introduce people to the google play ecosystem.

      This phone is out there to make a profit.

    • Neil

      well its Asus to start off

      and because there is no 3G in the nexus 7 as far as I know

  • WP74Life

    Another day, another shitty android device.

  • jansen

    VGA recording…ugggghhh like these phone companies dont know what to do anymore or what?

  • C. Rap

    “a 4-inch display that has a resolution of 480×320”

    ewwww….. who green-lighted that? id fire them if i ran LG.

  • darel44

    LG is going backwards! This phone isn’t much better than my old Optimus 1,and the Optimus Black has much better specs and has been out for more than a year…

  • Chew

    Yikes – looks like LG is going after the very low end without pricing it accordingly. HTC (with the One V) and Nokia (with the Lumia 710) need to show them how to make a low end phone that’s still actually nice!

  • on the front line

    Woof!!! That’s a dog

  • TheCyberKnight

    What? 480×320 on a 4 inches screen with a 800 MHz CPU and all these screaming specs for an Android phone?
    Someone has a very good sense of humor at LG.

    Sorry, but $199 is too expensive for this brick. Go get a Lumia 710.

  • Mike

    Still blows away my BB Storm.
    I’d say it is a good deal for people who are month to month and have an old phone and don’t want to sign a contract.

  • silenbam

    Seriously i think LG should never be allowed to make phone anymore. I have had lg banter before my SGS III and thinking about making a destruction video in 1080p, this phone was so lame that durring 4 months it will randomly shut down if there wasn’t a layer of paper behind my battery. Thought it will still do randomly, just less often. Everyone that i’ve hear that have had a LG rumor 2 said it end dying randomly. Everyone i’ve head about LG optimus 2x is talking about random freeze.

  • Puriidarmayou

    I believe it denepds on the option. But I doubt it they will ever release it because they also offer unlimited broadband with their mi-fi device. On the other hand, there is the amazon market which still have all those other apps that had been taken out of the market. So either way, I would choose the best option according to what i need. I don’t necessarily use tether everyday, maybe once or twice for like 5 minutes.